More on Tucker’s Impact on the media, and critical material from the National Citizen’s Enquiry: Links 2 for April 28, 2023

1. Fascinating short clip from senate hearings on Gain of Function

2. Scale – Tucker Carlson 2 Minute Video Had More Viewers Than All Cable News Programming Combined in 24 Hour Period – 72.7M vs 53.1M

To give scale to the growing insignificance of broadcast news networks, consider this fact-based analysis.

Tucker Carlson released a two-minute video on Twitter that had 72.7 million views in 24 hours.  The entire cable news industry combined, every show on every channel, over the corresponding timeframe had 53.1 million views.  [Graphic Source]

(The bulk of the views were on Twitter.)

3. Megyn Kelly has a few things to say about the situation with Tucker. For one, she says he wasn’t exactly fired.

4. Interview with Jose Vega who disrupted a phoney free speech event at Columbia school of Journalism by calling out the editor of the NYT and WP etc.

5. Western Standard: Colonel alleges Canada is secretly changing COVID death tolls

Provinces and territories across Canada are secretly changing their COVID-19 death tolls, the National Citizens Inquiry heard.

According to retired Lt. Col. David Redman, offices across the country have been changing their tolls to a reduced figure.

As of April 25, the Government of Canada’s website listed 51,921 deaths from COVID-19.

“That’s the number Theresa Tam still uses to scare the hell out of you every day that this is a horrible disease,” Redman told the inquiry.

“But, quietly behind the scenes, every province and territory in Canada has been amending their data.”

Presenting his testimony, Redman referred to a figure of 36,659, more than 15,000 lower than the official figure — a drop of almost 30%.

“This is from exactly the same day off of exactly the same website from the Government of Canada,” said Redman.

“Why is that? Because they’re very carefully now removing all of the people that died with COVID, not from COVID.” “They’re cleaning up their act before we come looking for them.”

I believe we can find the Colonel’s testimony in the video below, which is nots scrollable as it may still be live.

The National Citizen’s Enquiry is simply the best thing on the last three years yet produced. Please go to their Rumble and Twitter Channel and watch the materials there. Please also post to the Reader’s Links any video you find especially compelling with a short description as to why.

Please also note that NONE of the MSM is at the hearings despite the fact that they are taking place all across Canada. So now if you didn’t know already, you do now. The MSM is not in any way shape or form a medium or vector of information. It is enemy propaganda. Nothing more.

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