Some tough medicine from Pat Condell

To be honest, if there was still an Eastern Church at Constantinople, that might be my religion as from what I understand, the Greeks had a non-supernatural form of Christianity which is, again, as I understand it, very appealing to me. However, this is some tough medicine from Pat Condell. It is difficult to post for me because I actually quite like the Catholic Church. They officially recognize Darwin as correct, and did sponsor  great deal of science and I do not agree with Pat’s history 100% here. Perhaps Fjordman can check it out and offer a comment or two.

However given recent revelations about Cardinal, now pope Ratzinger and his role in cover ups of abuse of children and sexual exploitation of same, with some degree of uncomfortableness, I feel this needs posting.

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  1. A very good commentary on the Roman Catholic Church ,from time to time we must be reminded of grievous sins of the past,and the continuation and covering up of ongoing outright criminal behavior. It’s no surprise that the pews are almost empty and parishes are closing down. Not dealing with this criminal activity has driven many clergy and faithful away from the church for good.

  2. I always find it interesting, and I suppose it’s a result of slavish adherence to dogma, that churches are so unrealistic about human nature. But like all ideologies, what you spout is more important than what you actually do.
    Homosexuality is a sin (they say), presumably homosexual child molestation even more so, and they (especially the Catholics), can’t stop banging on about it. But then they create a male only, sexually starved infrastructure with ready access to children. Guess what you attract, homosexuals and child molesters. I can’t help thinking the cover ups are because child molesters are actually running a great deal of the organisation by now.
    What about allowing married priests, or even openly gay priests, who enjoy a normal open sex life, that might stop it.
    What am I saying?
    Better to bury your head in the sand, or in a choir boy anyway.

  3. Only in unity the Christians can survive.
    So, please stop the Catholic bashing!!!

    Nu degeaba este biserica catolica supusa la atacuri.
    Este principala piedica in calea marxistilor si a altor “religi”.
    Sint ortodox dintr-o familie de preoti…

  4. @cobra

    That’s exactly the attitude that gets kids fucked while guys in frocks look the other way, or whistle to themselves.
    That latin, is that what they say to the 5 year old before the blow job or afterwards?
    Grow up, please, try to see the point, not miss it.

  5. VT – I am a Roman Catholic who is not blind to the madness of religion. I agree a lot with Condell. Going to post it in my blog too.

  6. While I think that the Catholic Church gets a lot of inaccurate bad publicity and grossly unfair contempt for misstated history bereft of context, this does not mean real ‘sins’ of the Church should be ignored. The current pope’s activities as cardinal now surfacing are nothing short of criminal. He should be jailed for placing children in harms way.

  7. About 70 % of what he says is correct, the rest is totally wrong.

    The Jew-hatred did not originate with the Catholic church, it didn’t exist at the time of Jesus. Apocalyptic Jew-hatred is deeply rooted in the Koran & sunnah along with a genocidal mandate, something that is not found in Christian scriptures. But Condell is correct; the Catholic priesthood deserves much of the blame for inciting hatred against Jews.

    Child rape is also against Christian teachings and nowhere in their scriptures, whereas the Mohammedans glorify it. Because Mohammed did it with Aisha and every believing Mohammedan seeks to emulate him.

    Today, Christianity promotes Socialism, which is of great concern.

    While the church did not do anything to prevent the holocaust and kept silent about it when it happened, I would not go as far as Condell does and blame Christianity for it, that is simply ignoring Hitlers replacement religion which was a toxic mix of uebermensch entitlement to rule ueber alles, Germanic racial superiority combined with a nihilistic, barbaric paganism.

    I believe the church would have been next on Hitlers eradication program, and after that the Muslims. More could be said, but I don’t think Condell could be reasoned with.

    It was the Christian Polish army under Jean Sobielsky who saved Europe from the invading Ottoman 300 years ago, and on many other occasions (including the crusades) it was the Christians who drove back Mohammedan advances. The Jews as well as other Christians were slaughtered in the process, which cannot simply be excused as collateral damage. However, attacking the Christians who are already demoralized, cannibalized and disunited at this point in time hardly advances our cause, which is to stop Islam from taking over Europe.

    As for “Israel would not exist if it wasn’t for the Nazis, the holocaust and Christianity”, that is complete nonsense. Israel is the promised land for the Jews, it is mentioned more than 800 times in the Jewish scriptures and not once in the Koran. Now on Pesach we will celebrate again and promise each other “next year in Jerusalem”, and more of us will make aliya. No: blaming the Jews or Israel for causing the global jihad is just ignorant and dumb.

  8. Thank you sheik yer’mami. Well said. I think Condell is right on a lot of this one, and way off base on some of his history as well. The ‘Hitler was a Christian’ myth is a pernicious one. And Copernicus as well as Gregor Mendel where both Catholic monks who’s work was supported by the church I believe.
    As to Israel, the Jews in fact where never slaves in Egypt. That is a myth of origin. The Jews have always been in Israel, as that is where the entire cosmology was invented, probably as a customized version of Zoroastrianism.
    I posted it because it infuriates me how Ratzinger placed children in harms way by giving known paedophiles positions in the church where they had access to vulnerable children, and where these men continued their evil and this after he claimed he would never do such a thing after covering up their initial crimes by shuffling these men around in the church. All this while he was a Cardinal of course.

    But thank you for posting that comment. Condell I suppose feels that he should be an equal opportunity offender and I feel that it would be somewhat hypocritical of me not to post this because, as you say, 70% of it is true.

    We need not go into the Medieval Easter sermons where Christians would leave Church and look for a Jewish town to set alight.

    Anti Semitism probably started with the Council of Nicea and the formal marriage of the Caesars of Rome and then popular Christianity creating what one may think of as, ‘political Christianity’. Before that, much of the area was Jewish and Christian already. I think all readers here know about the Copts which predate Nicea and have probably the oldest form of Christianity on earth.

    Please feel free to correct any errors I have made and thank you again for posting.


  9. As a lapsed catholic(along with Pat Condell)I don’t think either he nor I are likely to re-embrace Holy Mother Church.
    The insanity of religion has a sound evidence basis.

  10. A bit unfair and simplistic. As much as I like Pat Condell’s presentations I believe this time he took it too far. Such a vicious attack on christianity is counterproductive in current world affairs. While one can agree with certain things he says the entire speech is too bias to be objective evaluation of catholic faith.

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