Highly dramatic NORK propaganda video.

Very foreign language but you can tell by the extreme exaggeration in the voice that it is meant to ‘flighten a dlamaticri’

The scene where the white house is on fire at 2:50 is like a story-board sketch from Independence Day or perhaps a Watts Riot fantasy. In any case North Korea appears to be stepping up its plans to blackmail the west into feeding its population and supplying energy as usual. Or possibly actually planning to launch missiles against South Korea and the US. In either case, the Hawaiians better prepare themselves. North Korean missile tech is not that accurate. Canada too for that matter.

H/T Tundra T

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3 Replies to “Highly dramatic NORK propaganda video.”

  1. North Korea will make its move when China says it can, what is scarier are the reports of Chinese nuclear experts helping Iran, this means that China has two puppets to create trouble when China is ready.

  2. The link above shows that the dwarfs from North Korea are really good at jumping out of bed in their pajamas and swiftly getting ready for combat, regardless of their inability to aim their weapons at their targets.

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