Best not to injure yourself and sue after: Links 1 for May 23rd, 2023

A few things before today’s list of problematic evidences for the state of our civilization.

For at least a couple of years now, there has been many posts on election rigging. From Austria where mail in ballots lopsided an election so far they had to do a redo, to, well every election since. Some of the posts had legitimate concerns and some were likely inserted disinformation, naively passed on to delegitimize the factually correct materials. As the old principle goes in intel circles, “To simulate that which is not, to dissimulate that which exists”. Recently though, the frequency and quality of materials showing election rigging has gotten much better. Court worthy, one may say, should courts deign to actually hear these cases. The movie, 2000 Mules is actually an excellent example of how an election was actually tampered with, above and beyond the FBI rigging it in multiple ways, from hiding and lying about Hunter Biden’s laptop, to rigging Twitter and Facebook against Donal Trump. Even if all the ballots were legit and counted properly and all who voted were bona-fide, these things would be considered election rigging and we all know that.

Today and for the last week or so, but especially today and yesterday, Richard has posted materials in the Reader’s Links post comments that are critical reveals for election fraud, especially in the Az. race with Karrie Lake, but also about a number of other major fraudulent and criminal election rigging methods across the US. So please do take a few minutes to search the comments today and yesterday for these posts to get some notion of just how far across the line US voting integrity has gone.

Also yesterday we posted 2 videos of the testimony of Rodney Palmer. A veteran CBC, Globe & Mail and other major Canadian media journalist’s testimony at the NCI. It is in two videos, as one is the testimony and the other, the Q&A from the panel. It is a profound hope of this channel that these videos go viral. It is so critically important that Canadians know how their information sources have become weaponized military grade propaganda against the citizenry, and the opposite of a source of information. In fact at the NCI, there were three ex CBC employees testifying to CBC malfeasance. (A word far far short of the mark) Two of whom were journalists, and one, a well know comic actress from CBC’s iconic comedy show, this hour has 22 minutes. All of these will get posted, hopefully this week. But for the moment, please watch and spread the Rodney Palmer testimony as much as possible. This goes to the core of the capture of Canada and aufhaben der kultur replacement of democracy into a Marxist authoritarian state. Of course the CBC didn’t act alone. As you will hear in the next testimony by another veteran CBC journalist, all material that dealt with the narrative on Covid and Vaccines where sent to an anonymous table of experts to determine, not if the stories are true or not, but if they might cause people to not want to be injected with experimental goo that appears to be killing, sterilizing and maiming a staggering number of people. 

There is a James Lindsay video we are still looking for where he explains that in Marxism, there is a principle that the state shall appoint a table of experts to represent the people against the government. But of course, the experts will provide the justification for the government’s position. We do not remember which video that was, but what CBC did on Covid and Vaxx stories, sure sounds exactly like that.

1.  Australian woman sues the Oz state for her vaxx damage. At this point and for the sake of the future, it should be noted that governments can just print as much money as they want. One may suspect that when they fight or pay a law suit its all about policy and optics and not law or justice. Canada paid out tens of millions to Islamic terrorists fighting Canadians in Afghanistan for example. But people who are vaxx injured, probably get nothing unless its a pittance to make them go away. But that isn’t really the point. The point is, if the state wants to hurt and kill people, printing money post hoc is painless. But the people who are dead can’t come back to life and the people who are sterilized and injured probably will never enjoy their normal life again. There is no going back for them. When deciding on a course of action for yourselves that the state recommends, factor that in. It isn’t like suing an ex or a company that generally feels the pain when you take their money. As Johnny mentioned in a comment, if the debt in the US converted dollars to seconds it would amount to thirty two thousand years. So clearly money means nothing at all. And when money means nothing to the state, then they have an equation to work with that is incomprehensible to the rest of us. To paraphrase the Matrix: “There is no scale”. Value as we see it simply doesn’t exist when you can trade lives and health and freedom for something which can be invented in infinite supply.

So make all your decisions for yourselves without considering what a bad call might cost the state. It will cost the state nothing, and a negative outcome for you may actually be what the state was planning.

2. Gates of Vienna did a story on how Sweden has changed its laws specifically to foil one man. Rasmus Paludan. Sweden felt it had to abandon freedom of speech in favour of blasphemy laws, likely because of fear of muslims. This means that Sweden didn’t actually have freedom of speech. Just an old rusted sign about it so long as Muslims didn’t object too much to it. This is an important article. Please click through for it.

3. An update to John Campbell’s video on excess mortality in Canada and UK

4. Makes you suspect maybe masks and so on are a political symbol of collectivism and incitement to hate individualism just maybe.

5. Radical Islam, Not ‘White Supremacism’, Is the Biggest Terrorism Threat in Europe, French Minister Declares

(Just to be clear, we live in a time where reading something so obviously true is a shock to us. I had to read this headline a few times to believe it. Not because i don’t believe what it says, but because I don’t believe anyone with authority would speak anything this obviously true. Might take some more parsing to figure out if and what the agenda behind this is)

Radical Sunni Islam is the single biggest terrorism threat facing Europe, a senior French minister has reaffirmed.

Gérald Darmanin, France’s Minister of the Interior, has declared that radical Sunni Islam is the single biggest terror threat facing Europe.

The minister made the claim ahead during a visit to the United States to discuss plans for the Paris Olympics next year, emphasising that the sports tournament posed a significant security challenge for his nation.

Thank you all for visiting this site.

In 2018, we subtitled a translation of an Austrian TV debate between an Imam and a former senior member of the Bundesbank in Germany, Thilo Sarazin. Thilo was a star for a while. He stood up against the imposed pseudo-reality of mass migration and destruction of Germany as a unique people and polity. He especially objected to Islam and mass African immigration, Two of the videos were on a platform that is now defunct. So we restored them to another one that still works. All 4 parts of this debate can be seen now at this link.


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3 Replies to “Best not to injure yourself and sue after: Links 1 for May 23rd, 2023”

  1. “Radical Sunni Islam is the single biggest terrorism threat facing Europe, a senior French minister has reaffirmed.”

    Sounds like a statement of limited hangout.

    1. There is no “radical islam”: islam is islam — and being a mad and pervert death cult, it is “radical” enough in itself. The word “radical” suggests that you just have to make a deal with the non-radical majority and all will be OK in France. But of course, in fact the majority of muslims produce and support the violent jihadists who have been jumping right out of the Koran and the Sunna since islam was born. Also, civilizational jihad might be even more dangerous than violent jihad.

    So the term “radical islam” is a serious derailment of any counter jihad movement and any effort to address and solve the real problem i.e the mere presence of muslims.

    Not that terror does not exist in islam literally: “I have been made victorius by terror” — said Mohammed [Bukhari (4.52.220]. The same code of conduct is prescribed for Sunni and Shia muslims… they have to emulate the terrorist Mohamed who is considered the perfect being [Koran 33:21]. Now, had the minister in question mentioned that, that would have been impressive.

    2. The minsiter is talking about “Sunni islam” — so Shia is OK now… Though Sunni or Shia have the same effect on the najis Kafirun (dirty non-muslims): long-term annihilation.

    3. “Terrorism threat facing Europe” — “Terror”: a dangerous lie, also used by the US three-letters. Islamic terror is all about jihad, the effort to make islam dominant and triumphant over its host society and eventually the whole world. If islamic terror is defined as mere terrorism, the ideology gets peeled off — and THAT’s what makes islamic terror falsely comparable to any other terror. Yet the guy in question mentions the marxist term of “white supremacy” that does not exist as a phenomenon, let alone an ideology.

    So when he made the comparison, he created an uneven field on the ideological contest that is a winning one for islam — first by accepting a marxist term without debunking it and then by defining the nature of islamic terror incorrectly.

    “Terrorism threat facing Europe” –The word “facing” suggest that it is some natural disaster that could not be thwarted. While it is deliberate marxist/globalist WMD and LoE (Line of Effort). It is always suspicious when someone seems to be obfuscating the motive of war crimes and make it look like accidents.

    About the whites: the real point is the ongoing white genocide, so stating that the whitey might not be terroirist is very weak defense. It is like trying to protect the Jews at the time of the Holocaust by saying that the Jews are not terrorists but not mentioning the extermination camps.

    So there he is in France where the islamic problem is so huge that only the blind cannot see it, and then this is his strongest statement to defend the French — not very powerful.

    I do not know the motivations of this French minister so I cannot judge whether he is a brave person who did his best, or an agent doing a limited hangout operation. But I am not impressed by the end result, either way. On the other hand, it is easy for a commenter in a safe distance to expect a lot: in France you can get beheaded by non-radical Shia muslims for less than the proper criticism of islam.

    In other words, from the mouth of a Dhimmi the minister’s words are brave.

    (Every reader of this site know all that about islam — I am just trying to make a point here.)

    • After reading the Breitbart article I have some more specific guesses about the motive of the limited hangout operation:

      a) “to discuss plans for the Paris Olympics next year, emphasising that the sports tournament posed a significant security challenge for his nation.”

      — So it is a chess move that either harms an ancient Western custom (the Olympics) in France — or, if held, “significant security challenge” must be addressed by strengthening the totalitarian state.

      b) “collaboration between French and American intelligence would be an essential part of keeping people safe.”

      — Here you go. Penta_gon and C_I_A is keeping Europe safe again and again….

      c) ““[A]t a time when the Americans perhaps have a more national view of disputes — white supremacism, repeated shootings, conspiracy — they must not forget what appears to us in Europe as the first threat: Sunni terrorism,” he went on to say.”

      — So white supremacism is a thing, meaning that he deceptively reinforces the marxist LoE.

      And if the Fench are attacking the Sunni, they are probably siding with the Shia Iran now…

      d) “he was concerned about a re-emergence of a significant Islamist terror threat in Europe in the coming months and years”

      — Priming the hoi plloi for the jihad terror that could be restarted between the plandemics and other psyops in the future.

      e) “Likely contributing to Darmanin’s fears is the sudden surge of mass migration into Europe”

      — The PTB want to eliminate illegal mass migration … by rebranding it as legal and importing the muslims by airplanes. So that we do not be so disturbed by seeing them coming in en masse and we cannot say that they are illegal any more.

      I dare conclude that Gérald Darmanin is an enemy ‘agent’ and his statement in question is a minefield. And Breitbart is enemy propaganda now in the controlled opp league.

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