Quote attributed to Dr. Wafa Sultan

Thank you Proud Kafir for bringing this moving and accurate quote to our attention:


Wafa Sultan:

“If Islam really treated women with honor, we would see the positive consequences of that honor over the course of the past 14 centuries. Islam did not treat women with honor. On the contrary, it has distorted the concept of honor.

“My brother Rashid, I can call this pen a knife for 14 centuries, but it will never become a knife. It will remain a pen. Islam has turned these concepts upside-down, and has forced its followers to see things as their opposites – to view killing and beheading as an act of tolerance, to view taking a woman captive as an act of compassion, to view the plundering of spoils of war as their right, and to view masturbation against a little girl’s thighs as marriage.

“Thus, it has destroyed the intellectual structure of the Arabic-speaking nation, and has produced people who cannot distinguish between things and their opposites – people with distorted thinking and warped mentality, as infertile as barren land, which cannot yield a thing.”


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  1. I’m glad that I’ve been able to help.

    That quote truly describes, in a nutshell, the gulf that separates the Western thinking universe from the mahoundian arab one. And a reason that makes it all the more important for those who care about Western Civilization and its survival to learn about it. Once one grasps this concept, it becomes clear that the reasons mentioned by your average politically-correct and ignorant pundit, and recently by Barack Arafat Saddam Hussein Osama in his infamous Cairo speech, for the animosities nurtured against the West by mahoundians are simply baseless.

    When one gets an idea of the way the mahoundian mind works, it becomes clear that “ordinary moms and dads” in Iraq don’t want the “freedom, jobs and prosperity” that George W. Bush once said they did, as Hugh Fitzgerald has mentioned several times in his essays. It becomes clear that a supposed “legacy of colonialism” played no role whatsoever in atrocities like 9/11, or the Madrid and Londonistan bombings; and that it does play no role whatsoever in what motivates imams all over the world to urge their followers, many of whom do answer those calls, to murder and subjugate infidels.

    When one fathoms where the mahoundian arab mind resides, it becomes clear that there is no economic development, no prosperity, no amount of jobs or foreign aid that can reduce the appeal of jihad to those who believe that it is their duty to impose mahoundianism upon the entire planet. On the contrary, the money that arabs get their hands on, either through the accident of geology that gave them oil (as Hugh Fitzgerald has said many times in his columns); or the foreign aid given to them by those foolish Western donors to whom they’ll never be thankful, due to the fact that we know that such payments are regarded as jizya, an infidel’s obligation towards their supposedly “superior” muslim rulers, end up being spent on ways and means of spreading islam and waging jihad.

    Cash-deprived muslims, as Mr Fitzgerald pointed out in a recent comment, devote much of their time to doing what they can to remain alive; abject poverty in mahoundian countries is, if anything, something that works to our advantage and weakens extremism rather than embolden it. It is mahoundians that have enough money to burn, as al-Qaeda’s leaders, who are the ones that are more likely to be waging jihad against the non-mahoundian world.

    These few but important points are just some of the things one can grasp by understanding the difference between the mahoundian arab mind and everyone else’s. Dr Wafa Sultan couldn’t have put that difference into any more precise, accurate and easy-to-understand words than she did in that quote. And everyone who still doesn’t know much about this subject, but cares about the survival of Western civilization, could use her words as a starting point to understand the big picture.

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