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5 Replies to “Mosque shut down for code violations in US”

  1. The imam acts totally superior, condescending and above the reporter. What he said in his ignorant broken English was “I don’t need to “approve” to you…” which I took to mean “I don’t need your approval [or support]….”

    We all KNOW that Islam is “the religion of peace” ONLY for Muslims, and that it holds murder, amputation, acid attacks, misogyny, hatred, condescension, dhimmitude, subjugation, jizya, taqiyya, and kitman for the REST of us.

    Islam is EVIL INCARNATE. Allah is the ANTICHRIST, literally and figuratively.


  2. Actually I would be hard pressed to even admit that Islam was a religion of peace for Muslims as they seem to get killed by each other at a rate of probably 20:1 to the number of infidels they manage to kill for Jihad

  3. Mark said “I took to mean “I don’t need your approval [or support]….”

    Not bad, I seen him squinting as though he was holding back words.
    I would say it sounded as though he was saying, “I don’t need to, I don’t need to prove too you (Kaffer)”

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