Tom Quiggin, Court verified terrorism expert: ‘Trudeau is knowingly funding islamic terror groups’

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Canadian Arab Federation official spreads conspiracy theory that Norway attack was Israel’s handiwork

From The National Post:

  Jul 26, 2011 – 2:38 PM ET | Last Updated: Jul 26, 2011 11:00 PM ET

Khaled Mouammar, outgoing president of the Canadian Arab Federation, has always had some fairly unhinged attitudes toward Israel. So maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that he is now distributing an article with the subject line “Possible Israeli Connection to Oslo Attacks.”

The article — which appeared on the anti-Semitic (and occasionally Holocaust-denying) web site — concludes as follows: “Increasingly, it looks like [the] Mossad’s fingerprints are all over [the Norway killings], perhaps cooperatively with CIA and/or MI6. Massive car bombs are one of their specialties. They’re experts at these type operations, using convenient stooges for plausible deniability, usually without their knowledge. Spread the word, and keep the pressure on Israel and its Washington paymaster/partner, masters of mass murder crimes.”

Here is the full article, as it appeared in the text of the email (the email address used for the distribution,, appears on Canadian Arab Federation press releases such as this one):

—– Forwarded Message
From: Khaled Mouammar
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 15:42:19 -0500
Conversation: Possible Israeli Connection to Oslo Attacks
Subject: Possible Israeli Connection to Oslo Attacks

Possible Israeli Connection to Oslo Attacks
by Stephen Lendman

On July 24, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen suggested a Mossad link, saying “ample evidence” of its involvement exists.
Anders Breivik, the alleged bomber/gunman, calls himself a Christian conservative interested in hunting, body building and freemasonry. He’s also expressed strong pro-Israeli views, hostile to Palestinians and Muslims.

Government business records name him the Breivik Geofarm director. Norway’s media call it a farming sole proprietorship, cultivating vegetables, melons, roots and tubers.

The Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang quoted a friend saying he became a wing-wing extremist in his late 20s. He’s now age 32. The paper also said he participated in online forums expressing strong nationalistic, anti-multicultural views.
On July 24, the UK Daily Mail said:

“According to witness accounts from Norwegian media, people have described shooting incidents in two different areas on the island, one with a handgun and the other with a ‘sniper rifle.’ However, there is uncertainty whether the guns belonged to one gunman or there was a second involved.”

In the confusion, no one was sure, but the possibility is real, given the implausibility that one person killed over 90 people singlehanded. Perhaps there were multiple undetected gunmen. Police said they don’t exclude the possibility.

Madsen connected Breivik to Pam Geller and Richard Pipes, “ciphers for Israeli intelligence and propaganda elements….provid(ing) a clear link between Breivik and Mossad, which is under orders to stage false flag attacks to garner support for Israel against Palestine, Cyprus and Norway being the two most recent examples of Mossad-staged attacks.”
On July 19, Voice of Russia broadcasting headlined, “Norway to support Palestinians – Norwegian FM,” saying:
“Norway will support Palestinians who are set to press for recognition of the independence of their state by the United Nations, says the Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store.”

In January, Store said: Continue Reading →

Canada to strip 1800 people of their citizenship for fraud

A drop in the bucket of what is necessary but at least it is the right direction. No other Canadian government in my living memory has had the guts to do this. I will be scanning the net closely to see if any particular groups or organizations were involved in the fraud. I have my suspicions already. Thanks BCF for hipping me to this clip

RCMP outreach or outrage?

Several years ago the RCMP developed a variety of outreach divisions designed specifically to engage members of minority communities in Canada. One such division, The National Security Community Outreach program, was created to ‘ensure that all persons are treated with equality and respect’, a fundamental component of RCMP national security criminal investigations. ” The protection of our national security requires the awareness and involvement of all citizens. We encourage invitations to meet with community groups and welcome opportunities to work more closely with cultural and ethnic community representatives”.

Sounds good. What responsible police force wouldn’t want to strive to provide to all an opportunity to become informed of their rights and freedoms as well as the activities the RCMP undertakes to protect them? And certainly befitting to the present day climate of political correctness, diversity, outreach, dialogue and round table discussions appear apropos. The trouble is, whose sitting at the round tables?

In February 2007, ‘The Cross-Country Roundtable on Security’ was held in Toronto hosted by both the RCMP and CSIS. It was a raucous affair, complete with attendees that should never have been invited, or the uninvited told to leave. Among the cultural and ethnic community representatives in attendance was none other than controversial Imam Aly-Hindy of the Salaheddin mosque in suburban Toronto. Imam Aly- Hindy boasts of openly performing polygamous marriages, illegal in Canada. In a May, 2009 National Post Full Comment, columnist John Turley-Ewart writes:

‘Hindy is using polygamy as a proxy for his fundamentalist version of Islam, something he wants to see legitimized in Canadian society as a whole. It is part of an attempt at empire building, a bid that if successful will enhance his influence within the Muslim community and demonstrate that Ontario and Canada is too ignorant and too afraid of Islam to uphold its own laws. He has admitted as much, challenging Ontario’s government to dare stop him. “If the laws of the country conflict with Islamic law, if one goes against the other, then I am going to follow Islamic law, simple as that.”

He took advantage of the outreach event by complaining that six Muslims did not obtain security clearance for sensitive government jobs. Hindy’s mosque made headlines this week when the National Post learned that Salaheddin has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Middle East donors since 2009. The mosque is described by the RCMP as a “focal point for Toronto Islamic radicals” and by the New York Police Department as a “known radical mosque”. Hindy said that by securing overseas funds the mosque was “preserving Muslim culture”.

The Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) also made an appearance at the Sheraton Hotel. This group formed in 1967, represents the interests of Arab Canadians with respect to the formulation of public policy in Canada. With over 40 member organizations, it seeks to ‘combat hate and racism’, is vocal against what it perceives to be anti-Arab and anti-Muslim activities and issues position papers to the government on it’s policies in South Asia and it’s domestic immigration affairs. It also boasts of promoting the richness of Muslim and Arab culture. Not a group to sit idly by, it appears to seek out controversy. It too complained, primarily about Canada’s Mid East policies and the Muslim ‘brothers’ being deported for terrorism.

This past week the now defunded and ostracized CAF appeared at ” Exposing Israeli Apartheid and the Violation of Palestinian Rights” held at the University of Toronto. The groups president Khaled Mouammar took no time at all to vent his hatred for Canada and the mistreatment his organization has suffered under the Conservative government. Mr. Mouammar finds respect illusive; it may have something to do with the fact that he called Immigration Minister Jason Kenney a “professional whore” and insisted on flying the flags of Hamas and Hezbollah at a rally in Toronto. In addition to Mr. Kenney’s decision to review or eliminate funding to the group, he further stated ” We should not be rewarding those who express views that are contrary to Canada’s best liberal values of tolerance and mutual respect”.

Last August, one day after RCMP investigators searched the homes of three arrested terror suspects, it’s outreach office in Ottawa called a swift meeting of the cultural diversity consultative committee to apologize to local Muslims. They felt it necessary to apologize that the bust had taken place during Ramadan. More than a dozen meetings were held with Muslim groups including visits to mosques, community centres and several meals to break the Ramadan fast. It’s difficult to determine which groups were in attendance, however representatives from the Tamil, Sikh, Asian, Jewish, Muslim and First Nations communities were present. The Canadian Islamic Congress carries on it’s web site an article claiming the apology ‘never happened’ despite claims to the contrary. Nazira Naz Tareen writes:

“At no time was an apology asked for by anyone present, nor was one given by any officer of the RCMP or the Ottawa Police. One question raised during the presentation was: “Since the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the RCMP had been investigating the three (detained) individuals for over a year, why were the arrests not made before or after Ramadan?” When one of the officers from the panel explained the reason, all of us accepted the answer as reasonable in the circumstances”.

” To show support to our Muslim brothers and sisters during Ramadan, there will be no food or or drink during this most important meeting. The meeting is for one hour only, in order to observe prayer time and the breaking of the fast during Ramadan”, wrote Cpl. Wayne Russett, the RCMP’s aboriginal and ethnic liaison officer in Ottawa. Prime Minister Harper responded to the apology given by saying “”In fairness this is an operational matter for the RCMP and I wouldn’t pretend to know all the details and aspects of the story. But the general approach that this government would expect to see (from law enforcement agencies) is that the law, our important laws, are enforced every day of the year.”

In October of last year, the RCMP was told to drop the extreme event billed as “Just and Sustainable Peace- A Global Challenge”. The ‘peace conference’ was promoted by the ethnic liaison office to members of the national force, with one of the participants a member of the cultural diversity committee. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews stated ” Let me be clear. Canada’s national police force must have no involvement in any event organized by those who promote extremism or hatred”. “As soon as I learned about this event, I asked the RCMP to explain its involvement. I have asked it to immediately cease any participation”. The listed speakers included Davood Ameri of The Islamic World Peace Forum, a group whose website contains graphic anti-Semitic cartoons, complete with articles calling the United States a terrorist state and several professors from the University of Tehran closely linked to the regime of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The moderator for this event was Imam Zijad Delic of the Canadian Islamic Congress. His speaking engagement at the Department of National Defence was cancelled earlier in the month after Defence Minister Peter MacKay deemed both Zelic and his outfit extremist.

Community Outreach Program (COP) was created by the RCMP INSET in May of 2005 to prevent terrorism through the engagement of partners in all sections of society. Law enforcement agencies and security officials are increasingly coming under scrutiny, bombarded by Islamic activist groups intent to ensure that ‘fairness and justice is afforded to Muslims’, as if it were denied them and given instead to all others. CAIR-CAN has made it their goal to breathe life into exaggerated claims of rampant and escalating Islamophobia, to the point of creating publications and kits. The Ramadan kit is boasted in CAIR-CAN’s Annual Review 2007 as an essential in any Canadian Muslim media activist’s toolbox. Over 100 copies of The Educators Guide to Islamic Religious Practice were ordered by one school board and over 400 ‘Know Your Rights’ booklets sent to one conference. Similar guides for journalists, employers and health care providers are revamped with a new look with one also written for correctional services and the law enforcement community. CAIR-CAN works to “foster an accurate understanding and greater appreciation of Islam in Canadian society through community education and outreach”. It states it’s full independence from its sister organization, Washington based CAIR, although “the two coordinate on areas of mutual concern”.

A document found on the RCMP website entitled “Words Make Worlds” is designed to “stimulate discussion among RCMP members along with their counterparts in other agencies, particularly with regard to the need for a common language to describe terrorism adequately”. The introduction continues to say “Just as critical is the need for a comprehensive understanding of the process of radicalization and the manner in which we may intervene”. Much of what is written leaves one with an adequate sense of the reality pertaining to radicalization and the issues and observations the author suggests surround it. Yet when referring to the distinction between Islam and Islamism, the Muslim Brotherhood appears as a rather benign, quasi-secret society:

“It’s (MB) founders and chief ideologues were predominantly anti-Western and tended to characterize Islamic political aspirations as fundamentally counter to democracy. Increasingly however, the Brotherhood has repudiated radicalism and adopted a gradualist perspective which, while not aligned to Western democratic principles, (the Brotherhood is linked to Hamas for example) is more positively oriented toward them. Few members of the Muslim Brotherhood espouse terrorism and in many Muslim countries they have served as voices of moderation, channeling people away from violence and toward legitimate political and charitable activities”.

A more moderate appearance by the Muslim Brotherhood may be true, but only insofar as it’s tactics may have changed to suit present circumstances. It’s strategy remains the same. The significance of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood’s oft- violent offshoot entity, should not be relegated to mere parentheses, especially considering Canada has placed the organization on its list of terrorist groups. Likewise, the Muslim Brotherhood’s continued aspiration of settlement through non-violent means should not be downplayed, as a failure to recognize the inroads already made in response to Al-Ikhwan’s settlement process deliberately or otherwise, aids in the maintenance and endurance of it’s core objective.

Remaining true to it’s original goal, the Muslim Brotherhood clearly states:

The process of settlement of Islam is a “Civilization-Jihadist” process with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that all their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” their miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who choose to slack.

It’s difficult to determine whether these representatives are invited to various outreach events specifically and on a regular, repeat basis or whether they respond to a more general, open invitation. If CAIR-CAN, the CIC and the CAF are on speed-dial, do the authorities presume they have something beneficial to contribute? Or is the influence and outreach the other way around? Salma Siddiqui, vice president of the Muslim Canadian Congress says the notion that Muslims need special treatment or that their religious sensibilities need to be addressed is patronizing. She adds that police diversity outreach committees should be dismantled. Tarek Fatah, author and open critic of radical outfits, agrees. He asserts too many Canadian institutions are crumbling beneath the pressures of political correctness and are making themselves susceptible to infiltration by extremists. Ikhwan should not be setting the agenda for security services. Outreach or outrage?

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Setting the record straight on the Khadr family.

Found this story over at Blazing Cat Fur:

Sins of the Father: ‘Ahmed Khadr was very close to bin Laden’

Mohamed Fadil, a confidante of Ahmed Saeed Khadr who worked alongside him for almost five years, poses for a portrait in Toronto.

Tyler Anderson/National Post

Mohamed Fadil, a confidante of Ahmed Saeed Khadr who worked alongside him for almost five years, poses for a portrait in Toronto.

Stewart Bell, National Post · Friday, Oct. 15, 2010

Sometimes when Mohamed Fadil is at the mosque or having a meal with friends, he hears mention of his former boss, the late patriarch of the Khadr family, Ahmed Saeed Khadr. They’ll say he gave up his life in Canada to help the needy in Afghanistan. “They say, ‘He’s a great man who left a legacy behind,’ ” Mr. Fadil said. “They don’t know what he did.”

But Mr. Fadil said he knows.

Until now, Mr. Fadil has kept quiet about what he saw when he worked alongside Mr. Khadr in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the late 1980s. They crossed paths again in the late 1990s until Mr. Khadr fled Kabul following the 9/11 attacks.

But he said he decided to break his silence to set the record straight about the “breach of trust” he claims Mr. Khadr committed by using charities as a cover while he waged and facilitated violence.

While the Khadr family name is now widely associated with Omar Khadr, Mr. Fadil’s account bolsters the case that the young Canadian at Guantanamo Bay is to some extent paying for the sins of his father.

Among Mr. Fadil’s claims:

  • Mr. Khadr was an influential advisor to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda deputy Ayman Al-Zawahiri. He also kept Egyptian terrorists on his payroll, notably Abu Khabab, a bomb expert who experimented with chemical weapons and ran one of al-Qaeda’s most notorious terrorist training camps.
  • Despite raising money in Canada for the needy, Mr. Khadr neglected his charity duties to participate in fighting in Afghanistan and allowed more than 100 Egyptian militants to use his office as a transit point for their journey to jihad in Afghanistan.
  • Mr. Khadr is linked to several deadly attacks, notably the 1989 assassination of Abdullah Azzam, a popular Islamic scholar. Mr. Fadil also alleged that Mr. Khadr repeatedly plotted to kill him, apparently viewing him as a rival and a threat to his fundraising efforts in Canada. “Khadr tried to kill me three times,” Mr. Fadil said.
  • The Khadr family has denied the allegations. They accused Mr. Fadil of spreading “rumours and half-truths” and said he was only trying to get back at the family for telling the CIA and CSIS what they know about him. Continue Reading →
  • Montreal welcomes an Islamist extremist in sheep’s clothing

    tariq ramadan Tarek Fatah NP… 
    Tomorrow evening the citizens of Montreal will be treated to a spectacle of Islamist double-talk that will leave them dazzled. Tariq Ramadan will be speaking to a gathering at the University of Montreal.This time the voice of Islamism will not be the regular run-of-the-mill shrieks by sheikhs, but delivered by a man with a mellow disarming smile. The guttural accent we have come to associate with angry mullahs of the Middle East will be replaced by milky English delivered with a French accent.
    But make no mistake. The message of Tariq Ramadan will remain the same. The crudeness will be replaced by sophistication; the clumsiness by finesse. And Canadians, hungry for some sense of movement towards moderation in the world of Islam, will most probably lap it all up.

    So who is Tariq Ramadan?

    My first encounter with him was in a TVO discussion about Sharia Law in Canada in 2005.

    I had heard Tariq Ramadan had spoken against the idea of introducing Sharia Law in Canada. I was excited. The grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt would have the maturity and understanding to take a brave stand when the rest of the Islamist establishment was hell-bent on making sure sharia law found a foothold in North America.

    However, my hopes were dashed when the live show went on air. Tariq Ramadan made it very clear. He was not opposed to sharia law coming to Canada; he just didn’t think it was the right time to introduce it. In his words, Muslims were displaying a “lack of creativity”. He suggested that rather than ask openly for sharia law, Islamists should have sneaked it in through the existing legal framework.

    Taken aback, I was reminded of the Islamist doctrine of Taqiyaa, a dissimulation methodology employed to hide one’s true agenda, which recommends appearing harmless to one’s adversary with the objective of having them lower their guard. Continue Reading →

    Ezra Levant: A great day for freedom of Speech (In Canada)

    From The International Free Press Society:

    I decided to post a video clip of Ezra at the HRC answering a rather central question to this debate. Know that in this man’s opinion, it was Ezra Levant who basically single-handedly removed the power that the Canadian Human Rights Commissions had accumulated for itself, and with which they ran an unopposed extortion racket in Canada under the guise of section 13, the ‘hate speech’ laws. This victory of the people over the state belongs to Ezra.
    Below the video, the National Post article.

    James Cohen.

    National Post…

    Yesterday, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal did something its never done in its 32-year history. It acquitted somebody of “hate speech” charges. Until now, the tribunal had a 100% conviction rate.

    In a 107-page ruling, tribunal member Athanasios Hadjis didn’t just throw out the case against Marc Lemire, he threw out the law, too, calling it an infringement of the free speech guarantees of the Charter of Rights.

    Hadjis is no wild-eyed civil libertarian. In the recent past, he himself has convicted people under this same law. And, before Jean Chretien appointed him to the tribunal, Hadjis was the boss of one of Montreal’s largest multicultural lobby groups, which thrived on ethnic identity politics. But even Hadjis has had enough of the human rights industry and their fetish for political correctness. He ruled that allowing Canadian citizens to express offensive ideas is preferable to living under a government that prosecutes people for expressing those ideas.

    As of yesterday, it’s no longer illegal to write politically incorrect things on the Internet. Now it’s illegal to prosecute someone for it.

    This will have an immediate impact on the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC), which maintains a large censorship department and has other cases under investigation. If the CHRC were a real police force, and the tribunal were a real court, all existing censorship cases would be dropped, and anyone who was previously convicted would have their convictions voided. Dozens of lawsuits against the government for wrongful prosecution, and compensation for costs, wouldn’t be far behind.

    But the tribunal isn’t a real court, and Hadjis acknowledged that he doesn’t have the power to strike down the law, only to declare it unconstitutional and to refuse to apply it. The CHRC has ignored the tribunal before: In this same case, Lemire was routinely denied his procedural rights by the CHRC, including its outrageous tactic of waiting until the trial was over before disclosing all of its documents to him. Even worse, some bizarre CHRC conduct came to light, including confessions by their staff that they joined neo-Nazi organizations and published bigoted comments on the Internet to entrap their targets. A real court would have thrown the case out years ago, and a real police force would have disciplined such rogue conduct.

    Still, it’s a great day for Charter values like freedom of speech. But how long will it last? The human rights industry knew this was an important case, and over the past six years it spent millions of tax dollars fighting Lemire. The federal government had six lawyers on the case–four from the CHRC and two from the Justice Minister’s office. And there were five lawyers intervening on behalf of Canada’s tax-subsidized Jewish groups, the B’nai Brith, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC).

    Yesterday, the CJC issued a bizarre press release in which it states that, despite the tribunal’s clear ruling, it believes the censorship law “remains constitutional.” In the next few weeks, the CJC and the rest of the human rights litigation industry will clamour for the government to appeal this decision.

    It was one thing for Justice Minister Rob Nicholson to defend the constitutionality of a government law that was under attack — that’s standard operating procedure. But now that the law has been found to be illegal, it would be quite another thing for Nicholson to positively act to revive such an illiberal law. Nicholson must also put a leash on the disgraced CHRC, and order it not to appeal either. They’ve already done more than enough damage to Canada’s civil liberties, at great expense to taxpayers.

    In fact, just leaving Hadjis’s ruling intact isn’t enough–his ruling illustrates a deeper rot in the CHRC. Hadjis found that the CHRC has become much more aggressive and confrontational in recent years, and at the same time it started applying punitive sanctions — such as issuing fines of tens of thousands of dollars. That toxic mix of abusive conduct with criminal-style punishments was specifically forbidden by the Supreme Court when it last reviewed the censorship laws in 1990.

    It’s that bullying corporate culture that Nicholson needs to address. Nicholson should start by ordering Jennifer Lynch, the CHRC’s chief commissioner, to stop her expensive campaign of demonization against the commission’s critics. And then he should call in a retired judge — or the auditor-general — to do a thorough biopsy to find out how Canada’s human rights agency became such a threat to our human rights.

    National Post

    Canada Arab Federation shows ‘gratitude’ to Canada for July 1

    Barbara Kay, It is time for the (Anti) Canadian Arab Federation to fold its tents
    Posted: July 01, 2009, 7:45 PM by Jonathan Kay
    Barbara Kay

    As Canada Day 2009, our 142nd birthday, draws to a close here in Montreal, I suppose it’s just as well I didn’t plan to attend any fireworks display, because – surprise! – it’s starting to rain. Of course, one needn’t attend fireworks displays, or march in parades or hang huge flags out one’s window in Canada to prove one’s patriotism. Indeed, our lowkey attitudes – even phlegmatism – with regard to outward signs of patriotism distinguish us from our more flamboyant neighbours to the south.

    Nevertheless, like so many of my fellow citizens, no Canada Day passes without my spending a good deal of it in reflection on how blessed I and my family are to live in this great, peaceful country, as benign and well-meaning a nation as one is able to find on this troubled globe. No country is perfect, but what unmolested Canadian could fail to feel blessed in his or her good fortune?

    Well, one springs to mind. Vancouver-based Omar Shaban is the Vice President for western Canada of the Canadian Arab Federation, and he is definitely not feeling the gratitude vibe. Quite the opposite. Shaban has labelled Canada a “genocidal state” and described our national holiday on Facebook as “F*** Canada Day,” adding, to be sure he had made his point, “It’s finally Canada Day…Couldn’t be more ashamed to be Canadian.” Shaban is no aberration in the CAF. As staunchly anti-Islamist Tarek Fatah reported here: “While one VP of the Canadian Arab Federation was throwing insults at Canada, another Vice President of CAF was on cable TV showering praise on the discredited leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Appearing on a Muslim cable TV show, Ali Mallah endorsed the election of President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad as valid, and echoed the official line of the Tehran regime, claiming Western governments and Western Media were to blame for the current unrest in Iran. ” Continue Reading →