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4 Replies to “Muslims demand right to claim they have a gun, threaten to use a gun, yet not be treated as if they are a threat.”

  1. $120m should come in handy to further the Jihad.

    The Jihad never stopped -9/11 was just one incident of the ongoing Jihad.

    This was the kind of thing that eventually led to Western retaliation – the Crusades.

  2. A dead muslim- that’s terrible. May not sleep tonight. I just don’t cair about these mudslimes anymore. Although The ass hole said he has a gun according to the lawyer the police should not have used deadly force. I wonder what he would have done if he was the police man??

  3. Aspired to become a police officer is muslim speak for aspired to become a terrorist for allah. Stupid asshole… He wont be missed.

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