It was not a mistake: A video reminding us to not allow a way out for the perpetrators

Probably should watch a few times.

Another element of this:

We will soon see institutions and governments admitting they were wrong about the vaccines and Covid measures. People will learn the truth by increments. Slowly, they will admit mistakes were made. Alongside the video above, we must not take those admissions as being a victory. The issue is not that those of us who reasoned that the vaxx was a bad idea and Covid was not as advertised, but that the governments had no right to do what they did EVEN IF THEY WERE RIGHT. So there must be no satisfaction in their admission that they were wrong and we skeptics are correct.

Because this will just give permission to use the same illegal-now-legal methods for the next pseudo-crisis. ‘They were wrong about the last thing but this time…’.

In a way, from a certain point of view it would almost be better if we were wrong. because the state was STILL WRONG to take away all our rights no matter how things were. At least then we would be arguing the real issue. But we were right about it all. Yet we must remember the point. That the state must never have or take the power it did to do the things to us it did do. Coercion to take experimental new techs. Restructuring our entire civilization to suit a few and destroy the many.

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  1. their product was tainted and ultimately shown to be deadly to many.
    their demands were without allowance for questions.
    their methods were abusive and tyrannical.
    their innocence does not exist.

  2. Governments don’t make “mistakes”, they make money for the select view to the cost of the many.

    During the Napoleonic wars, the Rothschild bankers in London bought Golden Guineas with Paper-money from the Bank of England, smuggled those to France and sold it there, for Bank of England paper money over the Rothschild Bank in Paris to Napoleon, with a serious profit margine.
    And that went on during the entirety of that War.
    In 1811 alone they shipped almost 2 Million Gold Guineas, that is today £ 770,000,000.00.
    Even in todays world, I doubt that this could be considered small-change.
    They were brothers by the way.

    Also “commerce” never stopped, Napoleon even had built in Gravelines a trading place they called “Smoglers City”.
    At any time there were around a few hundred British “Free Traders” present there making money while their fellow countrymen fought and died on the Peninsula fighting the French.

    And from what I’ve seen, these practices are carried on during all the Wars they, Governments, have been sending their boys to die in for.

    This Vaxx-business is no different.

  3. News actors, media spokesholes, politicians, emasculated repubs and demturds, and fauci’s gain of function murdered my wife. I will have justice.

  4. That is the key point, and it applies to Trump who started the totalitarian engine, March 16, 2020, no less than Fauci and Birx who drove his car to his chosen destination: *He, they, had no right to rescind our basic freedoms and liberty for ANY reason regardless of its merit*.

  5. Damn. Made me cry. It’s SO hard to keep working and fighting… ands waiting for MORE of my family to die, with baffled doctors… Excellent excellent. SO painful. Will spread it around!

  6. The jab (and various covid-so-called-treatments) were and are abortion tainted.

    Instead of doing what they should have — which would have been to forcefully expose and denounce these demonically inspired concoctions — nearly every Catholic priest and bishop turned coward and both tried to HIDE the abortion taint from their flock (or down play it) and used weasel rationalization to promote the foul concoctions as being moral.

    May God have mercy on them all. May they repent while their is yet time for them.

    IF they had done their DUTY virtually NO faithful Catholic would have been harmed by the foul concoctions.

    As far as the rest — they must also answer to God for bowing to the overlords and enforcing what amounted to an INTERDICT against their OWN INNOCENT FLOCKS in LENT — the most crucial of all seasons.

    Again, may God mercy upon them and may they repent and do penance while there is yet time.

    As for the rest of the miserable lot of Covid Tyrants — the overlords and their minions. Absolutely, yes, JUSTICE must be done. We are obligated as faithful Catholics to do what we must to see it is done. For ALL the reasons that morally justice must be done.

  7. Well done. Very well done.
    I’ll never understand why something like this that could have a positive impact on so many is so hard to share. It should be click, click, shared.
    So remember, when they admit, don’t rejoice. We’re not done yet. I have a friend who died in the hospital from their protocol, the one they wouldn’t let go of. How many tens of thousands of lives….

  8. Keep hoping Trump will make a difference ! You all are so naive, there is no such thing as a righteous billionaire! They walk over bodies to acquire such wealth! Remember, Rothschild once bailed trump out and that his loving daughter once dated a Rothschild! Need I say anymore?

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