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  1. Yesterday I turned around
    And amazingly for me
    He stood right there not six feet off
    Happy as can be.

    “You get one wish,” is what I heard
    From the voice inside my head
    As I looked right at the robin who
    Stood proudly on the ground
    He cocked his head and glanced at me
    Then in not one second more
    Flew away excitedly
    For springtime now was born.

    I’d been thinking on all troubles
    As I worked there in the shop
    I sorted out the boxes and the nails and the mops
    The world was all so heavy
    The craziness so much
    Trump was just indicted
    (What I sorted more were thoughts.)

    There were many things I wanted
    Begging for my wish
    Money always shows up
    At troubled times like this
    When a wish is granted beggars bound
    With hands outstretched to me
    Wanting to be wished into
    Existence just for free.

    But no, I thought, a better way
    To lighten up the load
    Is to wish instead for happiness
    For loved ones and for friends
    And the karma is much better
    To add on their good health
    And to say it all in just one breath
    (So I sneak two wishes by)
    So wished did I for those two things
    At the sight of my first robin
    Then back to work did I return
    With all quite soon forgotten.


    (Parenthetically breaking stride:)
    Understand, particularly, the circumstances of my shop.
    The set-up being what it is with the door and the outside and the little path to the house, it is neither convenient for nor conducive to having a robin land right in front of me. Not just once, but twice.
    (–Parenthetically inside a parenthetic aside, have you ever noticed the ridiculous things joggers, cyclists and even drivers will do just to not break their stride? Stride is its own crazy thing. Ok, back to the poem if you can find the rhythm again:)

    For later did I turn around
    And right on that same dirt
    I swear it was that same young bird
    Returning to confirm
    So repeated I my same one wish
    From the hour just before
    ‘Cause karma’s great but I admit
    Insurance doesn’t hurt.

    • To wish instead for happiness- lovely Johnny. When I woke up this morning and saw the snow coming down, I thought one more foot won’t hurt. LOL
      I thought it was April fools day, but then I realized it is tomorrow when the people who “work” for us give themselves a raise and we get two new taxes.

      I resent the fact that they gave themselves a raise on April 1. Perhaps it is just another way of reminding all of us who the fools are. We must be, we have allowed the con artists to fire anyone who does not agree with their, “Safe and Effective”, queer ideas, abort, snort, tax and spend, “if you die from the shots, we will pay for your funeral”. We also offer MAID if you can no longer tolerate us.

      OUR you can’t say that days C-11 days are here, so just listen to beautiful music, smile at the clowns and keep on the sunny side OR…….

  2. 1/.Chris Martenson and I used to follow one another on Twitter. I sent him the private link of the 175 unredacted fauci emails he used on his show.
    He has read my Substack/commented. I was alerted of this by a reader.
    I’m contacting my law firm. Look at the dates. I’m serious.
    Christie Laura Grace – March 31, 2023

    Listen to the video. When I found it?

  3. The 44-day Azeri-Turkish war against the Armenian people of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) was supposed to have been halted in November 2020 by a trilateral ceasefire agreement between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. Nonetheless, Azeri aggression and violations against the Armenian people have not subsided.

    While systematically refusing to comply with international law, Azerbaijan has continued to violate the borders of the Republic of Armenia by killing or kidnapping Armenian soldiers. On March 22, Armenian soldier Arshak Sargsyan was killed by Azerbaijani fire near the Yeraskh village on the Armenia-Azerbaijan (Nakhichevan) border.

    Azerbaijan is also illegally blocking the only access road to the people of Artsakh. Furthermore, the torturing and murdering of Armenian prisoners of war (POWs) continue. One such Armenian hostage is Vicken Euljekjian, a 44-year-old Armenian-Lebanese man who has been jailed by Azerbaijan since November 2020.

  4. Morning Greatness: Grand Jury Indicts Trump
    By Liz Sheld
    March 31, 2023
    Good Friday morning.
    Here is what’s on 46 agenda today:

    12:25pm: The President and The First Lady receive an operational briefing by federal, local, and state officials on current response and recovery efforts in Rolling Fork, MS
    1:55pm: The President and The First Lady meet with community leaders and local residents impacted by the storms and thank first responders
    2:25pm: The President delivers remarks to reaffirm his commitment to supporting the people of Mississippi as they recover and rebuild from the devastating storms; The First Lady attends

  5. Civil liberties group granted intervenor status in Peterson psychologist licence case

    The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) will be an intervenor in the legal dispute between prominent Canadian psychologist and author Dr. Jordan Peterson and the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO).
    “This is a classic freedom of expression case,” said CCF Litigation Director Christine Van Geyn in a press release.

  6. Election Fraud Witness Sentenced to Prison for 46 Months for Jan 6 — Never Entered Capitol — Please Help This Grandpa and Vietnam Veteran Howard Richardson
    By Kelly Wilde Mar. 31, 2023 8:05 am

    A DC district judge sentenced 72-year-old Vietnam War Veteran Howard Richardson to 46 months in federal prison for his conduct on January 6th —saying that his “presence and actions among other insurrectionists” was an “inexcusable attack on our democracy

    Richardson was placed in complete isolation and unable to call his family from a federal prison that most recently made the news for sharpened plexiglass and six-inch metal shanks among its inmates.

    After nine weeks of radio silence and unable to communicate with the grandpa of eight (great-grandpa of one), Ashli Babbitt’s mother Micki Witthoeft directly asked speaker Kevin McCarthy to conduct a wellness check on Richardson during her visit with the House Speaker last week

    • “It Is Completely Bogus. It’s a Bogus Charge That He’s Bringing. It’s Laughable and It’s Actually Going to Backfire Spectacularly” – Attorney Mike Davis
      By Joe Hoft Mar. 31, 2023 9:00 am112 Comments

      Attorney Mike Davis was on the War Room last night with Jack Posobiec after bogus charges were dropped against President Trump by Soros-Backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Davis was straight up about the charges.

      On Thursday the country learned that New York’s Soros-backed DA Alvin Bragg had indicted President Trump on bogus charges related to a story backed by convicted perjuror Michael Cohen.

      Attorney Mike Davis from The Article III Project joined Jack Posobiec on the War Room to discuss the charges.

      Mike Davis, the former Chief Counsel for Nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, is the founder and president of the Article III Project (A3P). A3P defends constitutionalist judges and the rule of law. Davis also leads the Internet Accountability Project (IAP), an advocacy organization fighting to rein in Big Tech, along with the Unsilenced Majority, an organization dedicated to opposing Cancel Culture and fighting back against the woke mob and their enablers.

      Davis also served for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and helped in his nomination process.

      On Thursday, Davis explained what was going on with the Bragg case against President Trump.

      It Is completely bogus. It’s a bogus charge that he’s binging. It’s laughable and it’s actually going to backfire spectacularly both in court and politically for Bragg.

    • HUGE: Arizona House Joins Senate in Passing Resolution to Ban Foreign Voting Machines and Require Source Code, Ballot Images, Chain of Custody Documents, and Log Files to Be Made Public
      By Jordan Conradson Mar. 31, 2023 7:30 am

      The Arizona House voted yesterday to pass Senate Concurrent Resolution 1037, setting official requirements for the use of electronic voting machines in the state and banning the use of some.

      The resolution passed in the Arizona Senate on March 6 by a vote of 16-13.

      On Thursday, March 30, The Arizona House joined the Senate and voted 31-27 in favor.

      This resolution will bypass the Governor and go directly to the Secretary of State’s office. If the Secretary of State does not comply with this order, the Legislature can and likely will sue.

      The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the Arizona Senate Elections Committee, chaired by State Senator Wendy Rogers, passed the amended resolution introduced by State Senator Anthony Kern.

    • WAYNE ROOT: I’ve Been Calling for a “National Divorce” for Two Years. Here’s How to Make It Happen Quickly.
      By Assistant Editor Mar. 31, 2023 12:00 pm

      (Richard: Wayne Root normally makes sense, normally. In this article he sounds like he has one or two nuts loose in his brain.

      The Democrats want to destroy the US, but they don’t want to split us into several Nations. They want one big nation they control.

      This nation will have a neo feudal government and society. Our role will be the serfs who have nothing that their feudal masters don’t give them. The Democrats have proven that with their attempts to prevent people from leaving the Cobalt Blue States they control.

      Look at the way they have tried to force all states to have the same income tax and sales tax. Look at how California is trying to force the people leaving California to keep paying California taxes. The Democrats want all of North America to be under their control. They will attack and destroy all states that try to secede from the US.

      Rather then tear the US apart so the Democrats can defeat us one state at a time we need to remain one nation and fight to take our Rights back and punish the traitors who are trying to destroy us.

      Like Benjamin Franklin said “We must hang together or we will all hang separately.”

  7. Flashback: Rush Limbaugh Was Right – Democrats Are Through with Elections – And Now We have to Live with the Results
    By Jim Hoft Mar. 31, 2023 9:45 am33 Comments

    In October of 2020, days before the 2020 election and the most controversial election in US history, the now-late and great Rush Limbaugh shared one of his most prophetic observations.

    Rush shared this with his audience, “They [the Democrats] resent the whole premise behind elections. They don’t believe they should have to persuade anybody to agree with them. ”

    Rush knew Democrats were eliminating free and fair elections. There simply was no broad public support behind Democrat ideas. And there still isn’t.

    Democrats pushed a candidate in 2020 who could not complete a full sentence, who hid in his basement, and when he did hold a public “rally” he could only get a few dozen supporters to show up in a parking lot to honk horns.

    But Democrats were never worried for some reason. You never saw Democrats in full-on panic mode. This was a huge “tell.”

    They weren’t campaigning. They weren’t nervous. Their plan was to cheat.

    Today Americans are living through the tyranny that follows stolen elections. Democrats are charging hundreds of Trump supporters and raiding their homes. They are holding political prisoners without trial. They are threatening to raid the homes of another 1,000 Trump supporters. They spread fear across the land. Will you be next? Democrats indict a former president on junk charges while they ignore the BANK STATEMENTS that prove Joe Biden and his family were involved in a massive illegal fraud scheme. This is what you get with stolen elections

    Rush Limbaugh called this out in October of 2020. The great American radio host told his vast audience what Democrats were up to. And he was right.

    They resent the whole premise behind elections. Look, they don’t believe they should have to persuade anybody to agree with them. Therefore, they don’t believe in campaigns. They don’t believe in the free, open exchange of ideas. There aren’t any legitimate ideas outside of their own.

    They don’t believe in giving legitimacy to anybody who is not already on their side. So if this is who they are psychologically — if they have no interest in persuading people, if they have no interest in acquiring power as a result of massive public support — then who are they? What are they? They want power simply to have it. They don’t want it to derive from the people.

    They don’t want it to derive from persuading people that their ideas are the best — and where is all of that codified? All of that thinking, all of that behavior is codified in elections. What are elections about? Elections are about trying to persuade people to support you, to vote for you. Based on what? Well, it could be any number of things.

    It could be you’re better looking than the other guy. You’re gonna give away more welfare than the other guy. You’re gonna beat our enemies better than anybody else. Whatever it is, elections are the result of persuading millions of people to support you. They resent having to do that. One reason is they’re a minority. They can’t persuade a majority of people.

    They can’t persuade a majority of Americans to support Black Lives Matter. They can’t persuade a majority of Americans to support burning down American cities and private property. They can’t persuade a majority of Americans to go along with their ideas on guns and eliminating free speech. They can’t persuade anybody to agree with that!

    Those are things they’re gonna have to force on people, and they are more than willing and eager to force that stuff on you, but they need the power to do it. So they have to go through the motions. The modern-day Democrats have to go through the motions of campaigning, and they have to go through the motions of trying to win the hearts and minds of voters.

    But they resent the hell out of it. And in their world, it’s the one thing standing in their way: This need, this requirement to win elections. And I’m just telling you: As soon as they can figure out a way to eliminate elections, they will do it, ’cause they resent the hell out of it. This is… (interruption) Mr. Snerdley, the program observer, just said to me over the IFB.

    He said, “I gotta admit something. When I first heard you say that the left and Democrats ultimately want to do away with elections, I thought you were going insane. I thought you were mad. I thought that all of this had finally gotten to you.” Well, that has to be some years ago now when I first advanced the theory. But now you say you can see it?

    (interruption) “They’re doing it in front of our faces.” They really are. They are attempting to win elections without broad public support. That’s what they’re trying to do. That’s just another way of phrasing what they’re doing. How do you win elections without broad public support?

    You have to cheat.

    By Cristina Laila Mar. 30, 2023 4:34 pm

    A Manhattan Grand Jury voted to indict President Trump.

    Donald Trump is the first ex-president to ever be charged with a ‘crime.’

    The exact charges are not known at this time.

    Trump has been accused of paying porn star Stormy Daniels ‘hush payments’ through his then-attorney Michael Cohen in a scheme to silence her and stop the story about their alleged affair from being published in the National Enquirer.

    Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg elevated the Stormy ‘hush payment’ case from a misdemeanor to a felony earlier this year in a effort to ‘get Trump.’

    Trump’s lawyer confirmed the indictment.

    BREAKING: on-reecord from his lawyer, Trump has been indicted in NY, per his attorney Susan Necheles, speaking to CBS’s @GrahamKates… confirming @nytimes breaking scoop

    — Robert Costa (@costareports) March 30, 2023

    This is a breaking story.. please check back for updates.

  9. This Is What Happens When You Allow Bad Actors to Steal Elections
    By Joe Hoft Mar. 31, 2023 7:45 am248 Comments

    The 2020 Election was a nightmare. President Trump set records for the most votes for a President, the most votes for a Republican and was the first American to surpass 70 million legitimate votes for President.

    But late at night and over the next few days, millions of votes came in for Joe Biden out of nowhere and Biden was awarded the win. Biden was awarded 81 million votes for President.

    The senile old man who was lost half the time and who didn’t get out of his basement, the most unlikable candidate in US history somehow garnered more votes than the most popular and liked President in history.

    Everyone knew it was a lie. Just like everyone knows, Biden doesn’t have the mental capacity to run our country right now.

    But this is what happens when you allow criminals to steal an election.

    The reason that these same people stole the election and spent the last seven years on a coup trying to take President Trump down by any means possible is that they can. They know they have elections in the bag, not because of their policies, nobody is buying them. It’s because they know that they will do it again and again because the election process in America was broken by them and has not yet been fixed. The criminals on the left own elections.

    Massive inflation, bank closures, business closures, record credit card debt, and Americans struggling to keep their savings from dwindling away are not the economic policies that win elections.

    Surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban and giving them billions while leaving those behind who helped and supported the American soldiers overseas is not how you win elections.

    Keeping the borders open so anyone can enter and allowing millions of military-aged men to come into our country from God-knows-where, is not how you win elections.

    Destroying the US Justice system and placing crooked and criminal actors in charge who raid American’s homes for praying at abortion clinics in not how you win over the people. attempting a coup of President Trump’s administration with BS stories of him being tied to Russia when even the FBI who were after the President were working with FBI is not how you win elections.

    Allowing criminals to go free in big cities with heinous crimes, ignoring violent crimes, burning down cities in the name of social justice, and paying those who committed the crimes is not justice.

    Creating crimes and pinning them on innocent Americans who protested a stolen election, putting them in jail for years with no trials, jacking up their actions with bogus indictments, beating them and killing four Americans at the US Capitol in riots created by Deep State operatives is not how to win elections.

    Indicting the President of the United States, an innocent man, for BS made-up crimes and claiming to be on the side of justice while the Bidens embezzle millions from overseas, Hillary destroys emails, the Mueller gang destroys phones, Obama gives billions to Iran and guns to ISIS, and the Deep State attempts a coup of the President, and all get away with it is not how you win elections.

    The only way these corrupt actors could win any election is by stealing it.

    These people hate America and Americans and they act like it. They don’t pretend to like America anymore. They are getting ready to steal the next election unless we stop them legally with honest elections.

    Trump will win 90 million votes but can we prevent them from creating 100 million is the question.

    • New Bragg Letter on Trump Indictment Accuses House Republicans of Collaborating with Trump to ‘Vilify’ Prosecutors and Judges
      By Kristinn Taylor Mar. 31, 2023 12:15 pm162 Comments

      Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) again pushed back against House Republicans’ efforts to investigate his prosecution of President Trump, with his office sending a scathing letter Friday morning boasting about his indictment of Trump and accusing them of “collaborat(ing) with Mr. Trump’s efforts to vilify and denigrate the integrity of elected state prosecutors and trial judges and made unfounded allegations that the Office’s investigation, conducted via an independent grand jury of average citizens serving New York State, is politically motivated.”

      The letter is the latest in a back and forth between House Committee Chairmen Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Justice; Rep. Brian Steil (R-WI), Administration and Rep. James Comer (R-KY), Oversight.

    • DEVELOPING: Judge Authorizes Manhattan DA Bragg to Make Trump Indictment Public
      By Cristina Laila Mar. 31, 2023 12:45 pm

      A New York judge on Friday authorized DA Alvin Bragg to make the Trump indictment public.

      “A judge has authorized the Manhattan district attorney to disclose to the public that the grand jury has returned an indictment in the case of former President Donald Trump, according to a court document.” Reuters reported.

      Trump has been accused of paying porn star Stormy Daniels, AKA, Stephanie Clifford, ‘hush payments’ through his then-attorney Michael Cohen in a scheme to silence her and stop the story about their alleged affair from being published in the National Enquirer.

      The payments made to Stormy Daniels did NOT come from Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

    • Imagine if This Happened to Leading Opposition Candidate Here in El Salvador” – Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele Weighs in on Trump Indictment
      By Jim Hoft Mar. 31, 2023 1:00 pm16 Comments

      On Thursday night New York City DA Alvin Bragg announced his office was indicting President Trump.

      The indictment is currently under seal, however, according to a leak to CNN, President Trump was hit with 34 counts related to business fraud.

      “Former President Donald Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud in an indictment from a Manhattan grand jury, according to two sources familiar with the case.” CNN reported.

      Trump is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday at 2:15 PM ET in New York City.

  10. Trans Day of Vengeance Protest at Supreme Court Canceled Over Safety Concerns; Other ‘Queer and Trans Youth’ Marches Still on for Friday
    By Kristinn Taylor Mar. 31, 2023 10:45 am

    The organizer of the Trans Day of Vengeance protest scheduled for Saturday at the Supreme Court announced Thursday night the protest has been canceled “due to a credible threat to life and safety” in the wake of the deadly attack on a Christian school in Nashville by a deranged transgender shooter. Meanwhile protests called “March for Queer and Trans Youth Autonomy” are still on for Friday at the Capitol and locations around the country.

    Reporting on the Trans Day of Vengeance was censored by Twitter, but not the promotion of the protest by the organizer. Numerous conservative accounts were suspended this week for reporting on or posting this image posted by the organizer:

  11. Update: President Trump’s Arraignment Set for Tuesday Afternoon at 2:15 PM in New York City
    By Jim Hoft Mar. 31,

    On Thursday night New York City DA Alvin Bragg announced his office was indicting President Trump.

    The indictment is currently under seal, however, according to a leak to CNN, President Trump was hit with 34 counts related to business fraud.

    “Former President Donald Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud in an indictment from a Manhattan grand jury, according to two sources familiar with the case.” CNN reported.

    Trump is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday at 2:15 PM ET in New York City on the trumped up charges.

    The NYPD is preparing for Trump’s arraignment day fiasco.

  12. Trump Lawyer: No Plea Deal in Case Related to Stormy Daniels ‘Hush Payment’ (VIDEO)

    Trump will not take a plea deal in the Stormy Daniels ‘hush payment’ case, according to the former president’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina.

    Trump has been accused of paying porn star Stormy Daniels, AKA, Stephanie Clifford, ‘hush payments’ through his then-attorney Michael Cohen in a scheme to silence her and stop the story about their alleged affair from being published in the National Enquirer.

    The payments made to Stormy Daniels did NOT come from Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

    The payments were made through internal business records – there was no tax deduction taken and there was no obligation to file it with the FEC, according to Joe Tacopina.

    A Manhattan Grand Jury voted to indict President Trump anyway.

    The indictment is currently under seal, however, according to a leak to CNN, President Trump was hit with 34 counts related to business fraud.

    Details of the charges are still not known.

    Per CBS: “Sources familiar with the investigation tell CBS tonight that Bragg has some documents that have been uncovered during the probe but are not yet known to the public/been reported, both financial records and communications between key figures… will use these as well as testimony”

  13. Another flying Moroccan. Moroccan-belgian soccer player Sofian Kiyine drives 200 km/h, hits a roundabout, becomes airborne and crashes through a gymnasium’s wall.

    Video in French:

    Some footage from inside the gymnasium at 1:28 in first video, students seem shocked and dazed. Unfortunately, the crash itself is cut out. Article in Dutch:

  14. MORE EVIL – more madness

    Athens, Greece – – Two Pakistani terrorists of plotting an attack on Jewish targets here made their first court appearance Friday morning.

    Syed Irtaza Haider, 27 and Saqi Abid Hussein, 29, were arrested on Tuesday for plotting an attack to a Kosher restaurant in downtown Athens which is also home to the Jewish Community Center Chabad House. Police say they were led by a third Pakistani, Syed Haker, operating out of Iran.

    The attackers hoped to strike early in April during the Jewish Passover and Greek Easter. Greek counter-Terrorism police and intelligence services launched “Operation Hyacinth “ last August after Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency tipped them to the plot.

    Haker is a member of Pakistani criminal network associated with the IRGC. He is wanted in Pakistan for 4 murders and abductions and is suspected in additional cases. Haker is part of an IRGC-affiliated Islamists network that recruits Pakistanis, Azeris and Kurds abroad to conduct terror attacks.

    Greek police have arrested 8 more migrants for questioning. They all came from Sargodha, a Pakistani town in Punjab region

    The 2 suspects entered Greece illegally in 2018 from neighbouring Turkey. Haider was the leader and constant contact with Haker in Iran. Haker gave Haider the restaurant’s location, along with a list of Israelis who could be targeted for assassination attempts. Haker also instructed them, how to take pictures of the targets without drawing suspicion.

    The pair were promised $18,000 for each person killed.

    The entire plot, therefore, from the targets to the planning and financing came from Iran.

    This group was recruited via WhatsApp widely used by terrorists in Asia and the Middle East. They tried to recruit people from the organized criminal underworld of Greece to procure their weapons. They were actually trying to build an expanded network of terrorists for future operations.

    If the attack against the Jewish restaurant was successful, there would be multiple casualties in a strike reminiscent of the Batavian deadly attack in Paris. They had already picked a second target as the Tehran-based leader was insisting on locating an Israeli ‘business man with a beard’.”

    The cell also coordinated with Haker on an escape plan. After the deadly attack at the Jewish restaurant, they would flee Greece through smuggling networks and go to Iran, where they would receive additional financial help. Haker claimed that he would deposit money in a Pakistani bank account after the attack. They could use the money to return to Pakistan and buy houses.

    Greek authorities are now investigating whether the 2 suspects have been paid thus far, although that likely would be done through a difficult to trace hawala informal fund transfer system. Investigators already have detected transfers of small sums to 2 of the 2 suspects relatives.

    The Greek Newspaper published transcripts of intercepted conversations among the terror cell members, which are translated by the IPT:

    Syed Haker (mastermind) You can attack the restaurant with gas tanks as well. Two or three persons could enter the kitchen and start a fire there when you get the chance.

    Haider: I at least would like good money for this. I want the attacks to happen in a central place where at least 40-50 persons will be present.

    Haker: This is why I told you to create a group by gathering two, three or more individuals and tell the, straightforward that they will get 50 lash ($18,000). The job should be done in such a way that there shall be no escape (for the victims), do you understand?

    Haider: the job will be done, I promise you that. I will send pictures of each dead and each wounded, as well as video.

    Haker: All wounds or injuries must be clearly visible in the video and the pictures.

    In another conservation, they discussed procuring weapons for the attack. Initially, they had talked about the use of explosives, but Haider said he was not familiar with their use.

    Haker: You should make a video and pictures (of the targeted restaurant). If we cannot do things we discussed, then the solution is to go quietly to the spot, take 2 or 3 photos and come back without being noticed. You have to find a way for something to happen.

    Haider: Listen, I have a friend in another island who has 3 rifles and guns.
    We shall kill them on the spot and then send you the video. The guy (
    Sami Abid Hussein) says that it should be just 2 or 3 of us.

    Haker: Go get the guns and send me a picture of you holding them.

    As details emerged this week, Iran rushed to deny the allegations.

  15. ~The Optimistic Conservative
    TOC Ready Room 30 March 2023: Trump; Saving Twitter; Missing piece from J6
    What’s wrong and right with the world; Trump indictment edition.

    Ham sandwich on the Manhattan court docket

    The indictment for Donald Trump, which came down on Thursday 30 March, interrupts our regularly scheduled programming.

    Constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley on indictment of President Donald J. Trump:

    “It’s rather outrageous. It’s legally pathetic.”

    — Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) March 30, 2023

    At the moment we’re hearing the number “34 counts,” which legal experts assume means 34 counts of the same indictment, presumably “falsified business records.”

    The problems with the indictment are numerous, starting with the fact that falsifying business records is a misdemeanor in New York and the statute of limitations is long past. Even if Manhattan DA Bragg “bootstraps” it to felony falsification by tying it to a separate felony crime, a key problem is there’s no New York felony that can be tied to it. Moreover, there’s no federal felony, as demonstrated by the choice of the DOJ and Mueller investigation not to charge any such crime when looking at the same underlying predicate (monetary transactions surrounding the Stormy Daniels payoff), and the Federal Election Commission finding that there was no there there.

    And that’s all before getting to the problem of Michael Cohen as the witness whose testimony would frame the business records in question as falsified. And even if he were a credible witness, Trump himself would have had no hand in falsifying the records. It will be easily demonstrable that he didn’t.

    This is a political prosecution, meant to affect Trump’s viability in politics. Many people think the blatant politicization will only boost Trump.

    My main concern is for America, and the precedent this will set if it goes forward with little drama and merely results, as it should, in early dismissal of the case or acquittal. If no one is really hurt out of it, people could be lulled into thinking it was unfortunate, but not that big a deal.

    It is a big deal. It’s an abuse of the judicial system to go after a political opponent. It mustn’t become standard, not only because it would catastrophically corrupt politics and government, but because it would be wielded more cheaply and in an even more deadly fashion against the American people. We’re all subject to becoming ham sandwiches if this episode merely slides by with no reckoning.

    Trump, Destroyer of Worlds.
    I’ll hold fire for now, except to say that this is one more major factor in the indispensable requirement for a watershed reckoning and a reset of America’s course for the future. There’s no going “back” from here. “Back” isn’t even available anymore. The safe-seeming old days people yearn for are no longer an option. We can have a bright future again, but not without a reckoning to repudiate too much that would try to sneak into the “future” on the coattails of sentiment and relief, if we’re offered just a little bit of the familiar to console ourselves with.

    Twitter sideways?

    After the horrible shooting at the Covenant Presbyterian School in Nashville, in which six students and school officials were killed, a number of pundits pointed out the prior plans of activists whose scheduled “Day of Vengeance,” not long after the shooting, may be related to the mental disturbance apparently involved in the massacre.

    In doing this, they quoted from and included screen caps of the activists’ own online notice about the rally. The activists had been allowed to post the notice for some time. (Reportedly, after the shooting, Twitter did then sweep for and remove the original activists’ posts.)

    But when it was called out by others, Twitter suspended the user accounts of the observers.

    The Federalist’s Sean Davis is one of those whose account has been suspended, and naturally enough he recognizes that as biased censorship. That’s what it is. Claiming it’s about the suspended user – Sean Davis – inciting violence by quoting others who advocate for “vengeance” is a dishonest dodge. Everyone can see that. Debating it is laughable.

    Sean Davis has seen enough, and says there’s no fixing Twitter. “It’s Time For Free Speech Proponents To Let It Die,” he says.

    It may be that Twitter will have to die, and perhaps at some point rise, a different kind of bird, from the ashes.

    I don’t intend to have a comprehensive dialogue here about the woes of social media. But I do want to advance this idea. To a significant extent, I think Elon Musk got off track when he tweeted back in January that “Twitter is the source of truth.”

    Twitter is the source of truth

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 21, 2023
    That’s a problematic premise. It’s incompatible with what Twitter and other social media should be. I realize it’s an aspirational statement, but even in that sense it’s problematic. It posits that there’s an overriding standard by which to determine what truth is, on most if not all the myriad topics debated on Twitter, and Twitter is a means of presenting truth as a solution.

    But in no circumstances will we ever be able to establish what truth is, by checking to see what solution Twitter has reached on it, or even what content Twitter is allowing on the topic. That’s not a knock on Twitter. No human venue for exchanging opinions, facts, and analysis has ever achieved that status. In the realm of human-designed and human-guided institutions, there’s no such thing as “the source of truth.”

    And that’s OK. Being realistic and recognizing that is just being wise and balanced. If we’re seeking some approved, applauded truth and think the infosphere of social media is the place to look, we’re way off track. We’re looking in the wrong place for the wrong thing.

    What social media can serve us by being is not “the source of truth” but “the sound of freedom.” A lot of truth circulates out there in the noise. But there’s not one single man-Jack of us who’s been appointed to tell everyone else what’s truth and what isn’t.

    That’s the very reason – the literal reason – our wise Framers gave us the First Amendment to the Constitution. It’s because we’re not competent to determine when everyone else should shut up and stop saying what we disagree with. Government is just us, on steroids, and with a license to steal, kill, and destroy for the purpose of deterrence and order-keeping. It has no more wisdom or omniscience than we do. That’s why the Framers sought to hedge it about with prohibitions, limits, and boundaries.

    I don’t go to Twitter expecting to find the truth. I visit Twitter because I have reason to hope there will be a lot of information and opinion, some of it accurate and some of it rational. I can handle hearing from people I disagree with, including those I think are egregiously wrong (who often adduce “facts” that are demonstrably wrong).

    The sound of freedom has the handicap today that fewer and fewer people seem able to communicate without stating everything as a conclusion. I end up saying nothing quite often, because the dialogue isn’t a dialogue at all; it’s a series of polarized conclusions proclaimed by the “sides,” and engaging the topic would require a wearying restatement of the basic propositions in my own terms.

    It’s not helpful to argue from other people’s conclusions (a good example here is the conclusion that religious liberty is code for “anti-LGBTQ+,” with two checked bags’ worth of malevolent baggage tacked on. But another one is the conclusion that everyone who’s unsettled and fractious in a personal “trans” journey is a card-carrying disciple of Saul Alinsky, consciously participating in a Marxist enterprise to undermine Western civilization). Starting off with other people’s conclusions is mainly a waste of precious time.

    But suppressing other people’s conclusions, especially when done one-sidedly, is the opposite of allowing truth to emerge like a steady signal from the noise. It’s the sound of freedom, and only the sound of freedom, that produces that effect.

    It’s not the end of the world that people have their entrenched conclusions. What would be the end of civilization as we know it, however, is allowing a handful of centralized entities to be the Conclusion Police, and work their way diligently back to suppressing mere facts and observations lest Wrong Conclusions ensue.

    That’s the brand of dictators proclaiming themselves demigods, going back to the early Babylonian Empire. But it’s fairly often the case that valid facts and important truths are being stated mostly by people who lead with their Wrong Conclusions about them. It’s much rarer to find commentators who will put the facts and truths out there but not insist on their conclusions to go with them. Sifting out the signal of truth always requires wading through noise.

    Sean Davis essentially points out that “Babylonian dictatorship” is where Twitter is today. There’s a hard problem here. It’s more counterintuitive than we think it is, to stop insisting on a universally recognized relationship with the truth for our speech institutions, and focus on their relationship with freedom. Twitter may not be able to do it. But that’s the post-graduate-level assignment we have, to save our civilization. Freedom really does produce the best outcomes.

    The J6 conundrum

    An astounding series of revelations has tumbled out from Julie Kelly’s keyboard over the last few weeks, which I won’t rehash here except to commend to you her recent articles at American Greatness (start with this one), and suggest following her forthwith on social media if you don’t do so already.

    The central theme of the revelations, which come from DOJ disclosures in court (and thus are not speculation), is the number of federal informants who were giving the FBI updates in the weeks before the riot at the Capitol on 6 January 2021. It’s quite as show-stopping that DOJ failed to make Brady disclosures about their existence even when specifically pressed on the matter by some of the defendants’ legal counsel.

    This isn’t about the conclusion exercise of assuming this means the whole thing was a set-up by federal agencies. Leading with that is counterproductive argument. I’m not closing the door on the possibility, but I’m putting my marker down in a different place.

    I suggest a focus on answering two questions of overriding importance.

    The first one is this: if the FBI had so many informants beforehand, and DOJ is able to make what it calls an “insurrection” case against some Proud Boy defendants because of their contribution, why in the name of heaven did the FBI (and DOJ) simply let a “plot” that they knew about go into execution on 6 January? Why did they let it happen?

    There can be no adequate excuse for that, if the FBI and DOJ are speaking the whole truth.

    The other question is equally important, and gets to the heart of the concern I’ve had from the beginning.

    The FBI has arrested hardly anyone actually involved in the Capitol break-in. That reality hasn’t changed since I first wrote about this basic discrepancy in February 2021. From his vantage point in the Capitol Police command center, former Chief Steve Sund saw hundreds of people, or more, on security cameras participating in the violent breach at the beginning. (He estimated thousands in his resignation letter.) Videos from observers outside the Capitol appear to corroborate hundreds at a minimum.

    Yet practically no one has been arrested and charged with what would obviously be a felonious offense in and of itself. A number of defendants have been charged with attacks on the USCP, but few of the attacks were incident to the actual break-in. The great majority of them were either outside the Capitol or inside it, with no count in the charges being that the defendant was attempting to break into the building at the time.

    YouTube screen cap.
    The FBI has instead concentrated on rounding up people who foolishly trooped afterward into a Capitol with its doors open, and took selfies and giggled.

    If the Proud Boys charged with an insurrection plot were actually organizing an insurrection, it seems like the original break-in would have been connected with that, and the FBI’s informants should have led by now to a slew of arrests involving the violent breach at the beginning. (It also seems like Question One needs answering even more urgently. Why did DOJ and FBI just stand by and let it happen?)

    Now here’s Question Two. If the FBI informants’ contribution has not enabled the Bureau to find and arrest those break-in people, the ones seen in their hundreds on video, then – well, why not?

    The potential answers seem to be that (a) the thoroughly-infiltrated Proud Boys’ activities were not related to the break-in, and (b) the FBI and DOJ are uninterested in pursuing the perpetrators of the actual break-in.

    We are told that several hundred more people are being tracked down and arrested now for J6-related accusations. But there were thousands of people there that day, and there is no reason to believe this new group of arrestees will be the breakers-in, as if it took this long to figure out who they were. The break-in group should have been the priority all along: the first people to be hunted down, as opposed to the rally-goers who wandered around for a while in the wrong place (or in some cases didn’t even enter the Capitol, but at most “paraded” outside of it).

    All those FBI informants and so little to show for it. An “insurrection” with a handful of plotters but no actual insurrectionist cadre; hundreds of people with misdemeanor plea deals who aren’t accused of “plotting” anything and had nothing to do with what the informants knew about, or with the still-unexplained break-in. The evidence of our eyes – that there was a violent break-in – remains largely unaccounted for, yet it was the most criminal, important thing that happened that day.

    There’s a big missing piece here. It remains legitimate to ask what was really going on, on 6 January 2021. I don’t pretend to know for sure, but the new disclosures about all the FBI informants are the opposite of reassuring – and the opposite of convincing.

    • Pay close attention to what she is saying her comments are always worth the time it takes to read them.

      There’s no going “back” from here. “Back” isn’t even available anymore.

      This isn’t the first time she has warned us that we can’t go back to the old normal. She is right, the old normal is dead, dead beyond any chance of revival. We have to concentrate on building a new normal where our Rights are protected

      This new normal won’t be a paradise, no free society is paradise. Any society that is safe enough to be a paradise requires the government to be so powerful and controlling that they are hell holes. Freedom requires a large amount self determination and the individuals being responsible for their actions and to an extent their protection.

  16. UPDATE: Oath Keepers Attorney Kellye SoRelle Thrown Into Case with Other Defendants by Corrupt DC Judge Amit Mehta – Now They’re Jailing the Attorneys!
    By Jim Hoft Mar. 31, 2023 3:00 pm49 Comments

    Oath Keepers Attorney Kellye SoRelle was arrested on September 1, 2022 just days after she SECRETLY agreed to testify for Oath Keepers founder and defendant Stewart Rhodes.

    Kellye SoRelle committed no crimes. She never entered the US Capitol on January 6. She never committed any violence. She was never part of a conspiracy. But she was the attorney for the patriotic pro-Constitution Oath Keepers organization. And for that she was arrested after she SECRETLY agreed to testify for the Oath Keepers members in prison.

    This is your life under the new regime.

    The law doesn’t matter. The US Constitution no longer matters. What matters is politics and how you can best silence, bankrupt, abuse and destroy the conservative movement in America.

    The Republican Party figured this out a long time ago. Now the GOP is controlled opposition. Just look at Ronna McDaniel if you have any doubts.

    On Friday, corrupt Judge Amit Mehta, a criminal judge in the DC District, ordered that Kellye SoRelle will be tried together with at least two other Oath Keepers to ensure she if found guilty and will rot in prison for several years. This is how the Obama DOJ acts. It’s all about politics and punishment.

    This is how the DOJ operates by tossing several J6 defendants into the same trial, even if they’ve never seen each other before, and then convict them as one entire entity on their bogus insurrection nonsense.

    Welcome to the NEW America. You’re going to love it!

  17. “I Will Use Every Leverage I Have to Defund Every Single Federal Dollar From This Prosecuting Office” – Rep. Andy Biggs Slams Soros “Minion” Alvin Bragg After Trump Indictment
    By Jordan Conradson Mar. 31, 2023 2:45 pm113 Comments

    GOP Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona spoke out against the weaponized Manhattan DA’s office on Thursday, following news of President Trump’s indictment by “a Leftist District Attorney funded and selected by George Soros.”

    The Congressman vowed to “ensure that every single federal dollar is rescinded from this office and to restore impartiality in our courts.”

    The Gateway Pundit reported that DA Alvin Bragg sent out a new letter to House Republicans this morning, boasting about his indictment of Trump and accusing them of “collaborat(ing) with Mr. Trump’s efforts to vilify and denigrate the integrity of elected state prosecutors and trial judges and made unfounded allegations that the Office’s investigation, conducted via an independent grand jury of average citizens serving New York State, is politically motivated.”

    This is despicable. He has no shame for his unconstitutional actions and it is clear that the Democrats have been emboldened to destroy America.

  18. BREAKING: Pro-Trump Meme Maker Douglass Mackey (Ricky Vaughn) Found GUILTY of Trolling Hillary Clinton During 2016 Election – Faces 10 Years in Prison
    By Cristina Laila Mar. 31, 2023 4:13 pm32 Comments

    Pro-Trump meme maker Douglass Mackey, AKA, Ricky Vaughn, was found guilty for trolling Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

    Mackey is facing a maximum of 10 years in prison when sentenced.

    “Mackey has been found guilty by a jury of his peers of attempting to deprive individuals from exercising their sacred right to vote for the candidate of their choice in the 2016 Presidential Election,” stated United States Attorney Peace. “Today’s verdict proves that the defendant’s fraudulent actions crossed a line into criminality and flatly rejects his cynical attempt to use the constitutional right of free speech as a shield for his scheme to subvert the ballot box and suppress the vote.”

    The verdict is in: Douglass Mackey has been found guilty.

    — US Attorney EDNY (@EDNYnews) March 31, 2023

    Read: Demand For

  19. WHO Now Warning Parents To Keep Their Kids Away From ‘Dangerous COVID Vaccine’

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is now urging parents to keep their children away from the ‘potentially dangerous COVID-19 vaccination.’

    In a stunning U-turn, the WHO say that young people are at significant risk of developing heart problems if they take the experimental mRNA jab:

  20. Urban, Elite White Woman Imagines She’s Just Like
    Henry Fonda in ‘12 Angry Men’
    The D.C. juror in one of the Oath Keepers’ trials admits,
    “I was shocked beyond belief that I was chosen.”
    We should be outraged.

    By Julie Kelly
    March 30, 2023
    Ellen, like so many residents of Washington, D.C., believes January 6 was an horrific attack on American democracy.

    In a recent interview with C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb, Ellen—no last name given—twice referred to the Capitol protest as an “insurrection.” She told Lamb, her longtime former colleague at the network, that she was “horrified” by what happened that day. “As a citizen of this city, as a citizen of this country, as someone who worked for C-SPAN for 32 years—I thought it was horrendous. I thought it was just horrible. It was just devastating.”

    She continued: “Our Capitol was attacked, police


    Informants Everywhere
    The shroud of secrecy surrounding the FBI’s foreknowledge and engagement in the events of January 6 is disintegrating, no matter how hard Beltway lifers try to keep it intact.

    By Julie Kelly
    March 24, 2023
    After nine weeks of testimony from multiple government witnesses, including FBI agents, the Justice Department finally concluded its case-in-chief in the Proud Boys’ seditious conspiracy trial on Monday.

    Five Proud Boys, including the group’s leader, Enrique Tarrio, are accused of conspiring to “oppose the lawful transfer of presidential power by force” on January 6, 2021. It is Attorney General Merrick Garland’s most consequential case related to January 6; convictions will help build a similar case against Donald Trump largely based on his infamous “stand back and stand by” remark to the Proud Boys during an October 2020 presidential debate.

  21. Meg Reiss, the Manhattan DA Chief Assistant to Alvin Bragg, Participated in “Innovation in Prosecution” Roundtable At Obama White House
    By Anthony Scott Mar. 31, 2023 5:45 pm

    In October of 2016, the Obama White House co-hosted a roundtable with Soros-funded John Jay’s College Institute for Innovation in Prosecution.

    The round table was made up of liberal-leaning prosecutors’ around the United States and the topic on hand was the role of a prosecutor in the 21st century.

    One of the roundtable discussion participants was current Manhattan District Attorney Chief Assistant Meg Reiss.

    Per John Jay’s College site, Reiss served as the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution Executive Director at the time she was a participant of the event


    Dem Counsel During Trump’s First Impeachment and Current Rep. Daniel Goldman Consulted with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg About Indicting Trump – Bragg’s Wife Boasted Bragg Had “Trump Nailed on Felonies”
    By Cullen Linebarger Mar. 31, 2023 6:00 pm120 Comments

    Washington Democrats have been colluding with Bragg on his persecution of President Donald Trump as we have all suspected.

    The Gateway Pundit reported a Manhattan Grand Jury voted to indict President Donald Trump yesterday on bogus charges.

    Trump was hit with 34 counts related to business fraud according to a leak to CNN. He is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon a 2:15 PM.

    Paul Sperry dropped a bombshell report early this morning revealing that Rep. Dan Goldman, who prosecuted the first Trump impeachment, privately consulted with DA Alvin Bragg about indicting Trump.

  22. THE STREETS ARE SAFE AGAIN: FBI Arrests Virginia Grandma for Walking Inside US Capitol for 15 Minutes with Her Elderly Mother on Jan. 6 – No Word Yet on Her Elderly Mother’s Arrest
    By Jim Hoft Mar. 31, 2023 6:45 pm11 Comments

    The FBI arrested dangerous Trump-supporting grandmother Stacey Stephens this week after committing the very serious criminal act of walking inside the US Capitol on January 6.

    Trump supporter Stacey Lynn Stephens outside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

    Stacey Stephens was in the US Capitol for 15 minutes according to the Biden DOJ and Chris Wray’s FBI.

  23. NEW: “Election Officials Brazenly HIDING EVIDENCE From Us” – Kari Lake Speaks Out After Maricopa County Denies Lawful Public Records Request – Request and Response INCLUDED
    By Jordan Conradson Mar. 31, 2023 5:15 pm

    Kari Lake took to Twitter earlier to sound the alarm on Maricopa County’s refusal to provide her legal team with public records pursuant to Arizona Statute.

    Lake tweeted earlier, “Maricopa County has confirmed what we all knew to be true: Ballot signatures DO NOT MATCH.”

    “This is the smoking gun,” said Lake.

    Maricopa County has confirmed what we all knew to be true:

    Ballot signatures DO NOT MATCH.

    Election Officials brazenly HIDING EVIDENCE from us.

    This is the smoking gun.
    Unfortunately for them, I’m not giving up — even if that means legally forcing them to hand over evidence.
    Kari Lake
    I’m going to drop some big news tomorrow

    Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, who is accused of hiding the records from Lake’s legal team, responded with a snarky tweet stating that Lake’s claims lack the evidence that he is keeping from her team. Leftist journalism nonprofit Arizona’s Law called Lake’s claim “unreal” despite the potential law violation by Maricopa County in hiding this evidence.

  24. “I Will Use Every Leverage I Have to Defund Every Single Federal Dollar From This Prosecuting Office” – Rep. Andy Biggs Slams Soros “Minion” Alvin Bragg After Trump Indictment
    By Jordan Conradson Mar. 31, 2023 2:45 pm318 Comments

    GOP Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona spoke out against the weaponized Manhattan DA’s office on Thursday, following news of President Trump’s indictment by “a Leftist District Attorney funded and selected by George Soros.”

    The Congressman vowed to “ensure that every single federal dollar is rescinded from this office and to restore impartiality in our courts.”

    The Gateway Pundit reported that DA Alvin Bragg sent out a new letter to House Republicans this morning, boasting about his indictment of Trump and accusing them of “collaborat(ing) with Mr. Trump’s efforts to vilify and denigrate the integrity of elected state prosecutors and trial judges and made unfounded allegations that the Office’s investigation, conducted via an independent grand jury of average citizens serving New York State, is politically motivated.”

  25. (Richard: We don’t know if this is true or not.)

    BREAKING LEAK: Trump Facing At Least One Felony Charge in NYC Case
    By Cristina Laila Mar. 31, 2023 7:00 pm

    President Trump is facing at least one felony charge in the Stormy Daniels ‘hush payment’ case, according to a leak to the Associate Press.

    A Manhattan Grand Jury voted to indict President Trump.

    The indictment is currently under seal, however, according to a leak to CNN, President Trump was hit with 34 counts related to business fraud.

    A New York judge on Friday authorized DA Alvin Bragg to make the Trump indictment public

    It is unclear when Alvin Bragg will make the indictment public, according to Reuters.

    Trump is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday at 2:15 PM ET in New York City on the trumped up charges.

    Trump will not take a plea deal in the Stormy Daniels ‘hush payment’ case, according to the former president’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina.

  26. “I Would Not Be Surprised” – Harmeet Dhillon: NY DA’s Office May Try to Silence Trump with Gag Order – – To Prevent Him from Campaigning (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft Mar. 31, 2023 7:50 pm

    On Thursday night New York City DA Alvin Bragg announced his office was indicting President Trump.

    The indictment is currently under seal, however, according to a leak to CNN, President Trump was hit with 34 counts related to business fraud.

    “Former President Donald Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud in an indictment from a Manhattan grand jury, according to two sources familiar with the case.” CNN reported.

    President Trump is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday at 2:15 PM ET in New York City on the garbage charges.

    On Friday Harmeet Dhillon joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the criminal leak on the New York City DA’s garbage indictment of President Donald Trump.

    Harmeet suggested the Soros-funded DA will attempt to silence President Trump with a gag order. That way the communist left can prevent President Trump from campaigning.

  27. The Day America Became Russia

    The Trump indictment puts the spotlight on a very disturbing trend in American politics: the slow transition of a constitutional republic into a totalitarian state.

    June 2021, Voice of America reported:

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that jailed opposition leader Alexey Navalny got what he deserved when he was sentenced to prison.

    According to VoA, Navalny was sentenced to 2.5 years in jail “for violating terms of a suspended sentence he had been given after a 2014 embezzlement conviction he has claimed was politically motivated.”

    Back in January 2021, the Washington Post reported that Navalny had three criminal investigations going on against him, “all of them politically motivated” according to Navalny himself. Soon thereafter, President Joe Biden strongly condemned the imprisonment of Navalny as “politically motivated” and part of efforts by the Russian president to “suppress freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.”

    Biden also demanded Navalny’s immediate and unconditional release.

  28. When the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence they pledged, Their Lives, Their Fortunes, Their Sacred Honor. This is what Donald Trump and his team are doing, they are risking everything to try and save the Nation the love.

    Earlier tonight one of Sean Hannitys guests said that Governor Desantis’ saying Florida would not cooperate with the extradition of Donald Trump is the equivalent of firing the cannons at Fort Sumpter. I disagree, it is more like the Patriots refusing to pay the Stamp Tax on Tea.

    The Democrats fired on Fort Sumpter starting the First Civil War, their weaponizing the Federal Government to use against their political foes and the ordinary people who want their Rights, Families and Property protected was the First Shot in the Second Civil War. This has forced us to once again enter The Times That Try Men’s Souls. (With thanks to Thomas Paine a man who is far more eloquent than my humble attempts.)

    (THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

    Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

    What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.)

    Read the above carefully, we are about to discover that way too many people in both of our nations are Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots. Always remember that during the Revolution the people in the Colonies were split into thirds. One third supported the revolution, one third supported the Crown and one third wanted to be left alone.

    The Democrats are supporting the Crown with special laws for the favored. The Third that supports our counter revolution are the ones that come out to the rallies and vote. The people that want to be left alone are the ones with their heads in the sand hoping the bad people will shut up and go away.

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