Sign on building in Spain

Photo courtesy of fred at Fred is in Spain now and its worth checking his site for his impressions. Also, here is a link to a news story about the cancelation of a holocaust memorial in Spain. Apparently, because Israel was commiting one in Gaza. I really am disapointed that national governments are allowing themselves to make comparisons between carefully executed defensive actions to prevent themselves from bieng attacked daily to the systematic utter elimiation of a people, something Israel could do within 15 minutes should it choose to.

Really, as  yourselves, if Hamas had a few nuclear weapons how and when would they use them? If you are honest with yourself, any comparison between operation cast lead and a holocaust is dishonest at best.

Sign in Barcelona

Sign in Barcelona

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  1. It seems rather odd that supporters of the Palestinian people romanticizing in the Gaza conflict would have to erect a sign on a prominent building in Spain…….I thought Spain, according to the Islamic scholars and the ummah was ” Muslim Spain”. Occupied? Southern Spain has been occupied by Islam, as Sicily. Oh, but this is about an occupied? Gaza…………

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