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9 Replies to “Michael Coren responds to Saudi inspired death threats.”

  1. Go Michael! He’s not risking his life for nothing, listen to what he says. I know, preaching to the choir again, but maybe, just maybe one new person will have their eyes opened.

  2. He’s a brave man. It’s people like him (and a list of others, Spencer, Wilders and so on) who expose the cowardly journalists, politicians and other dhimmis for what they really are.

  3. I used to think that “Men of the West” would never allow this to come to pass. But along with Ann Barnhardt, I now think that the “Men of the West” are cowards.

    On Cowardice Part 1
    Posted by Ann Barnhardt – July 31, AD 2012 10:14 PM MST


    Its strange that only women are leading the fight back, while “Men of the West” have gone AWOL or walkabout. But this is a consequence that men have been marginalised for the last 40 years. Yet, when push comes to shove, its not Ann Barnhardt, Melanie Phillips, Marine lePen, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, or Pamela Geller, but men who will have to take back the civilisation that they built, and have since gone walkabout.

  4. DP111:

    Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment, and not having read the article, just your comment I would offer the following:

    If men are criticized, chastised, have critical theory applied to them no matter what they do. If they are self sacrificing gentlemen they will not only lose everything but get nothing and if they are selfish raping foul mouthed savages they will get special protection from government and it will be an actual jail-able offense in England to criticize them for being so.

    So I would say, that like marriage itself, what is in ‘defending civilization’ for men? Why not let women enjoy the culture they, for the most part, created.

    Just if I was playing devil’s advocate of course.

  5. DP111. Immigrants were welcomed with open arms after WWII to fill labour gaps that were left empty when native men went to war and lost their lives. Most politicians in that day, since most British women (who were very effective and skilled labourers during the war) were shoved back into the kitchen, were men. It is (mainly) male politicians that provided the impetus for millions of foreign folk to come flooding into our country. Unfortunately, many women (and men) seem reluctant to now let them go. There never was much in marriage for women either, apart from a rather precarious economic security that was denied to them by any other means.

  6. Those asian immigrants should just go back after filling the socalled labour gaps, instead of staying on to impose further misery to the native people of the West.
    That is the problem with welcoming one and then the rest of the pack with horrible culture came even when they were not needed. Asian employers in Asia have been known to regularly send back their asian workers from other asian countries after a period of work contract or slave labour.
    Anyway, it is better for one country to depend on its own county whatever available labour instead of inconsiderate backward foreigners(who only came to take what they can and and waste the West time with their endless childish and brutal demands) from asia and middle east that are destroying the Western freedom of speech and not to mention their creeping islamic brigade supporters and followers that are damaging our decent Western way of life.

  7. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female or which color or what sort of upbringing, you’re either a coward or not a coward. It’s who you choose to be.

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