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5 Replies to “Muezzin Call to Prayer Broadcast Over Loudspeakers in Brooklyn…”

  1. What a disgusting noise. The people within earshot of the frightful noise should attach loudspeakers to the outside of their premises and play the Stars and Stripes, Beethoven, Wagner, heavy-metal pop, etc. at full blast. Every time the mohammedans broadcast their call to prayer. Every day, whatever the time. From daybreak to sunset. Give them a taste of their own sickening medicine.

    Fight back, for goodness sake.

  2. Excellent suggestion. It is what has to be done. The people who do it of course, will be brought up on some kind of charges, from public nuisance to hate crimes. But it would get enough publicity that it would work anyway. People would do it all over. I almost wish a Mosque would try it within earshot of me so I could try that tactic.

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