Massively important clip of the Muslim Brotherhoods main man, Al-Qawadari, speaking on the critical importance of Islam’s apostasy laws.

I have posted this clip here before, another translation of 1 minute of this clip that Magic Martin originally sent to me a couple of weeks ago. But I felt it was so important that I wanted to have it re done, the entire clip and as clearly as possible.

This admission by one of Islam’s most senior representatives and arguably the most influential man in the Muslim Brotherhood, (which of course means Al Qaeda, Hamas, CAIR and CAIR-CAN) is basically admitting that if you gave people freedom of conscience  they would have left Islam 20 minutes after the death of Islam’s founder, a certain Mohamed something-or-other, and that Islam would have failed then and there. Also his admission that death for apostasy is undeniable and scripturally confirmed is something we in the non-Islamic world had better understand is something they mean. We will see it being enforced in more and more areas as Islam continues to wax across the world.

It might also be worth noting that as one can never know what is really in another man’s heart, it is safe to say that this death penalty is really more for losing your commitment than your faith. Which makes it even more obvious that at least early Islam was more of an organized crime racket than it was a religion as we think of it.

Thank you Russkiy for taking the time and trouble to translate this clip. I know it was awkward as it was both modern and classical Arabic, and The Baron from The Gates of Vienna for your help as well.

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2 Replies to “Massively important clip of the Muslim Brotherhoods main man, Al-Qawadari, speaking on the critical importance of Islam’s apostasy laws.”

  1. There is an important consequence from Qaradawis’ statement that Islam would die if the law of Apostasy was not applied.

    It lies here. If we as Western nations, encouraged apostasy among Muslims, then gave the apostates the protection of the state, while taking offensive action against Muslim states and people, Qaradawi’s prediction would come true.

    So far we have been conducting a Crusade against Islam, Of course, we deny it, claiming we are doing so for different reason, liberal ones such

    1. Removing WMD’s from the hands of dictators


    2 Encouraging freedom and democracy for all, including women


    3. Supporting groups fighting for freedom and liberty – groups such Muslim Brotherhood

    Next step. – we should give our full support, including arms and ammo, air support to the Copts in Egypt. We can do this by stating that

    1. Copts are facing a genocide like Jews in Germany.

    2. Copts are the original natives of Egypt.

    3. Coptic rule will be civilised, democratic and fair, unlike Islamic rule.

    The conditions now are favourable to mass conversion of Muslims. The continuing uprising in Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood, indicates that Egyptians are not too pleased with Islam.

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