Protecting your daughters at school will not be tolerated: Links 1, March 26th, 2023

1. The following video is the main section of the motorcade of Senator Joe Biden in Ottawa on Friday night as they went from a press conference to dinner at the Aviation museum. It is important to remember that this is the administration that plans to make life more difficult for all Americans, and Canadians for that matter, because using any kind of oil based fuel causes the planet to heat up, despite all evidence to the contrary. This is not the total motorcade. Dozens of security vehicles went up and down Sussex Drive and the rest of the route to the museum several times before the main motorcade and some very exotic vehicles as well before hand. Tucker Carlson is fond of asking why he doesn’t use Zoom to talk to Trudeau. On top of that, the amount of fuel required to fly all these vehicles from Washington to Ottawa has to be more than an apartment building uses in a year.

2. TFIGlobal spins a murder plot about Justin Trudeau and his brother. While nothing would surprise me about psychopath power mongers, this should probably be considered entertainment. It is clear though, that India is not fond of Trudeau. This is because they have better political savvy than Canadians do. And after all, Trudeau brought a Sikh who was wanted for terrorism in India as part of his official junket to India. So one can see why the Indians may want to cast aspersions.

3. Gotta love Global ‘news’. Here they are shilling for another vaxx for another pandemic.

4. Far left wing extremist Ottawa doctor, famed for wearing a mask while alone in her office, Nil Kaplan Myrth, shut off the microphone of a concerned parent who was objecting to the state insisting that a male claiming to be a female can use women’s bathroom facilities in the name of “trans-rights”. Just in case anyone still thinks Canada is not a communist polity where only state imposed, pseudo-realities will be accepted. The state has the right to literally turn your children into monsters and if you object, Discourse Theory kicks in and you will be treated as a thought criminal.

The school board here actually removed the video of the meeting from YouTube in what can only be called a full Winston Smith move. Again, if anyone is keeping a list of proofs that Canada is a communist polity, here you have two items. Shutting the mic off when a parent of children raises very real concerns, and then blocking the video from public view of their communist and authoritarian behaviour.

5. Here is a fascinating article on the nature of the bioengineered Sars Cov 2 virus. The article contains this interveiw with Nobel Prize winner in medicine, Luc Montagnier who makes it very clear that the virus was made by man, and contained HIV inserts. We subtitled quite a few interviews of Dr. Montagnier at the time. He died shortly after the interview below. Which makes one wonder about the death of the man who invented the PCR test, another Nobel prize winner, and explained very carefully that it must never be used as a diagnostic tool. He passed in 2019 and then his test became the test for Covid19 for some reason.

From the same article, director of the CDC, Robert Redfield on the exceptionally poor science behind the claim the virus is from a racoon-dog. This is from March 24 this year. So brand spanking new.

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And yes, Global Warming is properly called, “Critical Climate Theory” or more simply, it is a communist plot against the West.

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