Fjordman: A message to donors (with thanks)

Before I post Fjordman’s note here, I would like to add one of my own. Recently, a few people have also been kind enough to donate to my site as well. I would like you to know how much I appreciate that, especially as economics around the world seem to be growing grim. So thank you very very much. It is both much appreciated, and without going into details, also much needed.

Please let me stress as he says in his note below, if you are contributing to Fjordman, please do put a note in the paypal field saying that it is for Fjordman.

Thank you all again for reading, your encouragement, your ideas and comments as well as donations.


Below, is text from Fjordman re his relocation fund given to me at 11:30 EST Nov 16 2011

As promised, I sent the first thank-you emails to some of those who donated to the Fjordman Relocation Fund this weekend.

I intend to send an email to each and every person who donated money, even if it was 4 US dollars. That’s what the Baron and Dymphna do at the Gates of Vienna, so I can do no less. However, because I have to spend most of my time on other issues, it could take me weeks to complete this process.

And yes, if you donate to Paypal at Vlad’s blog and mark it for the Fjordman Relocation Fund I will get it eventually. People have been very generous. I already have enough to pay for some of my basic expenses related to moving to a new location. Legal expenses I must deal with later.

If you have a few bucks to spare, please consider donating to Vlad’s blog, the Gates of Vienna, the Tundra Tabloids, Europe News or some of the other websites that you enjoy and follow on a regular basis. Yes, the people doing this work are idealists, but even idealists need to eat sometimes.


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