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One Reply to “Session of the Afghanistan parliament”

  1. Women are allowed to be representatives of parliament in Islamic countries BUT they are not allowed to be judges because they are said to be ruled by emotions. Consequently Nobel Prize winner Shrin Ebady who was a Supreme Court Judge in Iran before the Islamists took over was thrown out of office in 1979. She was later imprisoned for 2 years, as a lawyer, for defending a young woman who had a baby out of wedlock. The young woman was given 80 lashes in public after her baby was born. Their sentences were based on Sharia Law. Yet it is OK to marry off a teen girl to a middle aged man in Muslim countries. In Iran the marriageable age of girls was brought up to 13 in 2001. It was 9 before because Mohammed’s favourite wife Ayesha was 9 years old when “married” her. In Saudi Arabia an 8 year old girl was married off to an old man last year. It would be called statutory rape if the word marriage was not applied to it. DISGUSTING !!

    The Muslims tried to bring Sharia into Canada in 2005. Quebec banned it. How ironic that Quebec defended Canada.

    Be careful, because the Conservatives along with Rob Ford courted the Muslim vote. Muslims are very conservative. Remember the roadsigns along the DVP during the Municipal elections: “Muslims don’t vote for Gays.” Also during the Pride Parade Hudak was attending a Muslim conference where 2 speakers advocated the killing of Gays.

    Conservatives and Muslims are strange bedfellows. They will do anything for the Muslims including setting up Mosques and prayer sessions in the Toronto Board Schools. The Conservatives revisited Sharia Law during their last election.

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