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Four illiterate Saudi women memorise Quran

Emirates 24/7: Women spent over six years memorising holy book through reader

Four illiterate Saudi women aged between 46 and 74 years were honoured this week for memorizing the Quran after spending more than six years at a specialised centre.

The women had spent several hours daily listening to female teachers reading verses from the Quran before succeeding in memorising “every word in the Holy Book,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Sabq said.

“They spent around 6.5 years at the centre. They have memorized all the holy Quran ,” it said, quoting the centre’s director Sheikh Ibrahim Al Barakati.

It said the women from the western town of Laith are aged 46, 52, 55 and 74 years and that they have never been to school.

The Quran with over 600 pages, has 114 chapters, known as Sura, comprising more than 6,000 verses.


  1. Amazing isn’t it, how someone can devote themselves to misusing their brainpower by spending years memorising something that is badly written, a pack of lies and utter rubbish? What a waste of human life. It’s noticeable too that these women can’t read. Six and a half years could have been put to better use by given them a proper education. That’s Islam for you though, shameful, embarrassing, comically stupid and thoroughly dangerous.
    When Islam is finally exposed for what it is, a death cult and a complete fraud, some people are going to feel pretty stupid!

  2. ‘Memorizing’ the Quran in 6.5 years! What is so surprising about that? It just shows how small their brain is.

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