A tribute to Disney and Warner Bros.

Thanks to youtube it isnt that hard to go back and see all the great WW2 era cartoons that were so common in theaters then. Warner Bros., Disney and others made fantastic stuff that mocked the Nazis and took some of the wind out of their pomposity.

Today of course the Obama administration is constantly telling us alternatively that there is no war with terrorism or Islam or that we have won it and it’s over. Beyond that, there is a giant list of words we are not allowed to use in order to describe the enemy and of course, those are the words required to describe the enemy, for example Muslims, umma,  Islamic etc. And of course, that which you cannot identify you cannot defeat. So that’s that.

So this might explain why instead of seeing decent material out there that allows us to have faith and comfort in our own culture and ideals we instead have to view the intellectual slight of hand of moral relativism in all mass media and even private movies. Hell even really good ones like ‘The Kingdom’ (spoiler alert) which is quite accurate and does a good job of showing how Islamic ideology motivates horror, at the end has to spin it on one sentence to make it all at least equally the fault of the victims. Namely us.

In that spirit and as a tribute to ‘Al Quds day’, the synthetic IRI made holiday meant to inspire Muslims to rise up en masse and kill all the jews and take Israel for an Islamic state, I humbly offer you this meagre and amateur offering. Maybe someday I can get the budget and the training to do a Warner Bros. quality thing. But for the moment…


Osama Bin Laden’s secret training film:

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