Egyptian sentenced to 1.5 years for Russian WWII memorial desecration

Rapsi News:

17:56 22/03/2013VOLGOGRAD, March 22 – RAPSI. A court in the southern Russian city of Volgograd sentenced Egyptian citizen Mohammed Montafer to 1.5 years in a penal colony Friday for desecrating a memorial for those who perished during World War II.

The prosecutors requested a three-year sentence, while the defense attorneys insisted on two months in prison.

On New Year’s Eve, the 29-year-old man urinated on the Eternal Flame on the Heroes Alley in downtown Volgograd and then picked a fight with a local resident who rebuked him for an incident.

Upon being detained, the Egyptian told the police that he arrived to Volgograd a month earlier to intern with the Volgograd State Medical University.
He added that he and his flatmates celebrated the holiday on New Year’s Eve and then took a walk around the city.

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5 Replies to “Egyptian sentenced to 1.5 years for Russian WWII memorial desecration”

  1. His actions were a display of contempt for the culture and values of a non muslim society and his punishment was fully deserved.

    Similar things happen in Britain with the culprits being let off or given a pitiful small fine if they’re muslim. Of course, if they’re non muslim and throw some bacon at a mosque, they get sent to prison.

  2. Volgograd used to be called Stalingrad, and it’s pretty much a holy place for Russians ever since WWII. This Mohammed fellow deserves everything he gets, and then some. I’m thinking Kolyma, but I fear the Russian penal colonies are not what they used to be.

  3. Anyone that knows me knows I consider the communist to be on the same level as the nazi’s if not lower. But I was raised to praise my enemies when they deserve it, the defense of Stalingrad was one of if not the most courageous defenses in history and its defenders deserve all of the honors they can be given.

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