Muslim owned gas station in US, allegedly turned away a US serviceman, showed him the door

I really hope the serviceman comes forward and that the security camera footage from the gas station is examined and soon. This is too important a story to leave it to hearsay when real evidence is available.

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9 Replies to “Muslim owned gas station in US, allegedly turned away a US serviceman, showed him the door”

  1. If this is what it smells like….run their business into bankruptcy……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. quick question, how do you know it was a muslim owned gas station?

    AND, did this really happen. It looks as if there’s some doubt about that.

    Not saying that it wouldn’t happen. Personally, I don’t go to muslim owned gas stations simply so I don’t support terror.

  3. That was the claim by the person who made a different video, the original person who started all this, which I chose to not publish as it was too defamatory and lacked any evidence.

    As I say, we need the original serviceman to step forward and we need the security footage of this incident before we can pass any judgement on it.

  4. I think there will be more of this, simply because people in general are fed up. I don’t doubt the word of the employee who said she has not seen it. Everyday people have gotten a message from the government that they do not matter. They are realizing they have one weapon which is where they take their business. This is out of the civil rights playbook. Muslims continue to make the wrong choice by whining since 9/11 and thereafter. Instead of loudly expecting accountability from extremists, they have given tacit approval. Now muslims find themselves more and more on the outside. Every time CAIR and the MB whines, they dig themselves in deeper. Too late now, because nobody cares about them. They think they are too good for the constitution, well maybe they are…

  5. The people are getting fed up with the Moslems demands, this is why we have to be careful about actions like this, if it really happened the business should be boycotted and driven into bankruptcy. If it didn’t happen they should be left alone.

  6. This one is really questionable. There is no hard evidence that this actually happened. No need to jump to any conclusion yet. Neither is there anything in the story suggesting that the station is owned by Muslims. Better wait for the facts to come out.

  7. I’ve joined the ranks of a large many people who have had a ridiculous and unreasonable altercation with an employee at an Esso. Whether muslim or not, he was clearly middle eastern, from his accent and his looks.
    If you go to complaintsboard dot com, and look for complaints against Esso, you will see a large number of complaints about middle-eastern types who either work at or own an Esso franchise, exhibiting extremely rude, aggressive and over-the-top behaviour. Whether these people are all muslim or not, I don’t know, but regardless, they are importing their shitty, devaluing, dehumanizing, warlike behaviour into Canada from whatever shithole they came from, and it’s got to STOP. This is CANADA for Christ sakes!

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