Nice going UK, you’ll drive yourself out of existence before long, taking every Tom, Dick and Harry along with you. But you can comfort yourself with the thought that all your streets are lined with kebab shops, so the multiculti experiment can’t be declared a complete experiment, right?KGS

Mohammed is now the most popular name for baby boys ahead of Jack and Harry

Mohammed is now the most popular name for newborn boys in England and Wales ahead of Jack and Harry, it emerged today. The name, when 12 different spellings were included, was given to 7,549 youngsters in 2009, official statistics revealed. Oliver was the second most popular and it was given to 7,364 boys in England and Wales in 12 months.

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    Is the English Defense League a bunch of violent racist thugs, as they’ve been painted by the mainstream media, or an acceptable and effective organization seeking to stop the Islamization of Britain? The other week Geert Wilders declined the EDL’s endorsement–though he did so, it should be noted, without throwing them under the bus. Now we have, posted at Gates of Vienna, an article by Danish journalist Sigurd Ericson who spent several days visiting with the EDL leaders, especially its top Tommy Robinson (whom I would have had dinner with in September if the U.S. authorities had not blocked his entry into the U.S.). Ericson, whom I should note is a left-winger, not a man of the right, finds the EDL innocent of all charges. Indeed, in Ericson’s treatment, the EDL, far from being right-wing or racist, seems hyper-liberal, with a membership roll so diverse, including an official homosexual contingent, that some conservatives might be uneasy about it.

    “The EDL is utterly vulnerable to infiltration by police agents and others who would like nothing better than to derail it and make it engage in self-destructive, violent and illegal activities that can then be used as a pretext for a clamp down.

    It is already eminently clear that the authorities are using and will use any trick in the book to squash the EDL including police harassment and attempts by the Inland Revenue Service to financially ruin its leaders.

    Tommy Robinson is currently under investigation for violent assault and money laundering–charges that he says are trumped up.

    Pray openly for the EDL in church. DO NOT BE AFRAID. The EDL is a defence of Christendom, against the most malevolent anti-Christ ideology that has invaded the West. If anyone questions you, answer them politely. Inform them of the continuous ethic cleansing of Christians going in Islamic countries, with murder, even of bishops, rape and forced marriage and conversion to Islam.
    Just as the EDL is taking to the streets defending us and Christendom, we need to defend the EDL in letters to the press, to MPs, and in church. That is the least we can do.

  2. Tim, from the comments at your link: Quote: ” If you look at the figures on the ONS website it clearly shows that if you add up the top 5 variations of Mohammed in England and Wales they equal 7437, topping Oliver at 7363.”
    Quote: “
    Not only that..but it only counts 12 versions of the name.there are in fact 14. “

  3. All of the anti-Moslem groups have to play it careful, the politically correct will do every thing they can to destroy a group that dares to think for themselves.

    Most American conservatives wouldn’t be upset by the homosexuals as long as they didn’t come on to them, I don’t know about the British conservatives.

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