American and allied graves smashed in Libyan WW2 cemetery

There are two things I would like to add to this article.

1. Bellow are the fruits of appeasement. Always.

2. These are also the fruits of gratitude for all the time, risk and effort we used to ‘liberate’ Libya for Al Queda.


Daily Mail:

Insult to WWII heroes: Graves of British troops smashed and desecrated by Libyan Islamists in protest over U.S. soldiers’ Koran burning

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 1:57 AM on 25th February 2012


A furious mob has desecrated dozens of Commonwealth War Graves in a Libyan cemetery amid continuing fury in the Middle East over the burning of the Koran by U.S. soldiers.

Headstones commemorating British and Allied servicemen, killed during World War II campaigns in the Western Desert, lay smashed and strewn across Benghazi Military Cemetery.

Protesters rampaged through site on Friday, despite efforts by America to calm tensions sparked when it emerged U.S. soldiers had burned Muslim holy books in a pile of rubbish at a military base in Afghanistan.

Gravestones Desecrated: The headstones commemorating the deaths of allied servicemen, who fought in the Western Desert campaigns between 1942 to 1943, lay smashed on the ground

Sacrifice: Some 1,214 graves are marked in Benghazi War CemeterySacrifice: Some 1,214 graves are marked in Benghazi War Cemetery

President Obama has apologised to President Karzai for the unintentional burning of the Korans at NATO’s main Bagram air base after Afghan labourers found charred copies while collecting rubbish.

White House spokesman Jay Carney sought to counter criticism, telling reporters on board Air Force One: ‘It is wholly appropriate, given the sensitivities to this issue, the understandable sensitivities.’

But it appears to have had little affect on sentiment among many in the Middle East.

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4 Replies to “American and allied graves smashed in Libyan WW2 cemetery”

  1. These heathens have done this in Iraq and Pakistan already. I don’t know why the MOD doesn’t dig up the graves and being the bodies back to Blighty. Good thing that British people won’t go around smashing muslim graves yet. I don’t think the koranimals are that worried about the books its just an excuse to get mad at christians. If they didn’t want korans burnt or mosques bombed they wouldn’t use them to send coded messages, hold explosives or shoot from.

  2. Ya I also noticed the dog that didn’t bark in the night time. Where are the riots over this? There aren’t going to be any.

    In fact this makes me a little bit proud of the Brits who have been expressing their rage in the past few days. Not neccessarily for the behavior but for the reason that has sparked them off.

    Instead of some cartoons or anything else that doesn’t really hurt anyone, the Brits have become outraged by real horrors suffered by real people. If organizations like Amnesty International had ever had such rightious passion perhaps they would have actually had an(y) effect upon the world.

  3. 1. Bellow are the fruits of appeasement. Always.

    2. These are also the fruits of gratitude for all the time, risk and effort we used to ‘liberate’ Libya for Al Qaeda.

    That also applies to the endless billions of dollars given away to mahoundian countries as jizya by stupid, naive, ignorant and suicidal civilized Western countries.

  4. Islamists ALWAYS lie about their motivations for doing anything. They did not smash these graves because of any Koran burning. In fact they know the Korans were disposed of properly. They had obviously wanted to do so for some time but wanted to do it behind the excuse of a casus belli.

    Such casus belli hides the act in amongst a bunch of other activity taking place around the world so it cannot be responded to on its own. Using phoney justifications also provides a shield from criticism. “They did it only because they were mad at something we did.” It also provides a rhetorical shield because the desecration will now be discussed in conjunction with something the perpetraitors know it really doesn’t have anything to do with.

    But it’s ALWAYS a lie. They had another reason for doing this and waited for a good time to do it where events might provide cover and protection from condemnation.

    Hampering the victims responce is just as much a part of jihad warfare as terrorism. Like it says in the chapter of the Koran that Park51 is named after (about airborn Jihad (yup, you heard me, look it up)), “They could not respond”.

    Using the excuse of the Koran Burnings is meant to hamper the British responce to this.

    So what is the real purpose of this? To damage Libyan British relations. Also to “rewrite” history in the same way that smashing pre islamic artifacts in musems or burning libraries of books does.

    I think the best responce is for a British Christian group or Veterans group to fix the toumbstones. While they are at it they can give a interviews to the Libyan media about how Libyan helped save the world from Fascism in WWII.

    I dunno to what Libyans did in WWII but a hell of a lot of Arabs did fight and die on the allied side in WWII AGAINST fascism and this story should be being exploited to the fullest right now.

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