1. so its not ok to practice your religion anywhere but your own country but they can go anywhere and practice theirs and expect everyone to accept it or die or expect the police to turn up on your doorstop arresting you for racial villification if you say anything about their religion.
    A muslim cleric for islamic society SA wants the law passed for religious villification and the perpetrators arrested and jailed……why is we can joke about catholics and every other religion but the minute we say ONE thing about islam we are racists and persecuted for it but they get away with, refusing to obey a police officer, rapes, honor killings, etc etc etc all in the name of religion.

  2. Slowly the word is getting out that these places are slave pits for people. But that word is getting out too slowly. There will be plenty of other people killed in Saudi before the bastards run out of oil and have to return to doing things for themselves like tent making and milking camels. The pakistanis in Saudi number more than the pakistanis in the UK and are quiet as mice when faced with their Saudi masters. We never hear a peep from these slaves in Saudi.

  3. Irish
    What is even worse in my opinion is equating all religion the same.

    Every religion on the planet we can get along with the exception of one. We may not agree with them but we can get along. Once the drones understand this we may make it through this insanity.

  4. About a year ago I read that Sri Lanka stopped allowing their women to go and work in the Arab countries because too many of them were returning in body bags — approx. 40 a month. So it’s interesting that this domestic worker is a male. Maybe the Sri Lankan govt. thinks men will fair better than women. Doesn’t look like it.

  5. I keep hoping that some leader will use their brains and say that the Moslems won’t be free to practice their religion over here until other religions are allowed to practice in

    Dallas they are promised good pay, and have never heard of the actions of Saudi masters towards their new servants/slaves.

    OxAO that is as bad and is doing as much damage as the cultural relativism that is used to justify the multicultural BS.

  6. The MSM can help in cases like this. In the UK we do have a paper called the Daily Mail which informs the public about all the excesses of the Religion of peace. They tend to highlight excess in UAE, that notorious slave state, but I am sure the word will get out about all the moslem slave states. After a period it will become common knowledge that going to these countries is a death sentence and a ride to slavery. My problem is that this vital information is being fed to the public too slowly to save innocent people from the hands of these barbaric pedomohammadens.

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