Dagestan. The fruits of accommodating Islam

Dagestan is a name I often bring up when discussing Islam’s influence on a nation. It always draws blank stares. But just because few have heard of it doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen here, wherever here is.

More Islam will always mean more of this so long as there are infidels or ‘false Muslims’ to weed out of the area. The more authority Muslims take for themselves, the more vicious this kind of activity will be.

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Russian police free child hostage, kill seven militants in Dagestan




MOSCOW | Sat Dec 29, 2012 1:31am EST

(Reuters) – Russian security forces killed seven militants and freed a 6-year-old girl taken hostage in the restive Dagestan region of Russia’s volatile North Caucasus on Saturday, a national anti-terrorism committee official told Interfax news agency.

The incident took place in an apartment building in the provincial capital of Makhachkala, according to the Interfax report. The militants broke through a wall, entered an apartment and took the girl hostage, according to the report.

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8 Replies to “Dagestan. The fruits of accommodating Islam”

  1. That was a small battle, but you can’t give in to hostage takers, you have to take out the bad guys and pray the good ones live.

  2. Impressive shootout. I hope no good guys got hurt and it’s real cool that the hostage was freed.
    As for the evil fiends, i hope those pedophile worshipers died horribly.

  3. Yeah, alright, REUTERS tells us that The Russians are “heavy-handed” in security matters, and the Greeks are Racist pigs, torturing helpless imigrants like this one:

    But how have these ugly scars were created? By the hands of a Greek racist boss?
    Could be. But they could ALSO tbe made by the SELF-FLAGGELATION that Islamists commit, in PUBLIC, in the CITY OF PIRAEUS, GREECE, EVERY YEAR, ON BROAD DAYLIGHT! DISGUSTING! Euronews even described them as “Greek Shiites” There is no such thing as Greek shiites, IDIOTS. There’s only “Greek Orthodoox” in Greece… Those are illegal immigrants who flooded the place, and demand a mosque!


    REUTERS, a niche of impartial Jewish journalists doing their “job”, I guess….

  4. Take no prisoners, sends a message to the other dirtbags that if you tangle w/ the security forces you are gone. This is a good use of resources, no money wasted on trials or interviews filled with lies.

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