Almost all on the Vaxx as the evidence of crime gathers mass, and Computing Forever on the future: Links 1, March 25th, 2023

1. This link is to a Substack page with 21 videos of famous people or TV people dropping live to not so live on Camera. There is nothing special about being famous that makes the shots more dangerous. So imagine the number of videos we don’t have of people who dropped that were not being watched by large crowds of people.

2. Canada’s Assisted-Suicide Policy Body Surfing Toward America

Invariably, no matter the issue, whenever the Left aims to implement a policy proposal it deems innocuous, a triggered Right declares it part of a  slippery slope on the road to serfdom. Invariably, too, the Right is correct—as recent developments regarding Canada’s assisted-suicide law show.

Why should you care about Canada and assisted suicide? Well, in the first place, the American Left is constantly importing other nations’ insane and injurious policies. The Left is not necessarily engaged in this activity for subversive reasons. Often, they cite the acceptance of so-called “cosmopolitans” as evidence of the merit of these policies, because they cannot cite their efficacy. Consequently, it is wise to be wary of the international Left’s agenda and their efforts to implement it. 

As we consider what’s happening in Canada, one might also recall the (paraphrased) words of my late father: “stuff rolls downhill.”

Canadians are body surfing down the slippery slope of assisted suicide to dystopia. In 2021, “Medical Aid in Dying” (MAiD) accounted for over 3 percent of deaths nationally, with some provinces’ rates topping 5 percent. Nonetheless, “free” government-run healthcare costs remain painfully expensive. One of the most obvious ways to cut costs—compassionately, of course—is to reduce demand. While it is doubtless a coincidence, the Canadian government’s “compassion” for state sanctioned assisted suicide has grown along with the government’s health care costs. 

Best to keep an eye on Canada’s “Medical Aid in Dying” policies. The American Left does—and they like
what they see.

3. Another reason not to inject oneself with gene-therapy nano-lipid particles

EB who sent in the link to the video above, also sent in a link to a conference with a lot of medical professionals from two years ago. Interestingly, YouTube doesn’t give the dates on videos it seems. It just gives vague allusions to when it was uploaded. I guess that makes it easier to Winston Smith important information from the past. In any case, the important part with Dr. Armstrong is at an hour and twenty four minutes.

Watching it, I was reminded that we kept a clip of this doctor from the start of the Pandemic speaking on his massive success using HCQ:

The fact that safe and effective medication was prevented from being used changes everything. It changes for example, the mRNA gene-therapy shots from being simply a failure, to murder. Because had the state really feared Covid enough to take the measures it did, it would never in a million years made it a near crime to administer safe and common drugs, drugs which are even mandatory for others, even as prophylaxis as we know from US federal employees required to take HCQ if going to Malaria zones. While it wasn’t an official crime to prescribe HCQ or later, Ivermectin, it would have meant the end of a doctor’s career and a pharmacist’s licence had a prescription for these drugs for the purpose of treating Covid been issued and filled. Anyone who even dared say they used it and it worked was ostracized and humiliated in the media.

4. John Campbell Ph.D. interviews Australian Senator Rennick. The document being discussed can be downloaded and read here.

In many cases, when trying to determine the criminality of events, it boils down to who knew what and when. The interview below goes a long way to answering that question in terms of the Australian government. Which likely means all governments.

5. Computing Forever’s video of the day. Planned Cities. Computing Forever has managed to have a solid understanding of events predating Covid by many years. All of these lines of effort of course, are to destroy individual liberties, the individual itself, and the nation state as a means of organizing human societies.

Thank you all for your kind attention.

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  1. Dr. Anderson video:

    If you click the “Show more” in the description box you will see the date:

    204 views Aug 12, 2020
    The panic, in which we are now living, is not a social problem, it is not an economic problem, and it is not a political problem. IT IS A MEDICAL PROBLEM, YET OUR GOVERNMENT HAS EXCLUDED our front-line doctors from the decision process and is even PRECLUDING our doctors from exercising their medical talents in treating patients and saving lives.
    It is time to stop living in fear. It is time to stop making all decisions based on an irrational fear. It is time to end our “defense only” strategy. It is time that the people step up, take charge, and go on the offense by allowing our doctors to become engaged as they see fit in treating their patients.

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