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6 Replies to “Woman shoots home intruder”

  1. Ezra made a good point about them ‘showing emotion to show how noble they are.’
    This the typical empty rhetoric of the Left. They point the finger and yell, claim that they are for peace, call someone a liar, speak some more poetry of emotion and then sit back and wallow in the glory whilst fellow Leftists pat them on the back. Yet, they offer no real solutions to any problem, ignore any facts and cut down dissenters with interruptions and outbursts.
    This is why we’re in such a mess. Debate is now a forgotten art.
    It is why we live in a society where Muslim terrorists are pandered to, criminals are treated better than victims, good men are marginalised, and common sense has been removed from public discourse.
    I fear for future generations and I fear for Western civilisation. I hate getting old but in some ways I’m glad that I’m not a child again. I believe that the children of today are going to get a raw deal when they grow up. It’s funny how it can take many generations to build up a civilisation but only one or two to destroy it.

  2. “Statistics show that crimes are prevented or stopped 3 to4 X more often than crimes with guns are committed.”

    Possible responses…


    b) A white woman shot an African-American. Automatic racist hate crime, details don’t matter. Lock her up, adopt her kids out to some queers.

    c) I have my own armed security and unlicensed .38 in my bedroom so f*ck off and give up your gun, you breeder cow tax slave.

  3. @Softly Bob

    Hear hear!!!

    You live in a great country if you have the right to protect yourself and your familiy!
    Sadly I live in a part of the world in a country where criminals rule (because we feel sorry for them, because they have been discriminatied allllllll their live, etc etc) and people who do defend themself have a great change to be punished for it. Even the use the word ‘defense’ labels you as a nazi and a fascist (because you have to love violence). Talking about selfdefense in public will make the Police search you…

    Beware Americans of the liberals, the left, the so called anti-facists!! And defend your rights!

  4. Gun control is an article of faith to the left, they refuse to look at the facts because they might have to admit they are wrong, if they admit they are wrong on one issue the people who follow them might start wondering what else they are wrong about.

  5. Even a domesticated cat would defend her kittens from a stranger.

    In this case “The Cat” had some mighty sharp claws and the stranger got his nose scratched. Rofl 🙂

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