STRATFOR: Iran: Warship Deployment Continues

The Iranians have indeed learned to manipulate the leftist narrative with the newly minted phrase, ‘Iranophobia’. Given the origins of the name Iran, I suppose that makes us Naziphobic as well.

March 5, 2011 STRATFOR
Iran’s warships dispatched to the Mediterranean Sea and the Syrian coasts were successful and the navy will continue similar missions to confront and defuse the West’s “Iranophobia propaganda,” Iranian navy commander Adm. Habibollah Sayyari said March 5, Fars news reported. The deployment was aimed at sending Iran’s message of “peace and friendship” to the region and strengthening relations with other states, Sayyari said, adding two Iranian military vessels, the 33,000-ton supply vessel Khark and the 1,500-ton patrol frigate Alvand, prove that Iran is ready to defend its interests in any place.

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4 Replies to “STRATFOR: Iran: Warship Deployment Continues”

  1. Successful. What did they do? Nothing. More boasting from the third world inbred iranians. People may not be aware just how poor Iran is. Let me give some stats and then we can see why nothing ever comes from them apart from bluster.According to the IMF they are on 830 Billion dollars with a GDP calculated on a Purchasing Power Parity basis. Find the GDP PPP list on Wikepedia. Now to me that does not sound like a lot. All large economies are in the multiple trillions. The US defence spending for 2010 was 610 billion. So you see Pentagon itself is almost as big as the entire bred country of Iran. In fact it about 75 percent as big. When it comes to Saudi Arabia the Military budget is about level. We are allowing too much propaganda to blind us to the weakness of our enemies. We can squash them like an ant.

  2. Yes we can, and the left doesn’t want us to know this because it would make the West start acting like we have something to be proud of, which we do, we are the Most successful, generous civilization in history. We are the ones who will continue to increase the standard of living of our citizens if the left will stop trying to destroy us so they can take power.

  3. Right Richard the so called civilisation of these desert men is praised to the sky whereas the civilisation of the west is seen through the worst and most racist lens the lense of islamofacism and the extreme left. Now we need to correct this madness and show them what the desert brown is really about. He is nothing in terms of military, technological and artistic power in comparison to the West.

  4. Back in the day when I was young man I too fell for the myths of the Arabs, Persians, and muslims. It was the word civilisation that did it. A misapplied word if ever there was one. Now I know better. Certainly to be fair they did learn something beyond the basics and emerged from their tents and that is where they stayed. It is not as if they expanded beyond that though they did learn some building craft from the Babylonians of present day Iraq. They have been expanding with very little civilisation and now they want to keep expanding with petro dollar jihad and immigration led jihad. It is not going to happen. Things have changed. There moment has gone. They are lot poorer now than they were at the end of the seventies when they were at their peak financially speaking when they matched and in some cases even out did the gdp ppp o f western countries. Those days are distant dream for the Iraqis, Saudis and Iranians the big countries that matter. Only the micro states like Quater and others display that kind of opulence for their citizens. So where does that lead the jihad. It seems to be in full flow but in fact it is running on a less powerful engine than before. With the citizens of the World clueing themselves to the lies of the Left and it islamic pals, politicans getting elected that strongly oppose them and the petro dollars running out fast the future belongs to us not the desert brown man’s post tent civiliasation.

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