Points on the galloping marxism of the West and the Graphene Oxide debate in the vaxx: Links 1, April 6th, 2023

1. The Winston Smithing of Agatha Christy

(First, for those who haven’t read 1984 by Orwell, and i suggest you find an old paper copy at a used bookstore because who knows what the newer editions look like, Winston Smith was the main character. His job was to remove from any historical records anything which contradicted reality as dictated by the party on that day. So for example, “we were never at war with Oceana” becomes, “We were always at war with Oceana” based on that day’s diktats. As in 1984, the revision of history to conform is a never ending process of destruction and reformation of how people must view history. And for those that think what they are doing to Christie’s books are a good thing, please be aware that the process used to do this will be used for something you don’t think is a good thing. For the left, the point is never the point, the revolution is always the point. And the revolution requires an endless shredding of perception and the formation of the politically expedient one for the moment. Soon, old books will be the only way to know what was real, and shortly after, the dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451 will be part of the growing pool of works to move from fiction to description.)

Last week The Telegraph reported that Agatha Christie’s novels are being sanitized for re-release. HarperCollins, their publisher, is removing references to physique, race and ethnicity in new editions of Miss Marple and selected Poirot novels. Christie joins Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming on the list of dead literary icons whose works have met similar fates in recent weeks. Shakespeare, Dr. Seuss and Mark Twain have been curbed in other ways. If it seems like small potatoes, you may be missing the big picture. When publishers defile literature, you know the writing is on the wall.

These rewrites are not censorship, at least not in the legal sense. Governments don’t need to order it. Publishers are choosing to sanitize their literary icons on their own. Anyone who holds copyright can alter a work as they please, especially when dead authors are not around to object. Just as Christie had no obligation to write her books in the first place and no publisher was required to print and sell them, so these publishers today have no legal duty to reprint them in their original form.

Why would they want to change them? After all, Christie is the bestselling novelist of all time. Which is precisely why her books are ideal for such treatment. Literature, along with other popular arts like music and movies, is called “culture” for a reason. It expresses narratives that tell societies who they are. In 2023, we are social justice nihilists, driven by cultural self-hate and morally panicked about any representation of historical prejudice.

2. Spain: Suspect in church attacks sent to psychiatric center

MADRID (AP) — A Spanish judge has ordered a psychiatric evaluation for a Moroccan man held in the January slaying of a church officer in the southern city of Algeciras.

Authorities identified the alleged assailant in the Jan. 26 machete attack as 25-year-old Yassine Kanjaa. He was arrested after he allegedly killed the worker and injured a priest at two Catholic churches in Algeciras.

A Spanish court told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the judge’s order was temporary and the attack was still being investigated as a possible terrorist act. Police have said they think the suspect acted alone.

(On the surface, sending a killer like that for psyche eval is a fine idea. Chances are though that in reality it will be about covering for Islamic jihad as mental illness in much the way a mentally ill person of White Christian heritage who kills someone would be called a “White supremacist”.)

3. Tulsi Gabbard has it right on Trudeau and how he handled the Freedom Convoy

4. Interesting segment of Pfizer PDF on how the vaxx is made apparently.

There has been, to say the least, vigorous debate on the presence of graphene oxide in the shots. This site’s position has been to avoid arguments about aspects of the shots beyond what is factual and clearly true. For example, that the shots cause blood clots which are often fatal. That the shots destroy the immune system and people with three or more shots get Covid more often, more severely and die more often from it. Hell even Canadian Government stats confirm all this if you eliminate the cheat factor of including all people before the vaccinations were available as unvaccinated consequences of Covid. Now its pretty clear that on top of heart problems, and often fatal ones, and so common from the shots that the UK is putting defibrillators in all schools and within a short distance of everywhere in cities while trying to make this look like a normal thing, we have a massive uptick in still births, miscarriages, and rapidly growing cancers often found too late to treat and rapidly fatal.

Who would have ever thought injecting a cellular instruction set into people that told their bodies to manufacture a foreign and dangerous protein alien to humans would have any of these effects, right? We know! We are as surprised as you! But these are the reasons that we did our best not to enter the world of the more arcane claims about the vaxx. Partly because they felt like disinformation to make those with a healthy skepticism of the shots appear crazy to the fearful and compliant, and mostly because it doesn’t matter one iota if most claims are true. Like the shots build home networks in your blood with a unique MAC address which can be read from above a grave of a buried corpse who had the shots. It is almost certainly untrue, doesn’t matter if it is true as its the lower consequence of the shots, and seems at cross purposes. Knowing where dead people are seems like a make-work project at best.

The graphene Oxide issue is a trickier one. It certainly exists, it is as we see it, a meta-material. Something unusual to our normal universe of stuff. GO is in a way a 2 dimensional material, in that it is one molecule thick and therefore does not have the same properties as normal materials. This means it doesn’t act in ways materials usually act and does act in ways normal materials do not. So predicting its effects is difficult as there is no history to go on really.

Doctors have come to serious conflicts over the presence of GO in the shots even in public. One doctor who had his own lab and has done extensive testing could not find it in any samples he tested. As I understand his position, it is that arguing GO is a distraction from the real problem, which is jumbo-jet loads of people dying from the shots a day. He is correct in any case. GO or not, it is a distraction from the facts that are needed to stop people from taking them, stop governments from coercing people into taking them, and holding people to account for their availability.

I do not know anything about the site, Forum.demed, but they seem to have the paper on this. I leave it up to all of you to determine its validity. But the importance of it should be weighed against what we know to be true and that is a lot if you avoid the mainstream news on these shots.

5. In previous posts we try and list the leftist lines of effort against Classical thought for what they are. The list in never complete only because it is difficult to remember them all at any one time. But here is one we forget in every attempt so far. As “multiculturalism” is in reality, critical culture theory, meaning using one culture to oppose the local one resulting in the destruction of both, we have critical food theory. Within the first 90 seconds its obvious that the speaker is using Marxist substitutes for reasoning to advocate for the banning of all meat in the interests of a collective, defined for the purpose. Much like the coercion for the deadly vaccines was also fabricated around a collective defined for the moment to justify the total destruction of individual choice.

It would be interesting to see if this Marxist would accept that the British have the same rights to England as the Amer-Indians claim to the Americas in terms of mass islamic and African immigration. I think we all know the answer to that one.

Thank you all for considering these views and analysis of the views of the now dominant Marxist left.

Here is an interesting view of current events.

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  1. 4.) Well, if that isn’t going to give some people pause for thought…….

    and here we have the Mainstream – Forbes –  talking about it in 2021.
    Graphene Oxide In Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccines? Here Are The Latest Unsupported Claims

    and here we have – pre Plandemic – medical Scientific papers about the TOXICITY of Graphene Oxide
    Evaluation of Graphene Oxide Induced Cellular Toxicity and Transcriptome Analysis in Human Embryonic Kidney Cells – 2019

    Evaluation of toxicity of nanoclays and graphene oxide in vivo: a Paramecium caudatum study – 2016

    And it’s all just a nasty Conspiracy Theory cooked up by tinfoil hat wearing nut-jobs, isn’t it?

  2. Several years ago I suggested that everyone save copies of the books and movies they like do the left can’t destroy all of them.

    The left has (for all practical purposes) destroyed Western Civ their next step is to try and destroy all of the old books and movies that show what the culture that formed Western Civ was like. This destruction will also make it harder for the Counter Revolution to build a new Civilization based on the old principles.

    Remember the left isn’t as strong as they want us to think, the push back against the assault on our culture has begun.



    We have to do our best to preserve as much of our culture as possible.

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