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3 Replies to “Why do people care what actors think about things?”

  1. Are you trying to give me another heart attack? I’ve always hated that kind of aggressive stupidity, I find it quite upsetting. I think what really bothers me is how proud people like that are of their stupidity, how it makes them feel like such normal, regular, fit-right-in type folks. How could such mental rabbits be on a panel discussing important world issues, and how many people emulate them and hold them up as roll-models?

  2. Later, with Glenn Beck, O’Reilly stated (paraphrased) . . .it’s ironic that no one has a problem stating that Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor , yet these two are offended when the same is applied with Muslims taking out the twin towers.

    Atlas also made a similar point at the Q&A session at Temple Univ. A tall blonde gentleman donning a keffiye insisted it was wrong to state 9/11 was aimed at Americans. Atlas immediately turned that logic against him by asking him if thought the bombing of Pearl Harbor only affected Hawaii. He demured and agreed Pearl Harbor was an attack against the entire USA.

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