Progressive doctors to falling pilots: Links post 1 for March 23rd, 2023

1. Thousands call for removal of ‘mask-obsessed’ Ottawa school board trustee

More than 3,000 people have signed a petition calling for the removal of a “left-wing, mask-obsessed” doctor from the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB).

The appeal describes Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth as “outrageous” and that she “displays her disdain” for concerned parents’ right to speak.

The petition, started by Remi Duranleau, stems from a March 7 incident, in which a father respectfully voiced his concerns about the board’s policy “allowing any individual who chooses to identify as female to share bathroom and change room spaces with his 12-year-old daughter.”

Kaplan-Myrth reportedly muted the man’s microphone without warning, putting an end to his allotted time, and told him his statement was “creating an unsafe environment for people who identify as gender diverse.”

(Brian Lilley had this to say about the cry-bully doctor a year ago. Ottawa residents may want to sign the petition here. As of now, 6379 have signed)

(Couldn’t happen to a nicer person or a more deserving doctor, short of Fauci himself)

2. Babylon Bee: “FBI finds it’s harder to solve crimes it doesn’t actually commit”.

(Links to FBI dirty tricks article related to Jan 6th and other prosecutions)

3. Florida Doctor Stripped of Board Certification Over ‘COVID-19 Misinformation’

(Medical information is true because The Party says it’s true. Truth is defined by power in a communist state. The FACT that he saved a ton of lives by administering a safe and effective drug that has been around for decades and has no down side is the crime. So maybe it’s time we faced reality and admitted the current state of Canada and the US and the way it works and the reasons it works that way if we have a hope of fighting back against it.)

The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) has stripped the certification of Florida Doctor John Littell. Littell, a U.S. Army veteran and Family Physician made headlines for using Ivermectin to treat over 3000 Covid-19 patients.

“I got disciplined for giving Ivermectin which got a young mom out of the hospital in three days when she would have died,” said Dr Littell speaking outside a meeting of the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Board.

Dr. Littell is facing further discipline from the ABFM, of whom Littell has been a certified member since July 13, 1990, according to the letter.

“ABFM has determined that your Public Channels contain false, inaccurate and misleading statements constituting health misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19, the COVID-19 vaccine, and the effort of public health officials to address the COVID-19 pandemic through vaccination and other mitigation measures,” the letter states.

In the letter, “Professional Specialist” Andrea D. Back writes Littell violated Board Guidelines including “competence”, “a commitment to lifelong learning”, “honesty with the public” and “refraining from disruptive behavior in a healthcare environment”. Back writes Littell violated these guidelines by making “false and misleading claims” on his Rumble channel and website.

4. Pilot from another airline helps land Southwest flight after captain falls ill

(At this point, Chicken Little looks like a prophet)

Southwest Flight 6013 was headed from Las Vegas to Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday when one of the pilots needed medical attention, a spokesperson for the airline said.

A pilot from another airline helped land a Southwest Airlines flight Wednesday after its captain became “incapacitated” and required medical attention, forcing the plane to turn back to Las Vegas, according to the airline and radio traffic data.

Southwest Flight 6013 was bound for Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday when one of its pilots “needed medical attention,” a spokesperson for the airline said, without giving details about the health issue.

In radio traffic archived by the website LiveATC, a person can be heard saying that the captain had started to feel stomach pain and then “fainted or became incapacitated” around five minutes later.

Related: Teen boy dies of heart attack on flight to San Pedro from Miami and the blame is on an uncharged defibrillator. Because teen boys die of heart attacks all the time so every aircraft should be an ambulance. Right?

5. This is fun. Comments and opinions on this most welcome. Click through to read all the associated text as well at Twitter please, as well as the rest of the thread.

Thank you all for reading along.

It’s never been more important to remember that with the Left, the point is never the point. The revolution is always the point. This goes a very long way to explain the various pseudo-realities imposed on us all that are clearly ludicrous, from Critical Climate Theory (Global Warming) to Critical sex theory (Trans-scam).

The following is a comment left by us at Alex Berenson’s recent article on Another Pilot Emergency


2 hr ago

Maoist mass line narrative attacks on the public are not to be questioned. You may not look at real science to determine the facts of Critical Climate Theory, or “Global Warming” as the Marxists call it. The same goes for countless narrative attacks on all of us which I dare not list because everyone here likely has accepted some of them as true.

It is taboo to mention reality in a state being run by imposed pseudo-realities. Which is exactly what has happened in the West. Proud Boys are a terrorist group while ANTIFA and BLM are not.

January 6th was an insurrection and exculpatory evidence could be withheld, but capturing parts of major cities and patrolling them with weapons and declaring them “Autonomous Zones” is a mostly peaceful protest.

The State telling your pre-pubescent daughter that she is really a male and beginning chemicals and surgeries that will permanently alter them into none-of-the-above while parents have no right to stop or interfere in the process, might be up to now, the ultimate enforcement of an insane pseudo-reality that people have to accept as part of the process of abandoning rational and individual thought for an all powerful state and a collective which is arbitrarily defined and changed in all ways except ones that empower the individual or reality itself.

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  1. I read ‘How They Did It’.
    I have never had any doubt that the bug came from the slopes, fauci, and was engineered to the doorstops as a weapon.
    No excess mortality can be attributed to the ‘bug’.
    If you want to conduct ‘research’ on the bug, you dial up a phone number at the NHS and down load a numerical model of the bug’s genome.
    No health organization, when put on the stand, can produce any viral samples, and admit this is because the bug exists only as a numerical model.
    If Fauci paid the dinks for a deadly bug, he got ripped off.
    It’s time to drive a nail through this narrative about a deadly bug.
    The bug was a psyop .
    The vax is the pathogen, the real weapon. It’s delivery is targeted against specific populations, something you cannot do with an actual bioweapon.
    Can’t kill our slave races, after all!
    It is this that makes this a genocide.
    Fleets of aerosol nano drones? Smacks of more chem-trailer park dweller myths.
    Invoke Occam’s razor more often.

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