Folks, the term ‘islamophobia’ was invented to enable the OIC to ramrod it’s Islamic agenda in the West, where freedom of speech still has some semblance -or an appearance of- being protected. Those in the West who willingly support and promote the meme are nothing more than fools. Thanks to the Baron over at the Gates of Vienna for shedding some light on the subject. KGS

Baron Bodissey: If the OIC achieves its goals, and Islamophobia is outlawed in the West, lawmakers, bureaucrats, and the police will require guidelines about the ways in which this ugly disease manifests itself, so they can recognize those who suffer from it and assign them to a secure facility for treatment. DHS will need to write up a handbook for its local agents describing what to watch out for. Federal and state legislators will need a clear definition of the word to include in the laws they pass against it.

So what is Islamophobia? What’s a good working definition of the word?

Fortunately, someone has already done the hard work of laying out the concept in detail. And, needless to say, the defining was done by Muslims themselves.

EMISCO: European Muslim Initiative for Social CohesionThe following article, “A Proposed Definition of Islamophobia”, was written last year by a European group called the European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion (EMISCO), an umbrella organization of Muslim NGOs from all over the continent.

Even though it was composed from a European perspective, this definition is probably similar to what will be used in the United States when required. I’ll go through it by sections, bolding phrases and sentences that merit further discussion:

Islamophobia is a form of intolerance and discrimination motivated with fear, mistrust and hatred of Islam and its adherents. It is often manifested in combination with racism, xenophobia, anti-immigrant sentiments and religious intolerance.

Notice that this lead paragraph presupposes an understanding of what is in the mind of an Islamophobe. It assumes that opposition to Islam must be motivated by fear and hatred. It excludes the possibility that opponents of Islam may be motivated primarily by rational self-interest, rather than angry passion.

The text does not specify it, but one may assume that EMISCO’s definition denies the existence of any other motives for opposing Islam. It is simply considered impossible that any non-Muslim could inform himself about the scriptures, teachings, and laws of Islam, read the history of Islamic expansion, observe the behavior of Muslims in his own time, and come to the reasoned conclusion that Islam is a dangerous political ideology that has degraded and impoverished every society in which it has become dominant.

Such rational conclusions cannot be drawn. The possibility of doing so will be defined out of existence. “Fear”, “mistrust”, and “hatred” are the only acknowledged motives that anyone could have for opposing Islamization.

Read it all here.


  1. A phobia is an irrational fear, being afraid of an Islamic takeover isn’t irrational, supporting an Islamic takeover is irrational.

  2. I am starting to belief more and more that we shouldn’t be attacking Muslims, blacks, communists or even social-democrats, but that we should focus all our energy on the academic left who either invents or perpetuates ideological concepts like islamophobia.

    There is no place anymore for superstitious or dogmatic ideologies in America or Europe, so we should cut funding to leftist universities and fire leftist professors and introduce a common sense system into western universities.

    A common sense philosophy tries to study the past, synthesis different cultures, religions and belief systems, and create a unity between the working, middle and upperclass and also respects the elderly and there insights.

    With the goal of creating a monoculture and a number of supporting sub-cultures.

  3. Ahcim there is just one thing wrong with you idea, while the left is giving the Moslems a lot of help the Moslems have learned their lessons real well and even without the left they are a major threat. However you have some good ideas there.

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