Michael Coren islamophobia Dec 9 2010

Vlad: Just a segment from an excellent Michael Coren episode. I will upload another segment tomorrow.

NOTE: The myth of Jews and Christians living in peace in Arab/Muslim lands gets another airing here, it’s a false meme, no matter times its presented. Yes, at times, certain communities of Muslims were more tolerant of Jews and Christians, but it rested upon the ruler at the time. Depending upon how badly they needed the two minority groups to produce and help Muslim society greatly reflected on the tolerance shown.

Whenever the inevitable push came to reverse the tolerant trend, they succeeded in doing so, based upon traditional and scholastic understandings of Islamic texts. Read Andy Bostom’s Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism. KGS

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  1. This muslim creep would prefer to walk over a mile of hot coal instead of saying the word ” Israel” and this is the problem.

    If the Romans called the land ” Schmuckville” this lying muslim pos would refer to palestinians as “scmuckvillians”.

    To continue to refer oneself or an allied group by a label placed by an invading party is laughable.

  2. How does this muslim pos know what he is saying? Who is he to say? I dismiss him as a lying piece of shit muslim that North America should ban from living here.

    Christopher Colombus andAmerico Vespucci would agree with me.

    The word tolerant is not part of islamic belief.

  3. Coren challenged him on the Christian heartland being many muslim states, this being a historical fact and he was totally ignorant of this truth. at times Coren was looking at him with pity for his ignorance, I thought.

  4. I can’t believe that Coren even exists. If he was out west he would have been cast into irons a long time ago. The only place I see him is on Vlad Tepes. Michael has got to be one of the only public figures who actually understands what’s going on around this Muslim/terrorism/Middle East/history thing. Everybody else is just a pretty face running in series along with all the other pretty faces. Honestly, to get a job in the Canadian Mainstream Media must require such extensive psychological pre-testing, or perhaps they have found a way to surgically remove the critical thinking apparatus of all applicants. Good-looking politically correct yes-persons only need apply! Why isn’t Michael Coren facing a Human Rights Tribunal charge? Why don’t I hear leftists referring to him in hateful, venomous tones? It seems so weird to see an actual intelligent person sitting in the interviewers chair. It’s as if he slipped through the cracks, or maybe they just haven’t noticed him yet. Of course, if they said anything, everybody would start looking at Michael to see what the fuss was all about, and that wouldn’t be good either. Same with that Rex Murphy guy. Where’d he come from? Didn’t he used to be another CBC lefty? He’s highly intelligent and he actually knows stuff. What’s going on? Could it be that, buried deep within the fear and the greed, there could actually be such a thing as integrity, and some of these people, on catching a glimpse of the truth, as well as the danger that silence will put us all in, are compelled by their consciences to speak, well, the truth? Naaahhhhh… (And I didn’t mean Michael Coren is not good-looking. I’ve always found big round bald heads are very attractive.

  5. Grace

    Tell that to Mark Steyn. If he had not had McLean’s magazine to back him up, how would he have been able to pay for his persecution by the Human Rights Tribunal? Canadians without lots of power get silenced by those goons all the time, and they do not choose to be. Please allow yourself to know that.

  6. If the left hadn’t screwed with the educational systems these facts would be known to all, we have to educate people to our history or lose it.

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