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  1. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office announced that Selena Chambers, a 41-year-old Tallahassee resident, was arrested and charged with battery on an elected official after she allegedly threw a glass of wine at Gaetz. Local law enforcement issued a $1,000 bond and released the alleged perpetrator the next day.

    Gaetz, who was in the presence of his wife, detailed the harrowing assault on Tuesday’s episode of his podcast Firebrand with Matt Gaetz.

    “We were enjoying, catching up with new friends,” Gaetz said on a snippet of the podcast shared on Twitter. “As I was chatting with one gentleman, a lady threw a drink on the both of us and she was promptly arrested. I want to thank the great folks at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office who ensured that this did not escalate, and everyone was kept safe.”

  2. EXCLUSIVE: Secretary of State Blinken and his cabinet secretary wife were embroiled in an alleged attempt to influence US officials on behalf of Burisma – and may have known Hunter was on the board despite telling investigators otherwise
    Emails show Tony Blinken and his wife Evan Ryan corresponding with a consultancy firm hired by Hunter’s Ukrainian gas company Burisma
    Blinken told Senate investigators under oath that he had ‘no knowledge’ of Hunter Biden’s service on the board of Burisma
    Hunter emailed Ryan to make sure her husband took a meeting with the consultancy firm to discuss ‘some troubling events we are seeing in Ukraine’

  3. 28 min. The great Rick Beato pays tribute to the great Gordon Lightfoot. Note that this is a foreigner recognizing a cultural icon from a country whose leader claims it has no culture:

    • europravda – These are the new weapons that could prove decisive in the Ukraine war

      A defence analyst appraises the equipment and tactics that may dictate the outcome of the next phase of fighting in Ukraine.

      • Thank you.

        This is a training war to blood the troops and field test the equipment and tactics. We are supplying equipment to field test the equipment and be suse Obiden wants to draw down our inventory of ammo.

    • europravda – Brussels unveils €500-million plan to support Ukraine and put the EU industry in ‘war economy mode’

    • DAILY MAIL – Explosions heard in Kiev after Russia threatened retaliation over claims of Ukrainian drone strikes on the Kremlin ‘to kill Putin’

      Russia accused Kyiv on Wednesday of attempting a drone strike on the Kremlin
      It said two drones used in the alleged attack were taken down by defences
      Ukraine Latest: Explosions Are Heard in Kiev, Other Areas

      Zelenskiy made a surprise visit to Helsinki to discuss his country’s defense against Russia’s invasion with his Finnish counterpart, Sauli Niinisto, as well as with the prime ministers of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

      Multiple explosions were heard in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital early Thursday. The city’s administration said air defenses were in operation but urged citizens to seek shelter.

      There were reports of blasts in the southern regions of Odesa and Zaporizhzhia.

      This marked the fourth attack on Kyiv by Russian forces since last Friday — all which have occurred in the pre-dawn hours.

      US Army Awards $7.2 Billion Contract for Javelins

      The US Army has awarded a contract of as much as $7.2 billion to a joint venture by Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Technologies to build Javelin missile systems — one of the most coveted in the Ukraine war.

      The anti-armor Javelin has proven to be lethal against Russian tanks. The Pentagon’s shipments of weapons, ammunition and military gear to Ukraine since before the Russian invasion began has led to concerns that American stockpiles are being diminished.

      “This contract award further illustrates the urgency the US government is applying to the acquisition of systems and replenishing munitions stockpiles,” said Doug Bush, the Army’s assistant secretary for acquisition.

      Russian Attacks in Kherson Region Kill at Least 21

      Ukraine’s southern Kherson region came under massive Russian attack Wednesday, killing at least 21 civilians and injuring at least 48, according to Zelenskiy.

      The president said on Telegram that a railway station, a house, a hardware store, a supermarket and a gas station were among the places hit.

      US Provides $300 Million More in Military Aid to Ukraine

      The Pentagon confirmed it’s providing an additional $300 million in weapons drawn from its stockpiles for Ukraine, including ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), howitzers and anti-armor capabilities.

      It also includes small arms and ammunition for those arms and demolition munitions to clear obstacles. No new types of weapons are being provided.

      US Isn’t Encouraging Ukraine to Strike Beyond Borders, White House Says

      “It is really too early to tell” whether there’s any truth to Russia’s claim that drones from Ukraine sought to strike Moscow, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters. She said Russia has a history of “false flags.”

      “Since the beginning of this conflict, the United States is certainly not encouraging or enabling Ukraine to strike beyond its borders,” she said. “We’ve been very clear from here about that.”

      EU Warns Against Using Alleged Drone Attack as Pretext

      Responding to the Russian claim that drones from Ukraine sought to strike Moscow, a spokesman for the European Union’s foreign policy arm said the EU is “seeking more information about what actually happened.”

      Peter Stano, the spokesman, said “the alleged drone attacks must not be used as a pretext for further escalation of Russia’s continued aggression outside of its borders.”

      More than Half of Russians Expect Another Mobilization, Poll Shows

      More than half of Russians surveyed expect the Kremlin to launch another wave of military mobilization in the next three months, a new poll shows, despite official denials there are any such plans.

      The Independent Levada Center said 56% of those surveyed see another mobilization as a possibility, with the percentage higher among people ages 25-39. New rules automating the call-up process and blocking evaders from leaving the country triggered “alarm” and “shock” among respondents.

      The first wave of mobilization last fall triggered an exodus of Russians from the country and led to widespread public discontent. Since then, officials have said no new call-ups are planned.

      NATO Warns That Russia Is Mapping EU, US Critical Assets

      NATO’s intelligence chief said that Russia is mapping critical undersea systems and warned of a significant risk that Moscow could target infrastructure in Europe and North America.

      “There are heightened concerns that Russia may target undersea cables and other critical infrastructure in an effort to disrupt western life and gain leverage against those nations that are providing support to Ukraine,” David Cattler, the military alliance’s assistant secretary general for intelligence and security, told reporters.

      Zelenskiy Says Ukraine Didn’t Attack Moscow (5:40 p.m.)

      The Ukrainian leader said his country didn’t attack Moscow or Putin, telling reporters in Helsinki: “We’ll leave it to tribunal.”

      He said the Kremlin was likely trying to distract Russians from its failures on the battlefield. “We fight on our own territory, where we are defending our own villages and cities. We don’t have enough weapons for this.”

      Blinken Says Ukraine Must Decide War’s Course

      The US isn’t dictating to Ukraine how to defend itself from Russia’s invasion, including in the anticipated spring counteroffensive, or what it would accept as the war’s outcome, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

      “Where exactly this settles remains to be seen,” the top US diplomat said in Washington. “And Ukraine has to make important decisions about exactly where it’s going to go” and “how it wants to pursue this,” Blinken said. He said that the US and international community will continue supporting Kyiv.

      Any proposed settlement must begin with a “clear understanding that in this instance, there’s a victim and there’s an aggressor,” Blinken said. “There’s no moral equivalence between the two positions.”

      Ukraine’s Offensive May Be Underway, Russian Mercenary Chief Says

      Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Wagner mercenary group, said increasing Ukrainian military activity may be evidence that its counteroffensive has started.

      “We see the highest level of activity of enemy aviation,” Prigozhin said in an audio message on his Telegram channel. “We see the highest level of activity along the perimeter and behind our front.”

      Prigozhin reiterated that his forces are facing a shortage of shells in the fight over the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. Last week, he threatened to pull Wagner’s troops out of Bakhmut, after accusing the Russian Defense Ministry of failing to supply enough ammunition.

      EU Envoys Approve €1 Billion Ammunition Plan

      European Union ambassadors signed off on plans to spend another €1 billion ($1.1 billion) from the European Peace Facility to jointly buy ammunition, according to the bloc’s rotating presidency, currently held by Sweden. While foreign ministers had backed the plan in March, the effort stalled in technical talks as they sought to hammer out the legal terms of the deal.

      This comes on top of a decision to tap €1 billion from the same fund to reimburse about half of the modern and Soviet-era ammunition that member states send to Ukraine from their own stockpiles.

      US Still Assessing Alleged Drones Near Kremlin

      The US government is still working to ascertain exactly what transpired near the Kremlin, but one American official speaking on the condition of anonymity said that the U.S. received no advance warning of anything that may have taken place.

      Ukraine Denies Link to Drones Near Kremlin

      Ukraine uses all its resources and equipment to liberate its occupied territory, not to attack other countries, said Serhiy Nykyforov, a spokesman for Zelenskiy.

      “What happened in Moscow, is clearly an escalation of the situation before May 9” — when Russia celebrates Victory Day — “and it is an expected method from our enemies,” he said in a text message to Bloomberg.

      Separately, Mykhailo Podolyak, a presidential aide, denied Ukraine has any links to the drone attack. “We are not attacking the Kremlin because it doesn’t solve any military task and doesn’t change anything on the battlefield. and it also very unbeneficial from the point of view of preparations for our offensive.”

      Kremlin Says It Downed Drones Headed for Putin’s Residence

      Russia has the right to respond “where and when it deems necessary” after two drones targeted Putin’s Kremlin residence, according to an emailed statement.

      The Kremlin said it regarded the attack as an effort to assassinate Putin, but he was unharmed. The Kremlin didn’t provide any evidence for the attack and Ukraine has not commented so far.

      Zelenskiy Says Ukraine Needs More Support From NATO Before Membership

      The best security guarantees for Ukraine is NATO membership, Zelenskiy said in Helsinki at a joint news conference with Niinisto.

      “Until the war goes on, we are not going to be in NATO, we clearly understand that. We would like our partners to move from the open door policy to more decisive steps to motivate the Ukrainian public,” Zelenskiy said. “We would like to have political support today.”

      Grain Talks to Resume as Russia Threatens Exit

      The deputy defense ministers of Turkey, Russia and Ukraine are due for talks Friday to discuss the extension of the Black Sea crop-export corridor, according to Turkish media reports. Russia will hold talks with United Nations representatives in Moscow on the same date, the Foreign Ministry said, according to Tass.

      Wheat held near a two-year low as officials from the Black Sea region agreed to negotiate the continuation of the Ukraine grain deal, before a looming Russian deadline for leaving the pact.

      Ukraine Rises In Press Freedom Index

      Ukraine rose 27 places to 79th in the 2023 World Press Freedom Index, while Russia dropped nine spots to 164th after the Kremlin used the war to begin a final “purge” of the country’s media, according to Reporters Without Borders.

      In Ukraine, “journalists enjoy greater freedom in the free zones, despite the turmoil in the news media, the difficulties associated with covering a country at war, and reporting restrictions that, for the most part, are proportionate to the situation,” said the organization, which seeks to defend press freedom. “The war and the spirit of national unity have reduced the oligarchs’ hold on the media,” it added.

      Zelenskiy to Meet With Scholz in Berlin

      Zelenskiy will travel to Berlin to meet Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on May 14, followed by a trip to Aachen later that day to receive the 2023 International Charlemagne Prize, German media reported.

      EU Pledges €500 Million for Ammunition

      The European Union is setting aside €500 million ($552 million) to boost manufacturing of artillery shells, missiles and gunpowder in an effort to speed up production of ammunition for Ukraine and galvanize the bloc’s defense industry.

      Among a raft of measures, the European Commission proposed the funds to co-finance projects alongside EU governments. It offered around half of the funding for companies to ramp up output capacity or refit old stocks of ammunition to make them operational again.

      UK Tory Treasurer to Suspend Russian Business

      A company co-owned by UK Conservative Party Senior Treasurer Mohamed Mansour is suspending its business activities in Russia after British media reported that the firm was supplying machinery to the country’s oil and gas industry.

      Mansour, an Egyptian billionaire, is the chair and co-owner of Mantrac, a global Caterpillar equipment dealer that has been operating in Russia through a subsidiary. A Mantrac spokesperson told Bloomberg that the unit has scaled back its operations significantly and is now in the process of suspending all business activities in Russia, in compliance with applicable laws.

      Sanctioned Russian Yacht Raided in German Port

      A yacht belonging to a sanctioned 67-old Russian entrepreneur was raided by Frankfurt prosecutors at a port in northern Germany.

      The man is suspected to have failed to notify the authorities about his “substantial” assets in the country, as required under sanctions rules, the prosecutors said in an emailed statement. No names were disclosed.

      Ukraine Imposes Curfew in Kherson

      A 58-hour curfew will come into effect in Ukraine’s southern city of Kherson starting at 8 p.m. local time on Friday, according to the regional military authorities. The restrictions are needed to enable local law enforcement to do their jobs effectively, they said on Facebook, without elaborating.

      People will be forbidden to go outside and drivers will be banned from entering and leaving the city. Since Russian troops left under pressure from Ukrainian forces in November, Kherson has frequently been shelled, with dozens of people killed and many wounded.


      PIC : – Zelensky left Helsinki incognito on an unmarked American plane for an undisclosed destination ….*/e/60/4ba53d01-11c75e245b6223b3c2fea7af7355960e.webp?

    • When G-d told Abraham he was about to take out Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham tried to avert the decree. He looked for a few good men so the innocent would not perish for the sins of others. He couldn’t find a single soul.

      That which is altogether just shalt thou follow, that thou mayest live, and inherit the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.


        • People like Brad Johnson and J.E. Dyer are inspiring.

          She posts (as “Jennifer”) at a farrr rrright Zionist blog, where she’s somewhat more direct than elsewhere. I just lurk there; military experts’ conversation over my head.

          Her greeting for Passover made me cry, it was so beautiful.

  4. Senate Democrats took aim at the Supreme Court broadly and Justice Clarence Thomas in particular during a hearing Tuesday, the one-year anniversary of the leak of the high court’s draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade.

    Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, seeking to impose new ethics rules on the Supreme Court, raised recent news reports about Thomas’ accepting vacations paid for by wealthy real estate developer and Republican donor Harlan Crow.

    Thomas, who wasn’t required to report the trips under ethics rules at the time, has said he consulted his colleagues on the court.

    Here are key takeaways from the committee hearing.

  5. Bracing for Post-Title 42 Surge: Biden Sends 1,500 Troops to Border, Texas Cities Issue Emergency Declarations

    Bracing for Post-Title 42 Surge: Biden Sends 1,500 Troops to Border, Texas Cities Issue Emergency Declarations

  6. The Optimistic Conservative
    TOC Ready Room 2 May 2023: YU-UGE SCOTUS case; Another balloon (yes, we reacted); Tucker Carlson and Fox
    What’s wrong and right with the world: SCOTUS eyes “Chevron”; a balloon makes its presence felt; Mr. Carlson has left the building.

    Some brief drive-bys as we advance into May – if not slouching toward Jerusalem, at least schlumping toward East Bugsplat.

    The first set of reflections is on a case that the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear, involving the power of regulatory agencies to basically – in a vernacular rendering – interpret federal regulatory statutes any old way they want to.

    The federal courts’ friendliness to this principle is called “Chevron deference.” It’s named for a 1980s case in which Chevron was a party, but Chevron has nothing to do with the contemporary case the court has agreed to hear. Chevron is also not the party being deferred to in the “Chevron deference” shorthand; that role belongs to whatever federal agency is imposing mandates in the case, based on its interpretation of law.

    Legal practitioners all understand what they mean by “Chevron deference,” but the expression is a bit misleading for the general public, as it’s emphatically not about deferring to Chevron, the giant energy company.

    The current case is Loper Bright Enterprises, Inc. v. Gina Raimondo (the Biden secretary of commerce), which we’ll call Loper if we need to refer to it again.

    An article cited at the plaintiffs’ counsel website summarizes its basic outline thus: “[New Jersey] fishermen are challenging the lawfulness of a regulation that could force them to hand over 20 percent of their pay to third-party at-sea monitors they must carry on their boats—a mandate that Congress never approved by statute and did not give the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) the authority to require by regulation.”

    It’s the “mandate that Congress never approved…and did not give the…NMFS the authority to require” part that constitutes what is described as “Chevron deference.” The “deference” is the federal courts’ judicial precedent of letting regulatory agencies get away with this.

    Cause of Action’s citation continues: “The U.S. Solicitor General [that is, the administration’s attorney for defending lawsuits like this one in court] recently filed a brief with the Court urging the justices to ignore the checks and balances of the U.S. Constitution in order to preserve the controversial doctrine of Chevron deference.”

    The Twitter thread I posted on 1 May, linked above, needn’t be expanded on much. Overturning or just significantly modifying the precedential understanding of Chevron deference would be a very big and a very good development.

    Public domain
    But I do want to highlight a related post here at TOC from nearly 13 years ago, when the Obama administration effected a profound but practically unnoticed shift in the regulatory overreach sanctioned by Chevron deference. It’s linked in the thread, but here’s the link again.

    In a 2010 regulatory move, OSHA quietly shifted its requirements on businesses with workplace noise concerns. Like the Loper lawsuit case, the OSHA move was about mandating expenditures for regulatory compliance by the businesses. Prior to the new rule, businesses had been able to comply by issuing approved-quality personal protective equipment to employees.

    However, the new rule required businesses instead to spend exponentially more on actually abating the noise levels.

    The OSHA rule change was exactly the kind that Chevron deference would “defer” to. Like the rule in the Loper complaint, it mandated compliance spending by the regulated businesses, but that spending mandate wasn’t approved by Congress.

    In fact, as outlined in my 2010 article, a change like the one proposed by OSHA was supposed to be reviewed by Congress, precisely because it would so significantly increase the compliance burden on businesses. In an eye-bleedingly arcane move, the Obama OSHA did not submit the rule change to Congress for review, but instead merely posted it in the Federal Register for an open-comments period, tacitly ignoring the real impact of the new rule. In effect, OSHA posted it as if all it amounted to was a “minor” shift in the pre-existing cost basis of compliance: from issuing PPE to literally abating workplace noise levels.

    That’s the kind of regulatory overreach Chevron deference has been facilitating for years. It’s killing small businesses like machine shops and fishing companies. It’s a poster child for the severely damaging effects of unfettered regulatory discretion, far beyond the original intent of Congress and so hydra-headed that even when Congress has a statutory “review” role, energetic agencies can often just bypass it.

    For the sake of everyone in America – businesses, employees, a public that benefits in numerous ways when there’s a thriving economy – this kind of overreach has got to be eliminated.

    Another beautiful balloon

    Monday 1 May brought the news that on Friday 28 April 2023, another balloon meandered into our national ken, this one over Hawaii.

    The disclosure to national media from defense officials didn’t come with many details. Little was said about “doing anything” with regard to the balloon; reportedly F-22 fighter-interceptors were launched to get a look at it. The balloon is said to be moving toward Mexico now. It hasn’t been identified as Chinese, and apparently isn’t thought to be. Defense officials say we don’t know whose it is, but don’t consider it a threat.

    So it was interesting to encounter evidence from open-source information, posted on social media, about our reaction to the balloon. Local observers posted photos of the F-22s flying off the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii, and landing at Hilo airport. Other users noted the track in the same area of a KC-135 tanker aircraft. (Big h/ts to the Twitter users cited below. Click through for the full threads.)

    In addition, the Air Force’s 613th Air Operations Center (AOC) at Joint Base Pearl Harbor on Oahu reportedly engaged in unusual chatter, incident to a C-17 transport flight headed during this time period to Hawaii from the mainland. The C-17 was asked the following by the 613 AOC: “SIR THIS IS TE 613 AOC AMD WE HAVE A CURRENT SITUATION BREWING HERE SOUTH EAST OF THE BIG ISLAND AND LEADERSHIP IS ASKING IF YOU HAVE PHOTO TAKING CAPABILITY.”

    This was probably the most interesting question the C-17 crew had been asked in flight for some time. IntelWalrus is certainly right that a “situation” off the Big Island for which a C-17 Globemaster might be asked to take photos was unlikely to be a naval one. (As stand-in reconnaissance platforms go, the C-17 is a big wallowing hog not designed for the look-down mission.)

    As noted by TieDye Intel (F-22 tweets above), a civil air patrol aircraft was also up east of the Big Island at the same time. That, as he says, may or may not have been related; the small Cessna involved wouldn’t have operated at the same altitude as the balloon (about 36,000 feet) and would have been of limited utility in the event.

    CAP aficionados weighed in to pooh-pooh the idea, and they’re probably right.

    But it’s not impossible that civil authorities might have been interested in observation at lower altitude in connection with the balloon.

    I note, for completeness, that when the Chinese balloon showed up over Montana back in February 2023, tweep KanekoaTheGreat reposted information about a Chinese balloon that had passed near Hawaii’s northwest islands a year earlier, in February 2022.

    So this latest unidentified balloon isn’t Hawaii’s first close encounter with one.

    Granting that the eruption of balloons around the planet is odd and will take some getting used to, there continues to be something “off” in what’s being done about them by our national security apparatus, and how we (the public) are finding out about them.

    Since the latest balloon is headed for Mexico, and civilian observers in the continental U.S. almost certainly won’t see it, it seems likely the only reason for making an announcement about it was post-facto realization that civilian media users had in fact recognized a defense response in progress on 28 April. We may venture to say the handling of this event isn’t boosting the public confidence level about our reaction to the balloon activity.

    The question in neon letters remains whose balloon it is and where it was launched. We’re past the time when the potential for threat from these balloons could be simply assumed away.

    A farewell to news media as we’ve known them

    Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News last week, and Fox News Channel’s viewership promptly took a dive. Journalist Lee Smith has a superb article out on the firing, where it came from, and what it means.

    Smith suggests the timing of the whole matter, including the Dominion lawsuit and the settlement, is geared to knocking down FNC viewership just before the 2024 election cycle kicks up the pace, as it will in the next 2-3 months.

    “[T]he lawsuit was from the beginning an instrument to hollow out dissident media,” writes Smith. “ The means for doing that was to force out the opposition’s most prominent journalist.”

    He continues: “Conservative audiences are right to be mad at Fox for handing over Tucker but should take no joy from the fact the network is hemorrhaging audience share. That was part of the regime’s plan.”

    I agree: the evidently massive “cabal” of actors that seeks to clamp down on all forms of media meant for the Dominion lawsuit – and if not that one, probably another one, or a similar threat to Fox – to take down the remaining high-share, mainstream media outlet with any vestige of independence. (The “cabal” – TIME’s word, not mine – which outed itself in February 2021, has had its connections and collusive activities revealed in the “Twitter files” over the last several months. It’s a big chunk of what Smith refers to as the “national security establishment,” by which he means the self-anointed national-security element of the “Deep State.”)

    Fox bleeding out all over the marble floors is what the regime hoped for. Anyway, read the whole article. You won’t be sorry.

    As articulated in my tweets, however, I can’t advocate sticking around to see Fox just get more and more aligned with the rest of the legacy media, and lose more and more viewers.

    For me, it isn’t (and wasn’t) “about” Tucker Carlson, whom I didn’t actually watch that often. I think Carlson is profoundly wrong on some aspects of the Ukraine situation, in fact. (Though not on the points that the U.S. mustn’t put boots on the ground there, and that aiding Ukraine doesn’t require throwing all spending accountability out the window. He’s right about that.)

    I disagreed – sometimes with the knowledge and reasons of an expert – with some of Carlson’s reporting and conclusions on other matters as well, usually related to national security and intelligence. I was skeptical of some of his guests.

    Fox News video
    But what mattered was that he did do his homework, he didn’t try to shut down debate, he gave his guests the opportunity to get their information out, and Fox News had the editorial courage to let him do it. That’s why Carlson’s broadcast was the ratings anchor for the entire FNC lineup: because it had the quality of thought-provoking news and analysis viewers are actually looking for.

    As Lee Smith points out, this wasn’t even about the allegations regarding Dominion and other voting system vendors after the 2020 election. Carlson was skeptical to the point of dismissive about those allegations, something you’d never know if you went by the biased mainstream media coverage. He and his show did not, in fact, make credulous or uncareful assertions on those matters.

    “Tucker’s broadcasts from the immediate post-election period give clear evidence,” says Smith, “and internal Fox communications prove, that he was skeptical of the claims made by some of the network’s hosts and guests that voting machines had been jimmied to swing the vote to Joe Biden.”

    Rather, it was Carlson’s willingness to air a full slate of testimony and facts on topics ranging from 6 January to the COVID-19 response and the virus’s origins that made him the big target. Smith suggests, probably correctly, that Carlson’s airing of a 6 January security camera video was the last straw.

    The whole thing – the Dominion lawsuit and its Carlson-targeted aftermath – has been a combination of gaslighting, sleight of hand, and smoke and mirrors. And the key for most viewers who are leaving the network isn’t that they blindly followed Carlson, or that they would tolerate only certain narratives. The key is that it’s regrettably clear Fox lost its own battle for editorial courage in the process.

    Without editorial courage, there’s no reason to tune in to Fox. It might as well be CNN. It will be CNN eventually.

    The coming months can’t really be previewed with confidence, because we’re already somewhere we’ve never been before. Fox still has some great reporters, but the trust of its viewers has taken two existential hits: the hasty, inexplicable election-night call in Arizona in 2020, and now the firing of Carlson.

    Where Carlson, his fellow opinion-show host Dan Bongino, and some of those reporters go, and how long the Hannity and Ingraham lineup can hang on – these will be key indicators of what the media landscape will hold for 2024. In May 2023, we simply don’t know yet. I’m skeptical of visions in which falling-apart remnants like MSNBC make common cause with ex-Fox personalities to perpetuate some form of the old media model. On the other hand, although Newsmax and OANN have gotten big boosts in the last week, I’m not convinced they can achieve the same reach short of being available on all major-market TV delivery packages. Which they’re not.

    One thing I am pretty sure of: viewers aren’t going to straggle back to Fox in decisive or recuperative numbers. The watershed is gushing out under us. This is it, the break with the information legacy of the 20th century. It’s not a vindictive attitude on the part of viewers; it’s a game-changing recognition that they can’t expect editorial independence from Fox now.

    One way or another, how we assemble our information landscapes for the 2024 election will be something different.

    A lot of people have suggested that Twitter, as rescued by Elon Musk from “regime”-domination, will be a central player. They may be right, to at least some extent. When all information has fallen under suspicion, format doesn’t matter as much as trust that the platform isn’t trying to sell you a package of Big Lies.

    Lay in the popcorn. Fasten seat belts. Bumpy road ahead.

    (Richard: We are living during a time when the world alignment is shifting. We grew up during a time when political attitudes in most of the world sought to insure freedom for the Nations composing Western Civilization and sought to spread freedom to the nations that were under totalitarian control. Our lack of vigilance has allowed our home grown wanna be tyrants to seize control of our nations and work to ensure that freedom does for many generations.

    Stand firm in your convections, tyrants always over play their hands and create the resistance that destroyed their dreams.)

  7. CNN – See the text that may have gotten Tucker Carlson fired

    Tucker Carlson made a racist comment and said he found himself briefly rooting for a mob of Trump supporters to kill a person, according to the New York Times.

  8. BBC – The antivax filmmaker who sparked harassment of bereaved families

    It’s more than two years since Covid vaccines were first rolled out. Throughout that time, conspiracy theories have swirled claiming that the jabs have killed large numbers of people.

    Now a viral film has taken off, supercharging this theory and creating a new online trend of tracking down stories of individual tragedies and linking them without any evidence to Covid vaccines.

    In a rare interview, the film’s creator told the BBC he was “happy” to hear about the harassment of bereaved families it had incited saying… “all we’re doing is saving more lives”.

    And exclusive research shared with BBC Newsnight has revealed how Twitter’s new policies might have played a role in the film’s spread.

    stew peters on twitter :


    • MAY 02 2023 –Ivermectin use for COVID; Wisconsin Supreme Court won’t order

      Wisconsin’s conservative-controlled Supreme Court ruled that a hospital could not be forced to give a deworming drug to a patient with COVID-19.

    • MAY 02 2023 – CNBC – Covid will no longer be the epicenter of what we do, says Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla

    • MAY 01 2023 – Dr. Anthony Fauci and Sheba Medical Center

      “Israel did as much for the US as the US did for Israel during Covid,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci upon receiving the Champion of Global Human Health Award at an April 30 ceremony at Sheba Medical Center, the largest medical center in the Middle East.

    • MAY 01 2023 – Dr. Fauci on Addressing the Next Pandemic and “The Normalization of Untruths”

      Three years after a strange killer disease swept the globe, the world has begun to move on from COVID-19.

      The Biden administration announced it will end the public health emergency on May 11, while the U.K. has shut down its COVID-19 app, previously required to prove vaccination status on entrance to certain public spaces.

      But the impact of COVID-19 is staggering to contemplate.

      Official estimates say the virus caused more than one million deaths here in the U.S., and seven million worldwide.

      Yet this is an underestimate, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

      The real death toll could be as high as 20 million, and without the vaccine it could have been double that number.

      Dr. Fauci was undoubtedly the face of the COVID-19 response in his capacity as chief medical adviser to the President.

      Christiane meets with him in New York, where he was awarded the prestigious Calderone Prize from Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health.

    • Calderone Prize Ceremony & Lecture: Dr. Anthony S. Fauci

      …. in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to protecting and improving population health. Dr. Fauci presented an original lecture and received the award at a ceremony.

  9. Judge Rules Soros-Funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Must Go to Trial Over Willful Neglect of Duties
    By Jim Hoft May. 3, 2023 7:30 am

    Judge John Torbitzky ruled on Tuesday that Soros-funded Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner will be tried for willfully neglecting her duties.

    Gardner came under attack last week after her office skipped out on another St. Louis shooting trial.

    What is required to prove willful neglect, therefore, is that the public official was aware of an official duty, yet made a conscious decision not to act in accordance with the duty,” Torbitsky wrote. “In other words, if a public official has refused to perform their official duties, then that official would be guilty of willful neglect whether their refusal to do so is the result of corruption, indifference or simply inattention.

    “If, on the other hand, a public official is attempting to meet their duties, but does so poorly, then no willful neglect may be found.”

    Bailey’s lawsuit to remove Gardner from office is known as a quo warranto petition. He must prove Gardner is willfully neglecting her duties.

    Torbitzky determined the Attorney General’s Office’s arguments that Gardner willfully failed to prosecute cases, make charging decisions, keep victims informed and ensure defendants and victims receive speedy trials do fall within the quo

  10. Memphis Man Shoots Up Local FOX13 TV Station – Then Barricades Himself in Building
    By Jim Hoft May. 3, 2023 7:15 am209 Comments

    A Memphis man was arrested Tuesday after firing shots inside the local FOX13 TV station.

    Shooter Jarrad Nathan then barricaded himself inside a building nearby following the shooting.

    Nathan was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment

    FOX 13 reported:

    On Tuesday night, police identified Nathan as the shooting suspect and said he was charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

    After allegedly firing the shot into the station, Nathan then ran to Ubee’s and barricaded himself. He posted a Facebook Live video showing himself holed up in the restaurant.

    ATF agents and police officers swarmed the scene.

    Memphis Police said officers took Nathan into custody about two hours after the shot was fired into the FOX13 station

  11. Biden offers $500,000 grant to English teachers that focus on transgender Pakistani youth

    The Biden administration is offering a $500,000 grant to provide “intensive professional development courses for transgender youth” as part of an effort to teach English language skills in Pakistan, Fox News reported.

    The grant’s objective is to teach the English language to Pakistani youth so that they can “better participate in the global community and prepare them for success in the workplace.”

    Biden grant aims to promote English language learning of transgender youth and the professional development of English teachers in Pakistan

    The grant is structured around three primary components:

    -Professional Development for English Language Teachers from Non-Mainstream Institutions

    -Professional Development for novice Pakistani English language teachers

    -Professional Development for Transgender Youth and for Afghan Teachers, Students, and Young Professionals Residing in Pakistan

    The program component that focuses on educating and training transgender youth is open to proposals ranging from $25,000 to $75,000.

    The proposals should aim to carry out two primary tasks. Firstly, they should “provide intensive professional development courses specifically designed for Pakistani transgender youth aged between 13 to 25. Secondly, they should “offer intensive professional development opportunities to Afghan teachers, students, and young professionals currently living in Pakistan.”

    These components aim to enhance trainees’ English language communication abilities and establish a professional alumni network. Participating teachers are expected to “share the knowledge and skills gained from these training sessions with their fellow English language professionals. Thereby, influencing the pedagogy in their schools and communities.”

    Applicants interested in the grant program are also advised to address the following question. “What is the most effective way to reach the greatest number of Pakistani transgender youth and Afghan teachers, students, and young professionals from diverse locations across Pakistan?”

    Grant aimed at enhancing language skills of marginalized communities in Pakistan and not for “gender transition” purposes

    A representative for the State Department informed Fox News Digital that the education project focuses on transgender youth, just as it does with other “marginalized communities.” The spokesperson clarified that the grant funds are not intended for gender transition purposes.

    “In this specific grant, the Department provides funding for English-language learning, an integral skill that helps unlock educational and employability opportunities, for marginalized communities. In this case, transgender youth,” the spokesperson said.

    The State Department’s human rights report commended Pakistan’s Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act in 2018. The report also recommended that Pakistan’s police force should prioritize measures to prevent escalating violence against transgender individuals.

    Additionally, the report highlights that public venues in Pakistan were less likely to hold “transgender events” as compared to “religiously based anti-LGBTQI+ protests.”

  12. Kari Lake SLAMS Former Nazi George Soros, Discusses Why She’s Speaking at CPAC Hungary With Steve Bannon
    By Jordan Conradson May. 3, 2023 9:45 am45 Comments

    Kari Lake recently appeared on Bannon’s War Room to discuss her trip to Hungary to give a keynote speech at CPAC Hungary.

    She also took aim at former Nazi George Soros, calling him “the most infamous person from Hungary,” whose “arch-enemy number one” is Nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

    The Gateway Pundit reported last year that an intelligence report prepared by Hungarian secret services, and published November 23, 2022, revealed $7.5 million in illegal foreign funding behind the campaign of Hungary’s Soros and Biden-backed “United Opposition,” which tried in vain to defeat popular conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

    Biden, Berlin and Brussels worked together with the “United Opposition,” which included the neo-Nazi Jobbik party, to try and oust the Christian Conservative Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, to no avail. Orbán was reelected in April with his fourth two-thirds majority (67,84%) – 135 out of 199 seats in Parliament. Orbán called it “a victory so great that you can see it from the moon.”

    Read: Dr. Peter McCullough On “The Holy Grail Of COVID-19 Vaccine Detoxification”

    The Gateway Pundit reported that Kari Lake is visiting Hungary and Europe to give her address at CPAC and meet with top conservative leaders. Hungarian News outlets are absolutely amazed by Kari Lake, using phrases like “most charismatic,” “adamant and uncompromising,” and “one of CPAC Hungary’s most important speakers this year” to describe her.

  13. Judge Rules Soros-Funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Must Go to Trial Over Willful Neglect of Duties
    By Jim Hoft May. 3, 2023 7:30 am

    Judge John Torbitzky ruled on Tuesday that Soros-funded Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner will be tried for willfully neglecting her duties.

    Gardner came under attack last week after her office skipped out on another St. Louis shooting trial.

    “What is required to prove willful neglect, therefore, is that the public official was aware of an official duty, yet made a conscious decision not to act in accordance with the duty,” Torbitsky wrote. “In other words, if a public official has refused to perform their official duties, then that official would be guilty of willful neglect whether their refusal to do so is the result of corruption, indifference or simply inattention.

    “If, on the other hand, a public official is attempting to meet their duties, but does so poorly, then no willful neglect may be found.”

    Bailey’s lawsuit to remove Gardner from office is known as a quo warranto petition. He must prove Gardner is willfully neglecting her duties.

    Torbitzky determined the Attorney

  14. Unhinged Biden Donor Arrested, Charged with Felony Battery for Throwing Glass of Wine at GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz
    By Cristina Laila May. 2, 2023 5:25 pm851 Comments

    A Florida woman was arrested and charged with felony battery for throwing a glass of wine at GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz.

    41-year-old Selena Chambers allegedly threw the drink at Gaetz after “swearing loudly” at him at a wine festival in northwest Florida on Saturday.

    A person who was with Rep. Gaetz at the wine festival said “Chambers then walked away yelling and flipping him off,” CNBC reported

  15. Reporter Confronts Merrick Garland on IRS Whistleblower Claims of “Political Interference” in Hunter Biden Investigation (VIDEO)
    By Cristina Laila May. 2, 2023 6:00 pm317 Comments

    A reporter on Tuesday confronted US Attorney General Merrick Garland

    The Feds are mishandling the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, according to an IRS supervisor who sought whistleblower protection last month.

    US Attorney from Delaware, David Weiss, a Trump appointee, is leading the investigation into Hunter Biden

    In 2020 Hunter Biden revealed that he is under investigation by the feds over his taxes

    Hunter Biden is also under criminal investigation for making a false statement in connection with a gun purchase.

    An IRS whistleblower says Hunter Biden is receiving “preferential treatment.”

    US Attorney General Merrick Garland is in on the scandal

  16. WATCH: TJ Maxx Customer Throws Alleged Shoplifter to the Ground After She Tries to Steal Bags of Merchandise – Company Previously Donated Millions to Radical Left Causes
    By Cullen Linebarger May. 3, 2023 9:30 am306 Comments

    Mira Loma, California – A brave customer was caught on camera knocking an alleged shoplifter to the ground after she tried to abscond with merchandise she did not pay for.

    Footage captured by another customer showed the man confronting the accused shoplifter, which set off a fight between the two individuals by the store’s entrance.

    According to ABC 7 News, the altercations happened Sunday around 1:30 p.m. at a T.J. Maxx store on Limonite Avenue.

    The video starts with two women wearing black hoodies attempting to walk out of the store with armfuls of alleged stolen goods.

  17. “Is this the Navy’s Dylan Mulvaney moment? Drag performer Harpy Daniels is Navy’s new ‘digital ambassador’ in bid to boost recruitment that’s set to fall short by 8,000” by Melissa Koenig – May 2, 2023

    This may explain the shift in perception – Parallel Universe.
    I’m kidding , I think?
    Art Bell Interview with Michio Kaku Parallel Worlds update. Interview 2005.

  18. Federal Prosecutors Nearing Decision Whether to Charge Hunter Biden with Crimes
    By Cristina Laila May. 3, 2023 11:19 am275 Comments

    The decision to charge Hunter Biden is close after four years of investigating, the Washington Post reported.

    US Attorney from Delaware, David Weiss, a Trump appointee, is leading the investigation into Hunter Biden.

    In 2020 Hunter Biden revealed that he was under investigation by the feds over his taxes.

    Hunter Biden is also under criminal investigation for making a false statement in connection with a gun purchase.

    The investigations go back to 2018.

    An IRS whistleblower says Hunter Biden is receiving “preferential treatment.”

    US Attorney General Merrick Garland is in on the scandal.

  19. Sounds Like Trump: Brazilian Police Raid Bolsonaro’s Home Over “Fake COVID Vaccine Card” – Six of His Close Aides Arrested
    By Jim Hoft May. 3, 2023 12:50 pm0 Comments

    Persecution of political enemies doesn’t happen just in America!

    On Wednesday, Brazilian federal police searched former President Jair Bolsonaro’s residence and seized his phone in an investigation into whether Bolsonaro used a fake COVID vaccine card to travel.

    The police suspect the former president’s vaccination record was falsified so that he could enter the United States.

    Recall, Bolsonaro traveled to Florida at the end of December, days before his opponent, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, was sworn into office.

    During the operation, police took the former president’s phone, as well as his wife’s, and arrested many of the president’s closest aides.

  20. WaPo –Bolsonaro’s vaccine status forged before entering U.S., police say

    RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilian police are investigating whether former president Jair Bolsonaro tried to deceive American authorities into wrongly believing the longtime vaccine skeptic had been vaccinated against the coronavirus so he could gain entry to the United States, investigators said Wednesday.

    Federal police carried out a search and seizure operation at Bolsonaro’s Brasília address early Wednesday and arrested several close associates, including a top aide tasked with carrying out Bolsonaro’s administrative demands.

    The police action opened a new line of inquiry into the embattled former president, who narrowly lost his reelection bid to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva last year and is now the subject of an increasingly number of investigations that could end his political career and even put him in prison.

    Bolsonaro, a longtime vaccine skeptic, has publicly asserted for years that he never received a coronavirus vaccine. But in December, shortly after Bolsonaro lost the election, Brazilian police say, his vaccine status was falsified to say the former president had been vaccinated. In late December, he decamped for Florida in the United States, which only grants entry to vaccinated noncitizens.

    Police have asked to question Bolsonaro regarding the matter later Wednesday.

    Outside of his house, in comments to reporters, he denied involvement in any fraud.

    “I didn’t get the vaccine,” he said. “I was never asked for a vaccination card [to enter the U.S.]. There is no fraud on my part. I didn’t take the vaccine, period.”

    Alleging a “criminal association,” police say Bolsonaro’s advisers entered incorrect information into the ministry of health system between November 2021 and December to obtain falsified vaccine certificates for Bolsonaro, his 12-year-old daughter, Laura, and several aides and their family members.

    Police suspect ideology led to the decision to commit fraud rather than get vaccinated.

    “The investigation indicates that the objective of the group was to hold together in relation to their ideological agenda,” police said in a statement. “In this case, to sustain the rhetoric regarding their attacks on the coronavirus vaccine.”

    The United States does provide several exemptions for its vaccine mandate on entry of noncitizens, including “persons on diplomatic or official foreign government travel,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    But the Brazilian foreign ministry told The Washington Post that Bolsonaro, who was still president at the time of his entry into the United States, was not on official state business when he entered the United States. No diplomatic meeting had been scheduled.

    The drama provides the latest chapter in what has been a years-long saga of Bolsonaro and the coronavirus vaccine. From the start, he has been skeptical of virtually everything involving a disease that has killed 700,000 in Brazil — first its lethality, then measures to curb its spread, and finally the vaccine that health officials said was essential to overcoming it.

    He repeatedly declined to publicize his vaccination status, calling it private health issue. In Late 2021, he said he wouldn’t get vaccinated: “Let me die. The problem is mine.”

    The police inquiry is one of a half-dozen criminal investigations involving the former president. He is also under investigation for allegedly inspiring a mob to seize the most important federal buildings in Brasília shortly after Lula’s inauguration and for baselessly alleging that the electoral system would be marred with fraud.

    Bolsonaro, who returned to Brazil last month, has quickly reentered political life. He is planning a trip to the northeast and addressed thousands of supporters at an agricultural festival in São Paulo last weekend. He has been reported to be planning to run for the Brazilian senate in 2026.

  21. Offshore wind turbines — a key component of President Joe Biden’s push for more renewable energy — are facing significant hurdles in both maintenance and construction, as the industry continues to grow their size, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

    These massive turbines, the next generation of which are expected to be more than 900 feet tall and generate 15 megawatts (MW) of electricity — enough to power a small town — suffer from a far greater rate of component failure than their smaller counterparts, the WSJ reported, citing data from renewable energy insurer GCube. While smaller turbines on the scale of 4 to 8 megawatts tend to have failures after five years in service, larger turbines typically see failures after just one year.

    “As the turbines get bigger — and the tax credits make it profitable for them to build bigger and bigger turbines — maintenance will be more dangerous and expensive, requiring larger equipment to be moved around at higher heights,” Dan Kish, senior fellow at the Institute for Energy Research, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “We are talking about hubs at twice the height of the Statue of Liberty … and the huge blades make that higher.”

    Note: nobody is talking about the devastating environmental impacts of wind turbines through destroying wind patterns. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and ‘harnessing’ the wind necessarily means altering existing wind patterns, often with environmentally devastating effects.

  22. There is no doubt that the FBI rigged the 2020 election, and the proof is in the new Twitter files released by Michael Shellenberger. The FBI had the laptop since 2019, and primed y’all Roth of Twitter and other social media companies that a massive Russian disinformation dump was coming.
    They won hundred percent had the ability to determine that the hunter Biden laptop was real over the course of nearly a year of having possession of it, and went out of their way to make it seem like it was a lie, under the mirror that they were not interfering with the election which is clearly false.
    #twitterfiles #fbi #electioninterference #donaldtrump

  23. Karine Jean-Pierre Proudly Announces Trilateral Commission Stooge Ajay Banga as New World Bank President Who Will Address ‘Climate Change and Pandemics’ (VIDEO)
    By Cristina Laila May. 3, 2023 3:20 pm42 Comments

    Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday proudly announced Ajay Banga will be the New World Bank president for the next five years.

    The Biden Regime previously appointed Ajay Banga, a member of the globalist Trilateral Commission, to head up the World Bank.

    Banga was born, raised, educated and employed in India and previously led ‘technological and cultural transformation’ of MasterCard.

    Brain Surgeon – Do This to Relieve Tinnitus and Hearing Loss (Try Tonight)
    Simple Trick Helps Restore Vision So Fast, You’ll Throw Away Your Glasses
    The Executive Directors of the World Bank on Wednesday selected Ajay Banga as the President of the World Bank.

    Conservatives Are Looking For Ways To Boycott and Move Spending Away From Woke Corporations — Here Is One Way To Do It

    He will begin his five-year term on June 2, 2023.

    White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday proudly announced Ajay Banga will “play a key role steering the World Bank to address global challenges we face, like climate change and pandemics.”

    God help us.


    Click here to read The Gateway Pundit’s previous guest post by Leo Hohmann on Ajay Banga.

  24. Former President Dimitry Medvedev: Russia Has No Choice but to Annihilate Zelensky Following Drone Attack and Attempted Assassination of Vladimir Putin
    By Jim Hoft May. 3, 2023 3:00 pm156 Comments

    Russian officials are reportedly labeling Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine the “Kyiv terrorist regime” and are ready to strike Zelenskyy’s home following reports that Ukraine attempted to assassinate Vladimir Putin.

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who infamously lied about Russia, says he “cannot validate” these claims and “would take anything coming out of the Kremlin with a very large shaker of salt.”

    As The Gateway Pundit reported, Russian news said on Wednesday that Ukraine attempted to hit the Kremlin overnight with a drone strike in an assassination attempt against President Vladimir Putin.

    The video was released by Russian news earlier this morning.

    Putin was reportedly not hurt in the attempted bombing.

    Zero Hedge tweeted,


  25. Letter to the Editor

    What is Happening to the skies above Manitoulin Island?
    Islanders should be concerned of the dangers of geoengineering.

    For years now, persistent lasting contrails have marked the skies above us. What is happening?

    According to Oxford University, geoengineering is the deliberate large- scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change. Scientists support geoengineering work on the premise that global warming must be slowed. Examples of geoengineering (GE) include the solar radiation management, cloud seeding, carbon dioxide removal, and ocean fertilization, among others. I would specifically like to address solar radiation management.

    Solar radiation management (SRM) introduces reflective nanoparticles into the upper atmosphere to reflect some sunlight before it reaches the surface of the Earth. Sulphur dioxide, aluminium, and barium are some of the likely ingredients for SRM. persistent lasting contrails remain in our skies for hours, slowing dissipation and creating a false cloud ceiling. what effect will these particles have on our air we breathe, the water we drink, and the earth we live upon?

    the results of SRM are unknown. It is an experiment being conducted in our skies. Geoengineering scientists admit they do not know how SRM will effect our environment, but they do acknowledge it will be messy. The treatment could be very well worse than the disease. They don’t know, and they hope you are not paying attention.

    Oxford University has determined the following principles for geoengineering:
    *GE to be regulated as a public good.
    *Public participation in GE decision making.
    *Disclosure of GE research and open publications of results.
    *Independent assessment of results.
    * Governance before deployment.

    This has not occurred, yet exactly what the GE scientists propose is appearing in our skies. Citizens of Canada have not given the informed consent.

    Geoengineering policy acknowledges the practice will be uneven. Some will benefit, others will suffer. Winners and losers will be established. Compensation systems will be created. Geoengineering policy suggests GE can be pressed upon and accepted by democratic people’s in much the same way as tax collection, military conscription and eminent domain.

    Manitoulin Island just experienced its darkest winter in 80 years, according to this newspaper. SRM will continue to remove direct sunlight, which is required for life. Solar radiation management must cease until its full implications are known and citizens can make an informed decision about its use.

    Sincerely, Zak Nichols Little Current

    In the last couple of years, I have noticed large areas of dead and dying trees, in spite of all the rain. I used to hear one overnight flight around 3 in the morning and now I hear planes day and night everyday. I have told people they are spraying and of course I get the I am a conspiracy theorist look, the little smirk.

  26. A Skeptic has revised his Best Guess On Final Map:

    Out initial Best Guess On Final Map could still happen, but is becoming unlikely. Our initial map leaned heavily on a political compromise where Ukraine conceded territory of majority Russian speakers. The assumption was that Ukraine would rather sue for peace than lose so many lives, and that Russia would rather not govern regions more hostile to Russia.

    It’s clear now that lives lost is not a factor. The west wants to bleed Russia. The west will fight to the last Ukrainian Soldier and Polish Mercenary.

    We must now take into consideration other factors.

    1. A peaceful settlement is no longer possible.

    2. Ukraine shells civilians and nuclear power plants. A buffer zone is needed.

    3. Ukraine will use the Dnieper River water supplies as a tactical weapon. Control of the dams on the river is required to remove the threat downstream.

    4. Strikes on Russia from Ukraine controlled Oblasts east of the Dnieper are too much of a threat without a settlement. A buffer is needed.

    5. Outside of a strong settlement, the post war Ukraine economy will need to be subdued to keep the threat down. Loss of all ports and eastern agriculture will help accomplish that.

    6. Large numbers of civilians have fled areas east of the Dnieper. Those remaining are more likely to accept Russian control.

    7. Sharing a river border with Kiev will give Russia tactical leverage should it be needed. Exchanging shells across the new border will have far greater consequences for Ukraine, with Kiev on the front line.

    Our new map sees the Dnieper River as the border in the north from Belarus to Cherkasy, and then a relatively straight line from Cherkasy to the northern border of Transnistria. The red line. This map affords a river barrier, river control, buffer territory, and a minimal front line. It incorporates all of the desired territory Russia seeks. It makes the most sense outside of a political settlement.
    [See link above for best guess on the battle progression.]

    New Map:,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

  27. redacted –Biden money laundering SCHEME exposed by whistleblower

    Congress has sent a subpoena to the FBI demanding an unclassified record alleging a criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national.

    The FBI is being asked to turn over form FD-1023, which is not classified. A whistleblower has said that there is credible evidence that the president accepted money in exchange for political favors when he was vice president during the Obama years.

    So Congress is asking for something the FBI already has and has decided not to prosecute. Will Congress be able to do anything about it if it is in fact damning? ”

  28. MUST-READ => If you’re in a hurry, start at:
    “Thank you for reading this speech, its content and statements. I hereby fully confess.”

    Berlin Judge Releases Heinrich Buecker But Rules Russia Is Waging An “Illegal War”, Restricts The German Constitution’s Freedom Of Speech To Private, Not Public Audiences

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