Afghanistan. Everybody out of the pool.

Obama has announced that he is pulling out over 100,000 troops this year. That would mean within the next 6 months and possibly 200,000 by the end of the year total. England today said it would withdraw another 1000 or so troops by the end of 2012.

Poland and other nations are withdrawing troops and other nations like Canada sure as hell are not staying there if the US is leaving. The US is at war on several fronts. In the past few days, several targets in Somalia have been struck clearly by US forces, all belonging to Al Shabab. US forces are operating in Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. There are likely other theaters of operations as well against Islamics.

This leaves me with two questions.

1. What have we accomplished in Afghanistan that warrants such major troop withdrawal. Is it that they are needed somewhere else? (Hopefully Iran)

2. How many fronts can a nation be at war before it is called a ‘World War’. Whats the protocol on that, anyone know?


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  1. I just looked at the 2010 list of islamic inspired attacks across the world.

    Here are the countries that had islamic attacks in 2010. Where a country was only listed once I specified the attack. Not very many were listed only once. Even the countries we don’t think of as having a jihad problem and the little or new countries on this list that you would be excused for having never heard of before have had several attacks.

    Canada (honor killing)
    DRC (congo)
    France (jewish man stabbed in neck by muslim yelling about zionist conspiracy) (An actress-playwright is doused with petrol and nearly set on fire by three Algerians angered by her negative portrayal of Muslim men.)
    GERMANY (2 jewish women and 1 man are brutally beaten after their identity is confirmed by muslims)
    ITALY (2 in an honor killing)
    mali (a pensioner is taken prisoner by alquida and killed)
    niger (not nigeria) Five members of a border patrol lose their lives to an al-Qaeda ambush.
    Pal. Auth. (gaza) 62 yr old woman murderd outside her home by islamic fundamentalists.
    saudi arabia Four British cyclists deliberately run down by drivers in two cars. A 54-year-old humanitarian worker dies from injuries in that attack.
    turkey (honor killing (arrest))
    Uganda (76killed 65 more wounded and maybe killed for watching the world cup)
    ukraine (A Muslim fanatic yells ‘Allah Akbar’ as he stabs a 5-year-old boy to death.)
    USA (honor killilng over islamic dress)

    Not counting the honor killings, the number for 2010 is somewhere around 40 countries. That’s a world war alright.

  2. I am now witnessing another type of world war in which Obama leads multiple AGGRESSORS banding together against a single nation as small as the State of Israel !! That’s why I hate to read that part of our history in which the ” 8-Nation
    Alliance” of the West invading China in late Qing Dynasty. And that’s why China has been striving hard to become a strong nation to be able to say and to mean ” NEVER AGAIN” !

  3. Um… ok.

    Unlike Tibet, I don’t think china has has to worry about being invaded and dominated by a foreign power.

    Are comments like that being seen on other pages?

  4. It’s a world war alright. Islam v. Everyone (even the commies though they don’t know it or won’t admit it)

  5. Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Ingushetia, philipines, russia, Tajikistan, thailand came up multiple times, those are all places that most people do not generally associcate with jihad activity. And this is just countries where there were targeted attacks against civilians. Some of the attacks in countries that had only one attack were bombings that killed A LOT of people.

    A tiny few were attacks where thugs went out and looked for targets of opportunity but almost all were thuroughly planned out in advance. Some were honor killings inspired by the demon babblings they worship but almost all were attacks upon strangers for calculated purposes of Jihad. It would be better described as blood sacrafices to their demon moon god.

    One might be able to argue that this cult calls for human sacrafice and constant holy war is merely their excuse. Nobody can deny that killing humans does appear to be a siginificant way for them to please their god. Proclaiming that the whole world is full of enemies that must be fought is a good way to keep up the supply of human sacrafices.

  6. It is close to a world war.

    there are about 200 countries in the world and that list shows about 50 countries. Logically a world war would be a majority in some way fighting the war.

    I would suggest a few more on that list as well it may sound like a stretch but they are more similar to the Japanese fighting a different front. That would be the fighting in South America where Venezuela fighting their neighbors with Brazil as part of he axis powers with Colombia attempting to defend. Venezuela is supplying support when and were it can to Islam including a base to make WMD’s.
    North Korea is also supplying Islam when it can

    One not on the list above that is directly being attacked is
    Mexico with Hezbollah chopping heads.

    The difference between this war and previous World wars is they have engaged war on us which is are very weak attacks in relation to the threat of our nations to the point it is more of a irritant at this point or which is thought of as a police matter.
    After 9/11 it changed for a few years to limited action but we have gone back to a police issue again.

    They are not a strategic military threat to any non-Islamic nation other then Israel, Columbia and Serbia at this point.

  7. What have we accomplished in Afghanistan that warrants such major troop withdrawal.

    Once we chased out or killed all the visible Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, our job there was done.

    We cannot rebuild and police every country where terrorists have ever had camps. We haven’t got the resources, and it makes no sense. The terrorists just move on.

    As much as I disagree with virtually everything Obama does, it really does make more sense to target attacks at where the terrorists actually are, (as we are doing in Pakistan and Yemen), as opposed to fighting non-stop wars where they aren’t any more.

  8. It does feel from a redhead perspective that there is a kind of world war going on among the non redhead peoples of the world. Quite a few countries are suffering multiple attacks. I think this is a new kind of world war. One which is under the radar for the most part for most of the people of the world but very much real to those who are impacted.

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