No one seems to care about real, lethal racism do they? Maybe it’s time for some of you sanctimonious leftists who delight in calling me racist for my opposition to sharia and Islam’s influence on secular liberal democracy to pony up and so something about real world modern race based murder like in Zimbabwe or modern real world slavery like in Sudan, Saudi Arabia and of course, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.


From African Crisis:

Date Posted: Friday 29-Oct-2010

Harare, Zimbabwe-2010, October 29

A 67 year old white farmer, Kobus Joubert was shot (on Monday 25 October 2010) at his Scotsdale farm in Chegutu, west of Harare. The farmer heard her wife screaming in the bathroom, as he go to investigate he was shot by a man right in the head.

The murderers got away with Cell phones and $10 000 but failed to get a Laptop which they demanded. This was not the first incident the Jouberts suffered government persecutions. In 2008 Joubert was attacked by a mob of ZANU PF militias who needed his farm. ZANU PF government of President Robert Mugabe has declared that white farmers are “enemies of the people.” Therefore many farmers have been targeted, beaten, tortured and murdered by war veterans, militias and hired assassins.

The Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) state’s, “The shooting at point blank range of another white farmer in the Selous district (near Chegutu) of Zimbabwe again highlights the deteriorating situation currently being faced in the rural farming areas. This is a symptom of the flagrant disregard for the rule of law in these areas over the last ten years and the Commercial Farmers’ Union of Zimbabwe urgently requests that the authorities take immediate action.”
In 2009 Mike Campbell, 76, was attacked by ZANU PF. The youths gave him 10minutes to pack away his belongings and vacate his farm. The bloodthirsty youths told Campbell that they did not care about the law or the police. ‘We are taking over.’

In June 2008 Mr Campbell, his wife, Angela, and Mr Freeth were abducted by the war veterans who severely assaulted them for five hours.
In May 2008 Farmers, William and Annette Rogers were attacked by ZANU PF militias at Chegutu Extension Farm. Mr. Rogers said, “They told me that l had two minutes to vacate my property otherwise they will send the mob there and the house is not worthy sacrificing my life for because we would lose our lives. They said they (ZANU PF mob) were like hungry lions.”

The Rogers were tied up, kicked and beaten. Mr. Rodgers was having his fit burnt by cigarettes. “We got to the Chegutu Police Station…No police personnel of any authority seemed to show interest in taking our statement.”
On 23 October 2010 in Nyazura east of Harare farmer Van Rensburg who owns Rubeni Farm was ordered by a Colonel from 3 Brigade Army Headquarters to vacate the property within 72 hours or face eviction.

The CFU criticized the grabbing of commercial farms “beneficiaries of the farms and their hired thugs are taking the law into their own hands, breaking into homesteads using bolt cutters and locking the owners out, leaving them with nothing but the clothes they are wearing.” ZANU PF government has defied SADC tribunal ruling in Namibia which ordered it not to interfere with farming activities.

The News Week Reports, “Freeth wrote an open letter that was widely disseminated outside of Zimbabwe detailing the intimidation of black farm workers, many of them supporters of the opposition MDC party, by ZANU-PF party activists—who rounded them up for all-night vigils and political harangues in the Chegutu area, often meting out beatings to workers on the Mt. Carmel farm and to MDC supporters. “None of us knows what will happen next,” Freeth wrote. “Dictators like Mugabe do not step down. Like Hitler, they go on till their country is in ruins and their people are in rags. World leaders tut-tut as the crimes against humanity go on unhindered; but their perpetrators live on and travel the world with impunity.”

Officials in ZANU PF government have been grabbing farms and companies from whites. The government acts of racism and terrorism are well documented. Zimbabwe still faces serious political motivated violence, opponents of the government are harassed, beaten, tortured and some murdered. On Sunday 20, September 2010, a Security Guard in Harare, Crispen Mandizvidza was murdered by 50 ZANU PF militias using craw bars and iron bars.

Zimbabweans are suffering serious poverty and starvation, both those at home and in Diaspora. The country is operating without official currency. The US dollars and Rand which are being used are not easily available to many citizens. Thousands women have turned to prostitution and some man to crime in order to earn living.

The Government of National Unity has crumbled since Mugabe and ZANU PF have refused to honor the Global Political Agreement which form basis of the unity government. Mugabe continues to appoint Ambassadors and other official without consent of the two factions of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) who are in the unity government.

Zimbabweans continue to live in fear of their government. Soldiers and Police continue to beat up people forcing them to support ZANU PF meetings and threatening them if they do not vote for ZANU in forthcoming elections. In various parts of the country soldiers and militias have been deployed to enforce conformity to ZANU PF regime.

Foundation of Reason & Justice is campaigning for human rights, democracy and justice in Zimbabwe. Its imperative that Zimbabwe is gets rid of ZANU PF dictatorship. Our campaign needs your support.
Please kindly support us by either making the plight of Zimbabweans known in your community or by making a financial donation.

Mr. Collen Makumbirofa

Foundation of Reason & Justice
Johannesburg, South Africa
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Posted By: Collen Makumbirofa
Foundation of Reason & Justice



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  1. I travelled through this area twice, in the late 90’s spent time driving around, and during this time, Magaubi was just beginning his rants on how the whites were responsible for all the bad stuff happening….the economy was really unbalanced and lots of poverty at that time, but true, the whites contolled most of the top level and many left, years before………taking their money with them from good ol rodesia, however, the farmers I met during my time then, many were just land owners who came originally as mine workers, just the ordinary guys not the corporate large land owners, those guys on the whole flew the coup………crime rampant…but racism still alive and well, I almost threw up on the people who entertained me at one of the lodges I stayed at on the border of Zim and Zam, my driver who I hired with my rented car, as I figured I needed someone who knew the terrain, and I shared all my accomodation with the really nice guy, was refused a room at the safari lodge as he was ‘black’ and my driver………..although I was invited to dine with the family at their special table the first evening back………what a sickening example of why a fascist like Magaubi could appeal to those who are uneducated and believe that ..ie as in the newspaper of the time, a chicken could be put in jail for the crime of murder….

  2. Mugabe gave a high pile of money, real money as I understand it not the crap he prints, to a sorcerer who claimed she could make oil by tapping her stick on a rock. And not just any oil, but fully refined light diesel.

    Of course, she had a scam rigged and fucked off to the UK as I recall with her hard tapped cash but Mugabe paid her for it even after sending investigators.

  3. There is anti-White racism in all of sub-Saharan Africa, the least open about it is South Africa. Yes any whites in Africa are usually racist, but so are the blacks, those societies aren’t the ones we know and shouldn’t be judges by those standards. Having said that yes white racism is bad and no I don’t want to associate with the racists of any race. Racism would have been almost non existent these days if the left hadn’t decided that they would punish the whites for sins of their ancestors and pushed reverse racism. Actions like those in all nations breed racism, and then the left blames the people they created for being like they are. I know I am not saying this well but I am having a hard time figuring out how to say what I want to say.

  4. When it was Rhodesia it was a rich farming and mining nation, it exported food to half the nations in Africa, now it is Zimbabwe the mines are closed and the almost all of the farms have been seized from the white farmers and turned over to Mugabe’s friends. When it was Rhodesia the land was green and fertile with massive numbers of wild animals, now that it is Zimbabwe the rich fertile land has been turned into a partial desert by over grazing (usually by goats) the wild animals are almost all extinct due to poaching by Mugabe’s supporters so they could sell the hides, the meat went to waste. When it was Rhodesia it was the most liberal of the African nations, half of the officers in its elite forces were black and they fought long, hard and bravely to try and keep Mugabe and his type from taking over. Now it is Zimbabwe and the whites are routinely attacked with over half of the women raped, the blacks that don’t belong to the tribe that Mugabe belongs to have left the nation to keep from being murdered.

    Part of the reason that Africa was colonized was the liberals screaming that the whites had to take over to prevent the tribes from killing each other. it took less then 50 years after the de-colonization of Africa for the tribes to return to the practices that caused the libs to want to colonize it. Things are so bad that shortly before 9/11/2001 several Oriental nations tried to talk Europe into re-colonizing Africa to stop the slaughter. Remember these facts when you start judging the whites that were born in Africa and don’t want to leave their home.

  5. Well what a surprise, black people run a nation into the ground whilst blaming white people. How many more countries are they going to reduce to ruin before the penny drops, black people can’t run countries.

    Well what a surprise, Marxists take power in a country promising the world, and then proceed to line their own pockets whilst building up an impressive body count and impoverishing the country. Can’t understand it as the USSR was such a stirling economic success, wasn’t it?

    Well what a surprise, black africans don’t regard white people as African, they regard them as
    foreign interlopers who have stolen their land, and such. So they try to persecute the invaders and kill them. But does that mean black people living in Britain aren’t British, or would a white person holding the same views as a black person be regarded as racist?

    Next stop South Africa, where we will have to put up with the genuine surprise of the marxists at the BBC, reporting its total collapse and impoverishment. Then they’ll say it’s our fault, and we should all give some money. Nobody will, so the pseudo marxists running the government will stump up the cash on our behalf, like they did for the Pakistan flood victims.

    so it goes on and on and on and on and on, to the last syllable of recorded time.

  6. blindguard, I agree with you, things are going down hill in Africa, and are doing it at breakneck speed. Check out the predictions by WHO on how long the blacks will be a majority in Africa, they are saying that AIDS and AIDS related illnesses will kill off 98%+ of the blacks by 2050. There are already nations on the west coast of Africa with a death rate that is about 1 and 1/2 of its birth rate. And to a lesser extent you are seeing the same thing in Europe and the US, the AIDS rate among blacks is twice what it is in whites.

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