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4 Replies to “Meeting coming up demanding a world wide caliphate to be held in Chicago”

  1. Once again the Muslim World proves that what Muslims really lack is a dictionary!
    They just don’t seem to know the meaning of certain words such as ‘oppression’ and ‘liberation’. They think that by oppressing others they themselves have been oppressed and they confuse liberty with tyranny.
    They are extremely infuriating, arrogant little pricks, and I for one am completely sick of everything Islam. They are irritating little parasites. When oh when will the World be rid of this menace?

  2. Bob:

    One of the aspects of this, ‘civilization jihad’ waged against us by the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the main tactics which goes right back to the pirate Mohamed, is the little trick of redefining words so that we believe one thing while they mean another.

    The terms you chose, Muslims know full well what they mean to us. But they are also extremely clear as to what they mean them to be, to each other.

    ‘Oppression’ to them means to have to live under a legal system other than shariah. It means that Islam is not dominant and that Muslims must live as equals to others in a democratic system. This is how they define oppression. They know however what it means to us, and by parroting that word, they make well intentioned people on our side attempt to accommodate them in every possible way, even at the expense of cherished and central values.

    Liberation is the same as freedom to them. It means to implement sharia. Freedom is very clearly defined by al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood, even on their English-language website as to impose the sharia and live under it.

    They do not confuse these terms, but use them specifically to confuse as, as well as take advantage of existing inertia in our culture created by political correctness.

  3. I know that really. This is Orwellian ‘newspeak’ in action, a language that is also popular amongst the PC Left.

  4. You are right about the new speak, the problem they have is that the ordinary people are waking up before the slave chains have been put on, we are fighting back and will win in the long run.

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