Bert & Ernie fallacy

One of the ways to get at least a 3 finger grip on reality is the study of formal logical fallacies. Plus if you point them out using their latin names, you move ahead 3 points in any discussion you are having right away. Frankly though, that is a fallacy all by itself. Maybe we need a name for that one too. Argumentum ad Latium or something.

But the one of immediate interest is one raisedhere a few times over the last few years. There is likely a proper name for it, but so far, no luck finding it. So for the moment, let’s call it, “The Bert & Ernie Fallacy”.

The second half of this video is the relevant bit:

Seems silly here. But anyone who has taken more than 2 shots of the mRNA vaccines because they believe not doing so means they have a higher chance of getting the virus, becoming more ill than they would if they do not, or greater risk of ICU or death if they do not despite all the evidence that the shots crash your immune system and make you more susceptible to the disease, not less, are deeply invested in this exact fallacy. Add to this of course, the major side effects from taking this DoD gene therapy concoction.

If anyone knows a proper name for this fallacy, please leave it in the comments. For the moment, The Bert & Ernie Fallacy will have to do. Watch out for it. Clearly it makes room for democidal danger.


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  1. It’s a causal fallacy reversal of the rooster syndrome. The rooster crowed. The sun rose, therefore the rooster caused the sun to rise.

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