Someone made a killing selling dashboard cameras in Russia

H/T Hermes & Don L and everyone who sent in this material. I don’t understand the story yet but the videos are cool.

OK the story is getting interesting. Some reports now claim that the meteor was destroyed above ground by anti-missile defenses. Now that is interesting in a few ways. If its true, then Russia has moved far ahead of what people commonly think I suspect. It is also interesting that if this is true, and they had not shot the meteor, then what would the consequences have been of an impact of this magnitude? Would it have been equivalent to a nuke? Would it have been another meteor-caused extinction event?

All meteor vids in one place

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  1. The dashboard cam is popular in Russia because car insurance companies offer lower premium options to those who have cams fitted.

  2. The Russians would like to project the idea of striking it but it can’t be true. Will they be intercepting lightning bolts next?

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