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6 Replies to “True story of a false prophet”

  1. I too….”have intense feelings about the whole planet”……..ohhhh wait a minute……maybe I’m just constipated again!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird (always feeling the blue light)
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Looks very good and probably very amusing, however I noticed that it’s set in India and is possibly a mild parody of Hinduism. I don’t expect however, that they’ll get many death threats from Hindus for mocking their gurus.
    I guess that they’re simply not brave enough to have had it based in the Middle East and set the story around the life of a false Arabian prophet. Now that really would have been worth watching!

  3. @Softly Bob:You spoke my mind. At this point I kinda have no patience for anyone criticizing any religion if they’re going to ignore the most pathetic and disgusting one of all, Mohammedanism.
    I just have reached the end of my tolerance for those who choose to ignore the 800 Lb. gorilla pissing on, shitting on, and destroying everything in the room while they point out the deficiencies of the interior decorator.

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