Ezra makes a great case to end strict gun control.

Frankly the raw facts are that an unarmed society will always tilt towards totalitarianism and the end of individual liberty. It is a social equation which is immutable. But that takes more explaining and convincing because the people who oppose guns in the hands of the public are themselves unwitting advocates for a totalitarian state even if they also claim to hate government.

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  1. The freedom that we in the US and Canada are suppose to enjoy (we don’t have as much as we use to) came about because the English Kings were forced to allow their subjects to own and practice with bows so England could remain free from the European nations. Britain didn’t have any gun control laws until 192o and then they just wanted registration of guns so they would know who to call on to help the Army in case of a communist revolution.

    The left jumped on the band wagon and started pushing for stronger and stronger gun control laws, after all you can’t oppress armed people, they tend to think for themselves and to fight back. Once again we are learning the lessons of history, this one is that all freedom comes from the barrel of a gun in the hands of a free man or woman.

    FYI, the sections of the States with civilized and rational gun laws are the sections with the lowest crime rates.

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