Former President of The Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, refutes leftist arguments for mass migration to West

Those of you who are considering the new sales package from the ‘Conservative’ Party [Sic] may want to watch this short 2016 video by Vaclav Klaus, one of the very few politicians to be elected from the sciences instead of humanities or law.

In this he directly refutes exactly the arguments put forward by Scheer and his candidates. This video is from 2016


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Vaclav Klaus, former president of the Czech Republic bluntly speaks on the state of Europe

First of all, former President Klaus is one of the few politicians that always spoke his truth over fashion and was successful for it. He called the global warming policies for what they are and what all will know them to be who investigate it, a vector for attacking capitalist and democratic societies for political purposes and not science. Vaclav is one of the few national leaders who’s background is in the sciences instead of law or politics.

He also wrote a book on this subject which stands up to scrutiny.

He has always been a Euro-skeptic and like the current President of the CR., deals with reality and does not suffer fools well.

Below is what we can find of what he said today in Germany. I will also take this opportunity to repost a few other national leaders that have spoken plainly about islamic migration into Europe, and who’s advice and analysis has been so grotesquely under-viewed it is an embarrassment to us all. When national leaders take our position and speak clearly on the matter, the mere act of millions of views would propel those speeches into the MSM across the world. This would result in policy changes.

Yes its my view that the mere act of enough of us watching a video can change things because that is how the politics of cowardice work in the West. Perhaps we can all do our bit and send these serious people with clear thoughts on these critical matters out to all we know and encourage them to send it out as well.

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Jan. 22 – 2016 Vaclav Klaus in Germany: “Europe is at War”


Current president of the Czech Republic speaks on the non-miscability of Islam with Western reason based culture.

Slovakian President explains new policies on Islam and immigration within Slovakia

The Czech republic seems to have it togther. From Czech TV

Here is a video show from Czech TV which mirrors England’s show, Hidden Mosque which you can also see here on Vlad both one and two. Both are worth watching but you can tell the British government was in the editing room when they did the sequel.

At least the Czech’s seem to be willing to monitor the invasion with due dilligence unlike most of Europe. This may mean they have a chance of surviving as a European democracy for a while longer and its another reason to admire Vaclav Klaus. A leader among leaders.

Found on Gates of Vienna:

Once again, the Czech republic shines the light of reason

Europe Concerned About Freedom of Speech – Czech EU Presidency

Europe concerned about freedom of speech – Czech EU presidency

Ženeva, známý pohled na Ženevské jezero s vodotryskem (v pozadí), centrem OSN (vp?edu), dlouhá budova s muzeem Ariana (vpravo)a kongresovým centrem OSN (vlevo). Uprost?ed snímku jsou budovy Sv?tové meteorologické organizace WWO a uprost?ed vlevo centrum Sv?tové obchodní organizace a uprost?ed vpravo areál Vysokého komisa?e pro uprchlíky (UNHCR).  - ilustra?ní foto

published: 04.03.2009, 20:04 | updated: 04.03.2009 20:15:29

?R a Evropa se na konferenci o rasismu obávají o svobodu slova

Geneva – The Czech Republic, as the EU presiding country, and other European countries today expressed fears that the freedom of speech would be at risk if Islamic countries pushed for a ban on “defamation of religion” at the conference on racism in April, Reuters has reported.

Geneva – The Czech Republic, as the EU presiding country, and other European
countries today expressed fears that the freedom of speech would be at risk if
Islamic countries pushed for a ban on “defamation of religion” at the
conference on racism in April, Reuters has reported.

Representatives of the EU countries also warned in their speeches to the U.N.’s
Human Rights Council today that they could not accept any pillorying of Israel
as “racist” and any promotion of anti-Semitism at the April conference in

Reuters reported that the same opinions were expressed in the U.N. Human Rights
Council this week by the delegations of the Czech Republic, holding the EU
presidency in the first half of 2009, Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands,
Poland and Switzerland.

“The freedom of expression must be the cornerstone of our fight against
racism,” Reuters quotes Sweden’s delegate Frank Belfrage as saying in the U.N.

The draft declaration for the Geneva conference has also been criticised by
Israel, which, along with Canada previously decided to boycott the event. The
United States and France are considering this step.

The World Conference Against Racism, also called Durban II, will be held at the
UN headquarters in Geneva on April 20-24, as the continuation of the conference
in Durban, South Africa, in

Vaclav Klaus speaks to the EU. Many EU members walk out.

Below please find the text of a very benign speech by Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech republic and currently the president of the E.U. During this speech he was chided derided and walked out on. Afterward, a UK member of the EU parliament gave the speech you see in the video below. The people of Europe should be very afraid when a basic little speech about the importance of freedom in terms of political conscience as well as economic free markets is this harshly treated at the EU. It bodes not well for a free people of Europe. Something is amiss in the EU indeed.

It is worth noting that one of the components which received the most harsh reaction was the notion that governments work better when there is opposition. Clearly the very notion of opposition is unacceptable to the EU bureaucratic machinery. Again, cause for deep concern.

Here is a link to an article on the Guardian UK’s site about this speech and its reaction.

Here is the video of the Member of the European Parliament for South East England

Below the read more, please find the text of the actual speech that Vaclav Klaus gave.

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Vaclav Klaus and the Czech republic, last bastions of reality?

Once again the Czech’s affirm their commitment to simple historical accuracy and decency in terms of meaningful human values. we here at VTB are grateful to Mr. Klaus for his courage in standing up for accurate history as in this case below, real science as in his many very public speeches and his book about the hijacking of enviornmental sciences etc. and many other things. Perhaps as much as I am grateful, Im also disappointed that merely standing for the truth and reality is such a rare thing that this much gratitude is felt. Should not these attributes be the default position for anyone in authority? I suppose the next question would be ‘was it ever’?

BRUSSELS (EJP)— A Holocaust Era Assets Conference will take place from 26 to 30 June 2009 in Prague and Terezín in the Czech Republic.

The objective of the conference, announced by the Czech EU presidency on the occasion of International Holocaust Memorial Day, is to assess progress made since the 1998 Washington Conference but also to give new impetus for further international cooperation and sharing of experience in this field with a special emphasis on education.

In a statement, the EU Czech Presidency invited Tuesday all countries to honour the memory of all Holocaust victims and to commemorate the 64th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration and extermination camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau.
The International Holocaust Memorial Day is commemorated annually in accordance with the resolution adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 1 November 2005.

In its statement, the EU presidency reaffirmed that the Holocaust, which resulted in the murder of one third of the Jewish people, as well as the murder of countless members of other minorities, “has to serve forever as a warning of the dangers of hatred, bigotry, racism as well as prejudice, and rejects any denial of the Holocaust as an historical event, either in full or in part.“

Holocaust Day was also commemorated at the European Parliament in Brussels with a ceremony followed by a Catholic, Protestant and Jewish prayer service hosted by German MEP Ingo Friedrich.