CBC is a military grade disinformation campaign against the Canadian people

Stephen Coughlin in his excellent paper, Re-Remembering the Misremembered Left, reminded us that “it is not fake news. It is enemy propaganda”. An important quote. But at this point, it’s still short of the mark. Canada’s broadcast and some print media is actually far worse than that. Its a military grade psy-op targeting the Canadian public. This site has pointed out some special weapons and tactics that CBC, Global and CTV frequently use, that even these whistleblowers don’t reveal. One we return to with examples often, is how these agencies pretend to be in opposition to a politician or policy maker in a powerful position in government by asking them why they aren’t doing more and harsher measures than they already are against Canadians and our basic and fundamental rights. For example, they asked Ontario Premiere and Globalist traitor, Doug Ford when he announced various lock down measures, why he didn’t implement a curfew like Quebec had done. And they NEVER challenge the legitimacy or necessity of the policies, unless they have a rolodex expert ready to assuage any objections Canadians might have. Beyond Covid and the vaxx, things like censorship bills like C-11 and gun confiscation legislation spring to mind.

In the past week, no less than three, major CBC insiders have come forward to reveal how CBC has been operating since Covid. Of course I would argue, and present court-worthy evidence that CBC has been operating dialectically for over a decade before that on the issue of Islam and all non-white crime or anti-social behaviour. Compare how they treat Christianity Vs. Islam. Black Lives Matters riots with Conservative actual peaceful protests. That they treated President Trump in a grotesquely different manner than Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden despite the fact that they had to know what we all knew about all these characters. More probably. One needs only look at how these agencies treated Julian Assange to know how they actually feel about journalism. Ignoring a man kept in a UK prison with no trial for the crime of journalism tells you all you need to know about the UK, and the fact that the BBC didn’t howl daily about it tells you all you need to know about that state broadcaster.

When CBC was claiming that Ottawa Hospitals where overflowing and triage was being done in the parking lots and is was panic and pandemonium, we went and filmed every hospital in Ottawa in April, 2020. The parking lots for the most part was empty. The lights where out on whole floors and sections of the hospitals. The CBC told a flat out lie. Like when they claimed a hospital was overflowing with Covid patients in Steinbach MB if memory serves, and a woman who watched the report on CBC and lived a few minutes away went and filmed that hospital, and even the ER was close to empty.

YouTube and other agents of disinformation (in the proper meaning, not the secret-code way Trudeau uses it to mean counter-revolutionary) removed all videos proving that the MSM was lying. Fascinating innit? Fortunately 3Speak is not a narrative platform. I restored the woman’s footage of the Eastern Canada hospital and linked it above.

Below, videos of all three CBC insiders who spoke at the National Citizens inquiry this past week. And please spread it around. Think about the number of people who died of the experimental mRNA goo because they where convinced, lied to and coerced to take the experimental mRNA goo. (A few of those victim testimonies are also on the way to being published). Maybe after enough people understand what CBC was party to, we can have another round of Nuremberg trials.

CBC News reporter, Marianne Klowak:

Rodney Palmer testimony:

Cathy Jones from This Hour has 22 Minutes:

Rodney Palmer’s first testimony at the NCI

Had to add, how the CBC treats Israel Vs. the people in Gaza and the Islamic world, just one of the many examples of CBC dialectics far preceding the Covid ‘crisis’.

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  1. In the depths of the plandemic I spent the night at the Emergency dept. with my daughter. It was a ghost town. I asked the nurse why there were so few people if we were supposed to be in a crisis. She only replied that things were “weird”.

  2. Mis-information can be given accidentally – or deliberately.
    Given deliberately, its intent is to deceive.
    Dis-information. Your dictionary may explain that it is information that is meant to deceive.
    But you dont need a word for that intent when mis-information has that meaning.
    The intention of dis-information is to confuse…
    There ia a big difference between “deceive” and “confuse”. If deception has an impact on doing, it mostly is minimal…Confusion, on the other hand, undermines doing…
    When you “dont know what to do” you cant act…
    Uncle Joe Stalin is credited with inventing the term “dis-information”, to mean the sowing of confusion…That is how US Intel community used the term to explain the Soviets “perestroika” and “glasnost” reforms…
    For decades the Sugar Industry, followed by the Tobacco Industry sowed confusion about their product and it stayed tyhe hands of legislators…

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