Oh but don’t worry, this must all be a fabrication, because we all know that Islam allows for people to freely choose their religions. If you’re a person of faith, your prayers should be said on behalf of this courageous man. KGS

Execution Looms for Iranian Pastor Who Refuses to Renounce His Christian Faith

By Patrick Goodenough

September 27, 2011

Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been sentenced to death for apostasy. (Photo: ACLJ)

(CNSNews.com) – An Iranian pastor who refuses to renounce his Christian faith could be hanged as soon as Wednesday, after a trial court ruling this week upheld his death sentence for “apostasy.”

Religious freedom advocates are calling urgently for governments to take up the case of Youcef Nadarkhani, a 32-year-old evangelical first sentenced to death late last year. If the sentence is carried out he will be the first Iranian Christian known to have been executed for his faith in 21 years.

Nadarkhani embraced Christianity at the age of 19, and since his Supreme Court appeal last June, proceedings focused on the question of whether he was a practicing Muslim at the time.

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  1. Perhaps now you begin to see the essential difference between Christianity and Islam. For two millennia, Christians have been willing to be martyred rather than renounce their faith in Christ. Stick a gun in his face, and a Muslim will cheerfully lie to you about his adherence to Islam. They call it taqiyya.

    Alternately, we have this formulation from the greatly underappreciated John Ashcroft: “In Islam, Allah asks your son to die for him. In Christianity, God sends His Son to die for you.”

    Seem a bit obscure even so? Not to worry. Sam Harris doesn’t get it either.

  2. This not only shows the difference between Christianity but it also shows the ties between the Nazi’s and the Moslems, the slow strangulation of a supposed traitor was a favorite method of execution by the Nazi’s. They would hang them with piano wire and leave them with the tips of their toes touching the ground, it took the victims about a half hour to die.

  3. Actually Sam Harris does get it. Watch his lectures. The thing of it is, his book, ‘End of Faith’ would not have been published at all unless he was willing to be an equal opportunity critic of religion given what happened to Westergaard. However in subsequent interviews and lectures he has made it clear that if he could snap his fingers and make religion disappear he would not. Because Christianity, among others, is a net benefit to the world. Islam is the problem even by Harris’s admission.

  4. Thanks for the clarification, I have often said (I don’t know if I have blogged it but I probably have) Islam is a cult that outlived its founder, it was a scam so Mohammad could make money and have a shot at a very large number of women. Most cults die out when their founders die Mohammad had Lt’s that took over so they could make money and get women. Now the people who believed his bull are in charge and the world is in trouble.

  5. Question:
    If Obama’s mother and father was Muslim doesn’t that make him a Muslim at birth and if he renounces his faith and claims to be a Christian doesn’t that qualify him for apostasy?

  6. Sam Harris has much of value to say on religious belief, but his thinking at times is monumentally muddled. For a while now, as a means to obviating the need for god-belief, he has been attempting to ground morality in the facts of reality and thereby to make it objective, apparently unaware that Ayn Rand fully achieved this over fifty years ago in her validation of her ethics of rational egoism. He asserts that man has no free-will and alleges that science has proved this, and yet he does not see that in denying free-will he undercuts man’s need for morality. He does not see that without free-will man would be incapable of making choices, and that with no faculty for making choices – for choosing between right and wrong, good and evil – would have no need for morality. He accepts that the concept ‘morality’ is applicable to man (as it surely is) but denies its presupposition – the concept ‘free-will’. What he is doing here is committing the logical fallacy identified by Ayn Rand and named by her as ‘the fallacy of the stolen concept’, the fallacy, moreover, which riddles the whole history of philosophy. Furthermore, in order to validate his denial of free-will he must use free-will, because validation requires objectivity and objectivity requires free-will. In the absence of free-will there can be no truth, because all truth is objective.

    In the lecture I link to below, Harris attempts to describe a reality-based morality. After his lecture, while in discussion with Richard Dawkins (circa 50:40), he denies that man has free-will and attempts to validate this by means of a live ‘experiment in free-will’. His attempt at validation fails, although neither Harris nor Dawkins are aware of this fact. See if you can identify why his attempt fails. More worryingly, as you will discover if you listen further, the implications of his denial of free-will for man’s responsibility in regard to his actions, and for his theory of morality in general, are quite devastating. Incidentally, Dawkins’ views on morality and free-will are just as muddled as those of Harris’ – he should stick to evolutionary biology, where his value production has been undeniably exceptional.

    Here is the lecture:


  7. ‘…he [Sam Harris] has made it clear that if he could snap his fingers and make religion disappear he would not. Because Christianity, among others, is a net benefit to the world. Islam is the problem even by Harris’s admission.’

    No rational person could deny that the gulf between Christianity and Islam in terms of life negation is oceanic. Reason, however, trumps religion (no matter what its character) on all counts. See what you make of Andrew Bernstein’s essay ‘ The Tragedy of Theology: How Religion Caused and Extended the Dark Ages: A Critique of Rodney Stark’s The Victory of Reason.


  8. His father was Moslem, his mother was Marxist and atheist, but you are right he was raised Moslem and since he now proclaims he is a Christian he is an Apostate.

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