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6 Replies to “Muslims use various means to enforce sharia across Europe. CNN blames white flight.”

  1. Next there’ll be a law forcing white people to live with blacks and asians whether they want to or not, in the interests of community relations.
    I’d immediately deport them to a Muslim country, within a week they’d be patrolling in Algeria or Pakistan, where they’d be much happier.
    What am I saying, we can’t even deport avowed terrorists, let alone these scummy bastards.

  2. Some report. Taqiyya from the mosques, apologetic reporting, and finally the blame put onto Whites for leaving the areas. Still, at least people are being told something!

  3. Just another puff piece by CNN which is loaded with lackeys, lapdogs, sycophants, and apologists of Islam. As usual blame Whitey for everything. It’s time to turn the football hooligans loose on these dirtbags, due to the lack of any action from the government except a lot of lip service.

  4. The American explaining the situation in London is pathetic. MSM is useless, but at least something is being said, even though they continue to try and counter the real truth.

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