Palestinian students chase British diplomat out of university: “His country is the cause of our pain”


The Consul-General’s car (centre) as it hastily left the university.

Earlier this week, the British Consul-General in the Palestinian territories was due to deliver a speech at a West Bank university to discuss, among other issues, relations between Palestine and Great Britain. A group of Palestinian students called this a “provocation” and confronted the diplomat with hostile slogans, forcing him to make a hasty getaway.

According to a consular official, Sir Vincent Fean had been invited by officials from the University of Bir Zeit, a small town 25 kilometres north of Jerusalem, to speak to students on Tuesday about British foreign policy in the region and the possibility of peace with Israel.

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4 Replies to “Palestinian students chase British diplomat out of university: “His country is the cause of our pain””

  1. Serves him right. Hope he peed himself..

    This is example number ten thousand showing that the nicer you are to them the nastier they are to you in return.

    That might be why the Turks were such bastards.

  2. Like a twisted personality that has fed its own hatred for a lifetime, the “Palestinians” are so entrenched that they will continue to sabotage themselves for hundreds of years. The folly of victimhood as one’s identity translates into zero creativity and zero chance of healthy relations with others. Collectively they have lost their soul. Not in the forseeable future will anything good come from that artificial culture. And that is not Israel’s fault but squarely their own.

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