Non-Muslim Muslims and the Jihad Against the West

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My name is Bosch and I’m a recovering Muslim.

That is, if Muslims don’t kill me for leaving Islam, which it requires them to do. That’s just one of the reasons I’ve been writing and drawing against Islam and its Jihad for a number of years now. But fortunately for us, Islam hasn’t been able to make every Muslim its slave, just as Nazism wasn’t able to turn every German into a Nazi. So there is Islam and there are Muslims. Muslims who take Islam seriously are at war with us and Muslims who don’t aren’t.

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  1. This is what I have been saying for a long time, there are moderate Moslems (non practicing) but no moderate Islam, and I don’t think it is possible for Islam to have an enlightenment since the Koran is suppose to be the literal word of God. It can’t be modified if it is the literal word of God, despite the evidence that it has been modified in the past by Moslem leaders.

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