Mob gouges out robber’s eye

Something to look forward to on the streets of Toronto sometime soon. Hell we already have the police enforcing sharia law there to some degree, such as forbidding taking pictures of Muslim women in a public demonstration who are wearing a veil anyway.

From Newsday New Zealand

A 20-year-old Chitungwiza car-jacker was recently subjected to the Sharia law when a mob gouged out his right eye as punishment for robbing a taxi driver in Zengeza.

The mob is reported to have accused the police and the courts of failing to deliver proper punishment for car-jackers whom they said had become a menace to society.

Blessing Muchineripi of Zengeza, Chitungwiza, is now one-eyed after the other was pierced with a wire by and angry mob.

Muchineripi pleaded guilty to a robbery charge together with his co-accused, Charles Takawira (22) and Kennedy Kuzvinzwa (33) when they appeared before regional magistrate Morgan Nemadire on Thursday.

They are expected to be sentenced on Monday.
Prosecutor Michael Reza urged the court to consider a lengthy imprisonment term citing the prevalence of cases of taxi drivers who were falling victim to robberies.

Said Reza: “while the State sympathises with accused one, that he lost his eye as a result of an assault by a group of people, it is, however, an occupational hazard. Sometimes hunters become the hunted like what happened in this case.

“Cases of this nature are on the increase and accused cannot be treated with mercy.”

The court heard that on September 18 last year, Muchineripi and his gang approached Evidence Elias, who had his taxi parked at Makoni shopping centre and asked him to take them to Zengeza.

Along the way the gang attacked and overpowered Elias and stole $30 from him before driving away in his vehicle.

The following day Elias spotted Muchineripi and Takawira at Mbizi shopping centre in Zengeza and caused their arrest.

Muchineripi told the court in mitigation that upon their arrest, the mob held his hands as some sharpened a piece of wire which they used to pierce his eye and disappeared when police officers arrived.

The stolen vehicle was later recovered near Hunyani River with no wheels.

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