Herbert Marcuse’s Repressive Tolerance as dominant principle at work in Ontario (and everywhere) School Boards

In the second video which was shot at the Durham District School Board at some point in Q1 of this year, we see what should be familiar to everyone by this point, even if people are not familiar with the strategy at work and still refer to what they see as ‘leftist hypocrisy”.

Below, is a 4 minute primer on Repressive Tolerance which is worth seeing first before watching the School Board meeting. For those who want to know more about Marcuse’s semantic marxism, please search YouTube for James Lindsay and Stephen Coughlin with additional terms, Repressive Tolerance or Marcuse. Also this video is very good and very relevant. 

Below is a video from the Durham District School Board in Ontario. See if you can spot the many ways in which Marcuse’s Repressive Tolerance is the principle used to deflect parent’s concerns about the collection of sexual data on young children.

This video is unedited from the original taken from Facebook, other than the background noise, which was considerable, was removed and some speech levelling was applied.

For those that wish a deeper and academic dive into the specifics of the strategy used to revolutionize our school boards, and for that matter, every aspect of our civilization, we recommend reading 5 pages a day of Stephen Coughlin’s essay on the Left’s Tactics to Transform America.

Additionally, Marxism and homosexuality, easily extended to the “trans” movement.

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2 Replies to “Herbert Marcuse’s Repressive Tolerance as dominant principle at work in Ontario (and everywhere) School Boards”

  1. Video #1 took whatever blinders still covered my inchoate understanding of the Franklin School’s strategy/tactics OFF.

    I’ve heard/read Marcuse’s name in many a setting over these past 30+ years; but it’s like the grid in my mind was overlaid with so many new and bizarre concepts re:Marxism that I had no where in that grid to process/understand this alien and ANTI-TRUTH, ANTI-LOVE, ANTI-COMPASSION, ANTI-HUMANITY doctrine to any degree RETAINABLE.

    And why would I want to fathom the evil of Marcuse’s pronouncements?
    Such doctrines arise from the pit of HELL. Such descent into hell is the natural bent of sinful mankind, from such descent Jesus Christ came to rescue us all — though clearly Satan’s work of stealing us from our LORD has won him many a follower — the children of darkness, ubiquitous.

    The narration (straight-forward and lacking in mystifying jargon) and the accompanying illustrations helped me greatly to understand this plague on humanity.

    Thank you, Vlad/Eeyore

    • The only reason I want to know and understand this stuff is the same as why I want to understand Islam.

      1. What you don’t know won’t hurt you, it will f***ing KILL you.

      2. You cannot develop effective tactics without a strategic understanding of your enemy.

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