Franken-mentary on Islam in Spain

I saw this short BBC clip that really pissed me off. They seemed to imply that Spain would be better off under another 700 years of brutal racist oppressive sharia law and Islamic rule. So I thought I would counter their post modernist BS with some facts. I really don’t see why the BBC should take people’s money by force and use it to lie to them about important things without at least we, the people, having the right to rebut.

Robert Spencer on the Fort Hood shooting

Compare and contrast this with the absurd analysis by Dr. Phill in the video below.
h/t Occidental Soapbox

History of modern India Occidental Soapbox #7

There are two people who I always look forward to seeing new videos from. Pat Condell and Occidental Soapbox. I was delighted this morning to find the latter had done another excellent and accurate video depicting bits of history of India and it’s relationship with Pakistan, the British empire and Islam that most simply do not know. Watch, be informed and enjoy!

Eeyore for Vlad

Occidental Soapbox scores another home run on Iran

Occidental Soapbox expresses every thought I had watching that near surreal video broadcast of Obama’s to Iran. The only thing I can say about it was it reminded me of a scene in one of my all time favorite movies, ‘Deterrence’ where the president warns the people of Iraq what is coming if they don’t turn things around. Except there was no warning and no statement of what needs to be turned around.